Peerless-AV PCC-S User Manual

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Peerless-AV PCC-S User Manual


Projector Enclosure

For use with Peerless-AV® Projector Mounts

Lock in the highest level of projector security with the PE1120. Its solid steel construction provides maximum security and is designed to be easily retrofitted to any projector mount, protecting the projector from theft and physical damage. Its wrap-around design and ‘Hook-n-Hang’ frame enables easy one-person installation and projector maintenance.









Secures and protects most










Universal Design



Projector Safety

Interlocking top tray



Adjustable bars allow



All-steel construction



for ideal projector lens



for durable protection

design is ideal for retrofit























Adjustable bars allow for ideal projector lens placement

Patented security fasteners and security wrench only offered by Peerless

Padlock ready

Inside dimensions measure 11" high

x 20" wide x 20" deep

Pipe clamp accommodates 1” NPT to 1.5” NPT schedule 40 pipe

‘Hook-n-Hang’ feature allows hands-free operation during projector installation or maintenance

** Projector mount sold separately

Maintenance Free

Hook-n-Hang Feature


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