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Please retain your instruction book for future use.

In the event that you need some assistance with your Kambrook appliance, please contact our Customer Service Department on 1300 139 798 (Australia) or 09 271 3980 (New Zealand). Alternatively, visit us on our website at

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Kambrook Recommends Safety First


Your Kambrook SpeedSteam Iron


Operating Instructions


Care and Cleaning


Warranty Details


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Kambrook Recommends Safety First

IMPORTANT: Please retain your instruction book for future use.

At Kambrook, we believe that safe performance is the first priority in any consumer product, so that you, our valued customer can confidently use and trust our products. We ask that any electrical appliance that you use be operated in a sensible fashion with due care and attention placed on the following important operating instructions.

Important Safeguards For Your Kambrook

SpeedSteam Iron

Carefully read all instructions before operating the Kambrook SpeedSteam Iron for the first time and save for future reference.

To protect against electric shock, do not immerse the iron, cord or plug in water or any other liquid.

Do not use the iron for anything other than its intended use.

Always turn the Variable Temperature Control to minimum, then switch off at the power outlet, then unplug the appliance when not in use.

Allow the iron to cool completely before storing in an upright position on its heel.

Do not touch hot surfaces. High temperatures are generated during use, which could cause burns. Always use the handle and warn others (especially children) of the possible dangers of burns from steam, hot water or hot soleplate, especially when ironing vertically.

Regularly inspect the supply cord, plug and actual appliance for any damage. If damage is found in any way, or the iron has been dropped, immediately cease

use of the appliance and return the entire appliance to your nearest authorised Kambrook Service Centre for examination, replacement or repair.

Store the unit out of reach of children.

Do not leave the appliance unattended when in use.

The iron must be used and rested on a stable surface

When placing the iron on its heel, ensure that the surface on which the heel is placed is stable.

The iron is not to be used if it has been dropped, if there are visible signs of damage or if it is leaking.

Do not allow the iron to lay flat on the soleplate when stored as water may seep through the steam holes, if the tank is not empty.


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Always test the iron on a small, discreet part of the fabric to be ironed to ensure the temperature is not set too high.

Always store the iron in the upright position on its heel. Do not leave the iron unattended while connected or on an ironing board.

Do not use outdoors or in bathrooms.

Do not store the iron with water in the water tank. Always empty the tank after use. Ensure the iron is cool before storing or wrapping the cord around the storage heel facility.

Always switch off at the power outlet, then unplug the appliance from the outlet:

-Before filling with water or emptying it.

-Before leaving it unattended.

-Before cleaning and maintenance, unless otherwise specified in this booklet.

-Immediately after use.

Important Safeguards For All Electrical


Fully unwind the power cord before use.

Do not let the power cord hang over the edge of a bench or table, touch hot surfaces or become knotted.

The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory

or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

It is recommended to regularly inspect the appliance. To avoid a hazard do not use the appliance if power cord, power plug or appliance becomes damaged in any way. Return the entire

appliance to the nearest authorised Kambrook Service Centre for examination and/or repair.

Any maintenance other than cleaning should be performed at an authorised Kambrook Service Centre.

This appliance is for household use only. Do not use this appliance for anything other than its intended use. Do not use in moving vehicles or boats. Do not use outdoors. Misuse may cause injury.

The installation of a residual current device (safety switch) is recommended to provide

additional safety protection when using electrical appliances. It is advisable that a safety switch with a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA be installed in the electrical circuit supplying the appliance. See your electrician for professional advice.


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Your Kambrook SpeedSteam Iron

1.Shot of steam button: For an extra burst of steam on thick fabric or tough creases

2.Steam control: Allows you to select how much or how little steam you require

3.Water tank inlet: Large inlet for easy filling of water tank

4.Fine mist spray nozzle

5.Fine mist spray: To dampen fabric especially for dry ironing at low temperatures when steam isn’t available (also assists in removing stubborn creases)

6.Temperature control: Selection of fabric temperatures from MIN (silk) to MAX (linen)


8.220ml easy to fill water tank


10.Non-sticksoleplate: For easy gliding over all fabric types

11.Long textile cord with 360° cord outlet for better reach and more flexibility: 2.5 metre

12.Heating indicator light: Illuminates when the iron is heating to the selected temperature

Not Shown

Vertical shot of steam: Removes creases and freshens hanging curtains and clothes. Ideal for delicate fabrics which require steam only

Anti-dripsystem: Stops water from dripping

Continuous steam: Removal of creases throughout ironing time

Accessory: Water cup for filling the iron


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Operating Instructions

Before First Use

Remove any promotional material or packaging from the iron.

Remove any sticker or protective cover from the soleplate. When operating the iron for the first time, iron on an old piece of fabric to ensure that the soleplate and water tank are completely clean.

