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Gear Motor/Reducer Assembly

1.Disconnect power to machine before beginning any work.

2.Remove rear panel and open the front to get at the control box.

3.Disconnect gear motor leads and remove gear motor from machine. Remove old gear box support brackets from base.

4.Remove electronic start winding switch (Sinpac) from control box (Fig. A).

5.Remove old start or run capacitor and replace with RUN CAPACITOR in this kit. NOTE, capacitor bracket may need to be bent to hold the capacitor snug (Fig. A).

6.Reinstall the new gear motor or gear motor/reducer assembly. Using the new gear box support brackets, supplied with this kit, install so the brackets fit tightly under the gear box.

7.Wire the new gear motor according to the wiring label in this kit and install new wiring label over the old wiring label.

8.Reinstall the pulley on the gear box shaft so that it lines up with the rear pulley on the machine.

9.Reinstall control box cover and supply power to the machine. Run to insure the belt alignment is correct.

10.Reinstall back cover and close front.

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