Polycom 420, Mitel SX-50, MITEL SX-2000, Superset SX-200 User Manual

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Superset 420

The diagram above shows how the Superset 420 keypad corresponds to the Wireless Telephone.

The Wireless Telephone user will press LINE then 1-9 to access Line Select Keys 1-9. Press LINE then * to access the Superkey functions.

FCN followed by * on the Wireless Telephone is equivalent to using the left softkey, FCN 0 equals the middle softkey, and FCN # equals the right softkey.

Function Key


Fill In Your



Feature Settings

FCN + 1






FCN + 2






FCN + 3






FCN + 4






FCN + 7






FCN + 8






FCN + 9






FCN + *

Left Softkey





FCN + 0

Center Softkey





FCN + #

Right Softkey





FCN + *






LINE + 0






Wireless Telephone Quick Reference Guide

Mitel SX50/200/2000

Superset 420

SpectraLink 6020 Wireless Telephone

On/Off Press and hold END. Two chirps on, one chirp off

Make a call Press START to get dial tone.

Hang up Press END. Be sure to do this at the end of each call.

Answer call Press START. Line indicator comes on steady when the call is answered.

Answer Press HOLD to put your current second call call on hold, or END to hang up.

Press LINE + the digit that is flashing.

Hold Press HOLD

Take off Hold Press LINE followed by the digit for the line on hold, which will be flashing.

Mute On/Off Press the MUTE softkey.

Function Pressing FCN while off hook allows you to scroll through menu screens.

User Options Press the CFG softkey while on hook to change handset settings.

For information on Battery Pack charging and setting user preferences, see the Wireless Telephone User Guide.

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