Intel PRO-1000 PF User Manual

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Product Brief

Network Connectivity

Intel® PRO/1000 PF

Dual Port Server Adapter

Two Gigabit Fiber Server Connections

in a Single PCI Express* Slot

Two high-performance PCI Express* 1000BASE-SX connections for slotconstrained servers

Multi-Gigabit scalability and increased uptime through advanced server features

Built on Intel® lead-free1 technology

Connectivity You Can Count On

Conserve valuable PCI Express (PCIe*) server slots while adding multi-port fiber-optic connectivity to enhance network performance with the Intel® PRO/1000 PF Dual Port Server Adapter. The dedicated input/output (I/O) bandwidth

of PCIe ensures priority performance—without bus sharing—for Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in fiber-optic networks. Additionally, the Intel PRO/1000 PF Dual Port Server Adapter is designed to provide high performance in multiprocessor systems by efficiently balancing network loads across multiple Central Processing Units (CPUs) when used with Receive-Side Scaling from Microsoft or Scalable I/O on Linux*.

The Intel PRO/1000 PF Dual Port Server Adapter represents the fifth generation of Intel network adapters for Gigabit Ethernet, and features the high noise immunity and long-distance reach of fiber-optic connectivity. For easy installation and management, all Intel® PRO Network Connections are supported by Intel® PRO Intelligent Install and the new Intel® PROSet for Microsoft* Device Manager. Intel PROSet Utility simplifies adapter installation and gives you point-and-click power to configure and manage all your Intel PRO Network Connections for connectivity you can count on.





Intel® 82571GB Gigabit Controller

Enables two Gigabit connections in a single adapter, delivering increased bandwidth




for slot-constrained servers and providing high performance, reliability, and low power




use in a single, integrated, dual port PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller chip

Load balancing on multiple CPUs

Increases performance on multi-processor systems by efficiently balancing network




loads across CPU cores when used with Receive-Side Scaling from Microsoft or




Scalable I/O on Linux*

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Delivers increased performance while significantly reducing CPU utilization

Compatible with x4, x8, and x16 full-height2

Allows dual-port operation in almost any PCI Express server slot, except x1 slots,

PCI Express* slots



and allows each port to operate without interfering with the other

Support for most network operating systems (NOS)

Enables widespread deployment

Remote management support

Reduces support costs with remote management based on industry-wide standards

LC connectors



Small connector design is compatible with the latest fiber-optic cabling standards

1000BASE-SX multi-mode fiber

Ensures compatibility with fiber-optic cable lengths up to 275 meters




Compliant with the new European Union directive (effective July 2006) to reduce

RoHS compliant, lead-free





the use of hazardous materials

Intel® PROSet Utility for Microsoft* Device Manager

Provides point-and-click power over individual adapters, advanced adapter features,




connection teaming, and virtual local area network (VLAN) configuration

Intel backing



Backed by an Intel® limited lifetime warranty, 90-day, money-back guarantee




(U.S. and Canada), and worldwide support

















Specifications: Intel® PRO/1000 PF Dual Port Server Adapter


Product code




IEEE standards/network topology



Multi-mode fiber (62.5 µm or 50 µm)

Adapter Product Features




Intel® PROSet Utility and Intel® PRO Intelligent Install for easy installation

Intel® lead-free1 technology

Plug and play specification support


Auto-negotiation, full-duplex capable

Integrated media access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY)

Includes a full-height bracket

Cable distance

275 m at 62.5 µm; 550 m at 50 µm

Network Management




Wired for Management (WfM) baseline v2.0 enabled for servers

DMI 2.0 support, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and SNMP-manageable

SMBus support


Remote Installation Services (RIS)

Diagnostics (loopback, testability, PHY register access)

Advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI) 1.0 power management

Wake on LAN* support over PCI Express*

PXE 2.0 enabled through boot read-only memory (ROM)

Network Operating Systems (NOS) Software Support




Microsoft Windows* Server 2003, Enterprise, Datacenter (32and 64-bit)

Microsoft Windows 2000

Red Hat Linux* 2.4x or later (32and 64-bit)

FreeBSD 4.x or later

Novell Netware* 5.x, 6.x

Sun Solaris* x86, OS 8 and later

SCO Open Server 5, OpenUNIX 8*

Intel Backing


Limited lifetime warranty

90-day, money-back guarantee (U.S. and Canada)

Advanced Software Features




Adapter fault tolerance (AFT)

Switch fault tolerance (SFT)

Adaptive load balancing (ALB)

Fast EtherChannel*5 (FEC)

Gigabit EtherChannel*5 (GEC)

Teaming support

Scales up to 8 connections

Multiple teams

Supports 4 separate teams, maximum

IEEE 802.3ad* (link aggregation control protocol)5

Test switch configuration

Tested with major switch original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

PCIe Hot Plug*/Active peripheral component interconnect (PCI)

IEEE 802.1Q* VLANs

IEEE 802.3* (z, ab, u, x) flow control support

TCP checksum offload — transmission control protocol (TCP), user datagram protocol (UDP),

Internet protocol (IP)


IEEE 802.1p*

TCP segmentation/large send offload

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