Krell Industries LAT-C, LAT-1, LAT-2 User Manual


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03/13/2007 05:34 PM

The LAT-C is the most powerful center channel on the market today, with midrange articulation and dynamic authority that are without peer. Consistent with the LAT series, the LAT-C features aluminum enclosure construction, a high-quality, custom driver compliment and high current, Krell design crossovers. The LAT-C lends new focus and clarity to dialog, taking your home theater experience to the next level.


A 3-way center-channel loudspeaker, the LAT-C features two 8- inch woofers The woofers, which are otherwise identical to those used in the LAT-1, are optimized for sealed box performance.

Two 5.75-inch midranges, The 53/4-inch (15 cm) midrange features an advanced multifaceted cone that eliminates colorations induced by resonance modes. The midrange employs a cast magnesium-aluminum frame and is video shielded.

A 1-inch (25 mm) tweeter delivers flat response to 50 kHz. The tweeter features a central waveguide that optimizes dispersion characteristics.

Voiced to be a perfect match for the LAT-1, the LAT-C features driver configuration and crossover design that are optimized to deliver the best acoustic performance from horizontal placement. The all-aluminum cabinet is a sealed enclosure design. All drive units are video shielded. A solid aluminum multi-position floor stand is included.

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