Peerless-AV DMU50SM - Sell Sheet User Manual





Slide-out Wall Mount with




Media Player Storage and Access




For 37" to 60" Flat Panel Displays





The DMU50SM flat wall mount is the ideal security enabled mounting solution for digital signage




applications. This unparalleled mount allows quick access to media driver storage while




providing a built-in lock that keeps the peripherals secured from tampering or theft. Accessing




the mounted peripheral for is simple with the DMU50SM’s slide-out plate, ensuring the display is




undisturbed while media device is installed, maintained or replaced. Designed with an open




wall plate, this mounts minimal footprint allows for optimal room to install electrical outlets and




route cables. Compatible with a variety of displays up to 705 x 433mm mounting hole pattern




it provides the ideal solutions for variety of digital display applications.







Screen size: 37"-60"

Max load: 125lb (56.6kg)














Rated to 125lb (56.6kg)


Clean Installation












Compliant with displays


Formed holders organize and



store excess cable length



up to a 705 x 433mm





within the mount for



mounting hole patterns





a clean clutter free look


Designed to house










the Aopen DE-945CD



















measuring 6.5" x 6.5" x 1.75"









Slide-out plate with finger










access holes for quick










service and cable storage









Gliding mechanism


















for smooth movement










of media player for










easy access









Cam-lock deters tampering








Easy Cable Access









and theft








Top and bottom hole











locations for cable access

Riveted uprights enhance overall strength enabling

the mount to support a



Secure Storage

larger range of screens









Keyed Cam-lock

Top and bottom



deters tampering



and theft

opening for cable






access and routing




Quick Service

Slide-out plate features finger holes and nylon glides for quick access of content driver and cable access post installation


Easy-Glide feature for simple

media driver and

media storage removal,

display mount.

maintenance and replacement.

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