When the iron is used for the first time, some vapour may emit. After a short while however, this will cease. The vapour is due to the initial heating of the materials used in the iron. It is safe and will not harm the performance of the iron.

Table A

NOTE: As an important part of our quality control process, your iron has been individually tested. As a result, you may notice a small amount of condensation or water droplets on the inside of the water

tank. There is no need for concern.

Setting the Temperature

Before commencing ironing, first sort the items to be ironed according to the International Textile Care Labelling Code or by the type of fabric.

Iron fabrics that require the lowest temperatures first. Work through to the fabrics requiring higher temperatures. Both the Temperature Control and most items of laundry have markings corresponding with this code (see Table A).


on label means: “This article cannot be ironed”

[e.g. chlorofibre, acrylic, elastodiene]





Kind of



Variable Steam















[see garment





[advised position]





















































































plyamide [nylon]
























viscose [rayon]





















































































































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Operating Instructions


Stand the iron on its heel and turn the Temperature Control to MIN.

Plug the power cord into a 230V or 240V power outlet and switch on.

Select the temperature setting required by rotating the Temperature Control dial so that the desired setting is aligned with the Temperature Indicator.

The Heating Indicator light will illuminate while the iron heats to the selected temperature.

Once the light has switched off, the iron has reached the set temperature and is ready for use. The light will cycle on and off during use as the iron maintains the temperature selected on the Temperature Control.

Caution: The iron incorporates a thermal safety fuse to protect the iron from overheating. However the iron should not be left unattended while it is connected to the power outlet. Special care should always be taken when there are children in the home/ vicinity of the iron.

Steam Ironing

When filling the iron with water, ensure that the iron is unplugged. Set the Steam Control to the MIN position and holding the iron at an angle use the water cup supplied to fill the water tank. Never exceed the maximum water level as indicated (MAX) on the side of the water tank.


Tap water can be used in your Kambrook SpeedSteam Iron unless it is particularly hard, in which case it is recommended that distilled or demineralised water be used.

To Operate the

Steam Control

As per the indications on the Temperature Control and in Table A (see section ‘Setting the Temperature’) steam ironing is only possible at higher ironing temperatures, indicated with Cotton/ Linen on the Temperature Control.

Plug the power into a 230V or 240V power outlet and switch the power on.

Set the Temperature Control to the required position within the steam range and wait until the Heating Indicator Light has gone out.

Set the Steam Control (on top of the handle) to the required setting.

Your Kambrook iron is now ready for use.

Important: If the iron is set to a low temperature on the Temperature Control (i.e. synthetic

or silk) and also on any of the steam control settings, there may

be leakage from the soleplate. This is due to the iron temperature not being high enough to vaporise the water and create steam.

Therefore, ensure that the steam control is always set to correspond with the setting on the temperature control

as seen in Table A (see section ‘Setting the Temperature’).

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How To Use Shot Of Steam

The shot of steam provides an extra burst of steam which is ideal for the removal of stubborn creases and wrinkles during STEAM or DRY ironing.

Turn the Temperature Control to the hottest setting and wait until the heating indicator light goes out. Ensure the Steam Control corresponds to the setting on the Temperature Control.

Lift the iron slightly above the surface of the fabric, press the Shot of Steam button down firmly and release it during ironing. An intense burst of steam penetrates deep into the fabric.

NOTE: For optimal steam quality, wait an interval of at least 4 seconds between presses of the Shot of Steam button.

Vertical Steam Shot

The Vertical Steam Shot allows you to use the iron for vertical applications. This is especially useful for getting wrinkles out of hanging garments, curtains, wall hangings etc.

Hold the iron vertically, in front, a slight distance from the item to be steamed and press the Shot of Steam button.

Caution: Never use the vertical steam shot while clothes are on the body or direct the steam towards people.

Dry Ironing

Turn the steam selector to the MIN position.

This shuts off the steam flow should there be any water in the tank.

Select the required setting on the Temperature Control for the fabric being ironed.

Once the temperature has been reached, the Heat Indicator Light will turn off and the iron is ready for use.

Using the Fine Mist Spray

The Fine Mist Spray can be used to dampen difficult fabrics, dry areas, woollen items and accidental creases. Firmly press the spray button (located on the handle of the iron) to produce a fine spray of water ahead of the iron.

The spray can also be used with delicate fabrics (synthetic) which are ironed at low temperatures and therefore cannot be steam ironed.

NOTE: If the spray function is operated during dry ironing, ensure that there is sufficient water in the water tank. If dry ironing for more than 20

minutes, the water tank should be emptied to prevent over heating any water present.


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Operating Instructions


Anti Drip System

The Kambrook SpeedSteam Iron is equipped with an Anti-DripSystem. The iron will automatically close the steam valve when the soleplate temperature is too low to produce steam. When this happens you will hear a click sound. It is safe and will not harm the performance of the iron.

