Peerless-AV ACC-SB - Sell Sheet User Manual



Soundbar/Center Channel Accessory Mount


For Peerless SUA746PU, SUA751PU and SUA765PU Models





or center channel speaker with the ACC-SB. This thin, yet versatile speaker mount maintains


the same aesthetics and functionality of Peerless’ ultra-slim articulating mounts by allowing the


speaker to retract, extend, tilt and swivel along with the flat panel display. In addition to a quick


installation, it boasts height adjustability and easy post-installation leveling, allowing the perfect


placement of the speaker directly below the display.

Max load: 25lb (11kg)*





Adds zero depth to



Simple Installation








Hooks onto the front of

installation of SUA mount





the display-side plate of




Easily slides along the



any Peerless SUA mount




mount for quick placement








Adjustable height

Easy post-installation leveling

Compatible with SUA746PU, SUA751PU and SUA765PU

Shown with SUA765PU

Adjustable height

Easily adjusts for for perfect soundbar placement

*Load of the soundbar mount, the speaker and the flat panel should not exceed the recommended weight load for the SUA mount



Shown with Flat Panel

Shown with SUA765PU

Shown with SUA765PU

Display and Soundbar







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