Star Trac Treadmill CTEN1010-U08841, Treadmill CTEN1010-U08941 User Manual

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Customer Services Bulletin

No Manual Upper Body Calibration

E Series TBT’s

A range of E Series TBT’s (Fig. 1, LED display and Fig. 2, embedded touch screen) with the ADT LCB (PN: 721-1176) will not be able to perform a manual upper body calibration with the software loaded from the factory.

Fig. 1


The range of serial numbers affected are: CTEN1010-U08841 to CTEN1010-U08941.

If an upper body calibration is needed on one of these units, use the automatic upper body calibration feature.

If a manual upper body calibration is required for the above mentioned serial number range, contact Customer Service at 800-503-1221 or 714-669-1660 or send an email to to obtain the software needed to be loaded into the LCB.


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