This is the reason the Fine Mist Spray should be used when ironing delicate fabrics at low temperatures.

The steam valve will open once the soleplate has reached the temperature required to create steam.

After Each Use

Set the steam selector to the MIN position and turn the Temperature Control to MIN.

Switch the power off at the power outlet and disconnect the power cord from the power outlet.

Open the Water Tank Inlet and (over a sink or bucket) invert the iron to empty the remaining water from the tank.

Stand the iron in an upright position and allow to cool.


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Care and Cleaning

To ensure your iron maintains optimum performance it is recommended that it be cleaned using the Self-Cleanfunction to remove scale or impurities.

Set the steam selector to the MIN position.

Fill the water tank up to the maximum level (MAX) with the water cup supplied.

Set the Temperature Control to MAX (linen) setting.

Place the iron in the upright position, insert the plug into the power outlet and switch the iron on.

Allow the iron to heat until the Heating Indicator Light turns off.

Switch the iron off at the power outlet and remove the plug.

Hold the iron horizontally over the sink.

Press and hold the SELF CLEAN button.

Water will drip through the holes in the soleplate. Move iron until all

water has dripped out of the water tank.

NOTE: Once you have used theSelf-Cleanfunction, it is normal for some water to remain in the water tank. This is due to theAnti-DripSystem preventing the tank from being emptied completely. This will not affect the performance of the iron.

Repeat the Self Clean process if the iron still contains a lot of impurities.

Caution: Only push and hold the self clean button when you want to activate the self cleaning function. Do not push and hold whilst ironing.

Boiling water and steam will drip from the holes in the soleplate during the cleaning process. Due caution and attention should be exercised.

Cleaning the Soleplate and Exterior

Ensure that the iron is disconnected from the power outlet.

To remove residue which may have built up from certain fabric finishes, clean the soleplate with a rough cloth that has been soaked in a vinegar and water solution. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

To clean the steam holes, simply use a damp cloth to wipe away build up of lint or starch from inside the steam holes.

Wipe the outer housing with a soft, damp clean cloth and polish with a

dry cloth.

NOTE: Never use abrasives or scouring pads to clean the soleplate. Avoid hard contact with metal objects. Do not scratch or damage the surface of the soleplate.

Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the surface of the iron. Never immerse the iron in water or any other liquid.


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Kambrook 12 Month Replacement Warranty

In Australia, this Kambrook Replacement Warranty does not affect the mandatory statutory rights implied under the Trade Practices Act 1974

and other similar State and Territory legislation relating to the appliance. It applies in addition to the conditions and warranties implied by that legislation.

In New Zealand, this Kambrook Replacement Warranty does not affect your mandatory statutory rights implied under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 in relation to the appliance. It applies in addition to the conditions and guarantees implied by that legislation.

This Kambrook Replacement Warranty is valid only in the country of purchase, but other statutory warranties may still apply.

This Warranty card and the purchase receipt for this product are to be retained as proof of purchase and must be presented if making a claim under the Kambrook Replacement Warranty. Please note that under any applicable statutory warranty you are not required to produce these documents, but may be required to provide a proof of purchase.

Kambrook warrants the purchaser against defects in workmanship and material for a period of 12 months domestic use from the date of purchase (or 3 months commercial use).

The Kambrook Replacement Warranty does not apply to any defect, deterioration, loss, injury or damage occasioned by, or as a result of, misuse or abuse, negligent handling or if the product has been used other than in accordance with the instructions. The Kambrook Replacement Warranty excludes breakables such as glass and ceramic items, consumable items and normal wear and tear.

This Kambrook Replacement Warranty is void if there is evidence of the product being tampered with by unauthorised persons.

If the product includes one or a number of accessories only the defective accessory or product will be replaced. Subject to your statutory rights, in the event of Kambrook choosing

to replace the appliance, the Kambrook Replacement Warranty will expire at the original date, i.e. 12 months from the original date of purchase.

In the event that you need some assistance with your Kambrook appliance, please contact our Customer Service Department on 1300 139 798 (Australia) or 09 271 3980 (New Zealand). Alternatively, visit us on the website at

Kambrook 12 Month Replacement Warranty

Your Purchase Record (Please Complete)

Date Of Purchase_________________________________

Model Number____________________________________

Serial Number_____________________________________

Purchased From___________________________________

Attach a copy of the purchase receipt here.

(Please don’t return purchase record until you are making a claim)

Register your warranty at

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Kambrook - New Zealand

Building 2, Port Air Industrial Estate

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1A Hale Street

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Customer Service Line 1300 139 798

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Customer Service Fax 1800 621 337

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Due to continual improvement in design or otherwise, the product you purchase may differ slightly from the illustration in this book. Issue 1/10

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