Intel EX-98211 FANLESS CELERON, Pentium M Box PC User Manual

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Fanless Intel Celeron/Pentium M

Box PC

Quick Installation Guide

Version 1.0

Chapter1 1 General Information

1.1 Introduction

The EX-98211 Box PC is targeted at many different application fields. By adopting it, you can pinpoint specific markets, such as Thin Client, KIOSK, information booth, GSM Server, environment-critical and space-critical applications.

All-In-One Platform

The CPU, DRAM and even software are integrated to provide a plugandplay machine. Compact-sized

The kernel of EX-98211 is EX-90212, which is a non-standard form factor embedded board. The whole system consumes only a few space.

Fanless and Modular CPU Board

By using a low power processor, the system does not have to rely on fans, which are often unreliable, and cause dust to circulate inside the equipment. The modular design facilitates maintenance or possible upgrades on the CPU board. Modular Box PC can be easily modified to fit many different applications according to customers' requests.

Powerful Communication Capability

The EX-98211 provides serial ports, parallel port, Ethernet, USB, Mini Card slot, LPT, DVI and Digital I/O expansion slot.


EX-98211 supports super 2D video performance and consumes minimal power. Advanced storage solution

EX-98211 comes with Compact Flash, which offers a better, faster and more cost-effective expansibilities for various applications.


The onboard Watchdog Timer can invoke an NMI or system RESET when your application loses control over the system.

Windows OS Support:

offers platform support for Windows CE 5.0, Windows CE 6.0, Windows XP, Windows XPe, Linux . The optional Windows CE operating system specifically for the EX-98211 is available for Windows CE application program builders.

1.2 Packing List

After opening the package, carefully inspect the contents. If any of items is missing or appears damaged, please contact with your local dealer or distributor. The package should contain the following items:

1 x EX-98211 Box PC


1 x Accessory Box (CD/Quick Installation Guide/Screw/Cable)

1.3 System

1.4Power Information

1.5I/O Ports Arrangement

The EX-98211 has 4 serial ports, 6 USB (Host) ports, and 2 RJ-45 LAN ports. The arrangement of these ports is shown in Figure 1.1 & Figure 1.2

1.5.1 Front View

Figure 1.1: Front View of EX-98211

1.5.2 Back View

Figure 1.2: Back View of EX-98211

1.6 Dimensions

Dimension (W x H x D): 195 x 268 x 80 mm (7.68" x 10.55" x 3.15")

Figure 1.3: Dimensions

Chapter2 The Engine of EX-98211

2.1 Introduction

The engine of EX-98211 is constructed by the combination of one PCBA board. Such a combination makes system customization feasible.

Figure 2.1: EX-98211 Main Board Top View

Figure 2.2: EX-98211 Main Board Bottom View

2.2 Jumpers and Connectors

EX-98211 Main Board Jumper Setting

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