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Colour Printer



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Presenting Your Best Image

Nothing adds more impact to your presentations and reports than colour. Colour is a clear advantage and the Phaser 240 delivers the high-performancecolour printing required for workgroup applications.

The Colour Printer Built For Your Workgroup

Networking: The Phaser 240 includes genuine AdobePostScriptLevel 2. Share it with PCs, Macs, and workstations. Ethernet is available in Novell® NetWare®, EtherTalk, and TCP/IPprotocols. All ports are simultaneously active. Just send your job to print and the Phaser 240 automatically switches between ports and protocols.

Speed: At two pages per minute it’s fast enough to handle the demands of any workgroup. The Phaser 240 won’t tie up your computer with image processing. It’s just what you need to keep your workgroup productive.

Multiple Trays: The compact Phaser 240 blends into any office environment. Dual input trays are available for added convenience and efficiency. There’s no need to leave your

computer; with two input trays you can choose to print on transparencies or paper right from

your keyboard.

High Capacity: With the Phaser 240 you can make 342 colour prints from a single transfer roll. The Phaser 240 provides unattended operation so you can focus your attention on your project, not your printer. With our exclusive ColorCoattransfer roll you can even make colour prints on common office laser papers.

Why Settle For Less Than The Best?

It’s true, the Phaser 240 prints beautiful, 300 dots-per-inchcolour output on common office laser papers. But we’ve taken thermal-

transfer technology to the next level. Just add

8 Mbytes of memory to enable TekColor SuperCell

600: colour printing withuser-selectable

600 x 300 dpi resolution. SuperCell 600 improves every aspect of the printed page – sharper details, higher contrast, smoother shading, and more saturated colour. To arrange for a demonstration to see what a Phaser 240 can do for your

workgroup, call your dealer today.


The information in this brochure is subject to change without notice. Copyright © 1995 Tektronix, Inc. All rights reserved.



1. September 1995






Colour Printer


Colour Technology 300 dpi,thermal-transfercolour printer. Add 8 Mbytes of RAM to print at 600 x 300 dpi resolution. EPA EnergyStar-certifiedfor low energy consumption.

Print Speed 2 pages per minute at 300 dpi, 1 page per minute at 600 x 300 dpi.

Colour Control TekColorDynamic Correction simulates the colours on your computer monitor, adjusts colours for the brightest transparencies, or simulates the output of commercial printing presses.PANTONE®*-approvedsolid colour simulations, CIE international colour standards, and support for ICM and Apple ColorSync colour management systems.

Memory 5 Mbytes standard, expandable up to 21 Mbytes.

Network Interfaces Standard: Parallel and LocalTalk; Optional: Internal Ethernet interface with support for EtherTalk, Novell NetWare, and TCP/IP protocols; all ports are simultaneously active with automatic print queue management.

Controller 16-MHzRISC processor with interleaved memory.

Language Genuine AdobePostScriptLevel 2 to ensure compatibility with leading PC and Mac software programs. Also supportsHP-GLemulation, and monochromatic PCL® 5.

Fonts 17 resident fonts, expandable to 39; additional fonts may be downloaded in memory;built-insupport for PostScript Type 1, Type 3, and TrueTypefonts.

Workgroup Connectivity Windows/DOS PCs, IBM OS/2, Macintosh, and workstations.

Printer Drivers Standard: PC and Macintosh.

Optional:Workstation—Sun,Silicon Graphics,

Hewlett-Packard,IBM, and DEC.

Media Letter-sizeandA4-sizeTektronix thermal papers and transparencies. Print on common laser paper using a ColourCoat transfer roll. Input tray capacity: 100 sheets of paper, 50 sheets of transparencies.

Lower Tray Assembly Optional assembly includes support for a second input tray.

Media Size and Image Area

Perforated A4-size:200 x 287 mm image area; A4: 200 x 271 mm image area.

Perforated letter-size:8.1 x 10.6 in. image area; Letter: 8.1 x 10 in. image area.

Transfer Roll Capacity 3-Colour:342 prints per roll; ColorCoat: 214 prints per roll; Black: 880 prints per roll.

Warranty/Support TekColor Care, our comprehensive support system, provides technical support,on-demandfax reference library, and a one year warranty(return-to-depotin country of original purchase). For additional care,


Tektronix offers extended service plans.

* Pantone Inc.'s check-standardtrademark for colour reproduction and colour reproduction materials.

Ordering Information Phaser 240

Includes: Input tray for perforated media; power cord; media start-upkit with perforated paper, transparency film, and sample3-Colourtransfer roll; installation instructions; user manual; cleaning kit; utilities and drivers on diskette; instruction manual. Product order number Z240.


Metric Media Start-upKit

A4-sizemedia andA4-sizeinput tray, in place of U.S. standard. Order Option 01.

Lower Tray Assembly (for dual input trays)

Order 4681FTA.

Add 4-Mbytesof RAM

(For a total of 9 Mbytes) Additional memory provides faster image processing and additional font storage. Order 4690F4M.

Add 8-Mbytesof RAM

(For a total of 13 Mbytes) Adds support for SuperCell 600, colour printing at 600 x 300 dpi. Order 4681F8M.

Add 16-Mbytesof RAM

(For a total of 21 Mbytes) Maximum memory for the fastest possible image processing and font download. For the most demanding applications. Order 4685F16.

Add 22 Fonts

Add 22 fonts for a total of 39. Order 4681FIF.

Laser Paper Start-upKit

ColorCoat transfer roll, letter size paper tray, 500 sheets perforated premium laser paper. Order 4681FSS.

Order Option 01 for metric (A4 size) Laser Paper Start-upKit.

Novell, EtherTalk Ethernet

Ethernet interface with support for Novell NetWare and EtherTalk protocols. Order 4680FP1.

TCP/IP Ethernet

TCP/IP protocol support for Ethernet interface (requires 4680FP1). Order 4680FP2.

Warranty PlusService Options

Installation and set-up.Order Option S0. One year ofOn-siteService. Order Option S1.

Two years of On-siteService. Order Option S2. Three years ofOn-siteService. Order Option S3. Four years ofOn-siteService. Order Option S4. Five years ofOn-siteService. Order Option S5.

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The information in this brochure is subject to change without notice. Copyright © 1995 Tektronix, Inc. All rights reserved.



1. September 1995