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Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Owner’s Manual

Installation, Care & Use

Instalacion, cuidado & uso

Installation, soin et utilisation


We are delighted that you have chosen the InSinkErator® Instant Hot Water Dispenser to be a part of your home. This unique appliance will save you time and effort in the kitchen, and you’ll enjoy discovering new uses for it each day. That’s exactly why millions of people are now using an InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser.

We are confident that by following our step-by-stepinstructions, you’ll soon be enjoying the convenience of instant hot water.


ΘFor your satisfaction and safety, read all instructions, cautions, warnings and dangers before installing or using this instant hot water dispenser.

ΘThis particular unit is not intended for commercial use.

ΘMake sure that all electrical wiring and connections conform to local codes.

ΘA standard 120-voltgrounded electrical outlet is required under the sink for the dispenser’s electrical power.

ΘThe wall outlet powering your dispenser must have power supplied to it continuously.

ΘThis outlet must be fused and should not be controlled by the same wall switch that operates the disposer, unless you have a SinkTop Switchfrom InSinkErator®.

ΘIt is recommended that a dedicated control valve be installed on the cold water line supplying water to this system.

ΘIf you suspect elevated levels of chlorine in your water, it is recommended to use our water filtration system.

ΘThe use of a water filter should NOT result in the water pressure to drop below 30 psi (207kPa). If it does, this will prevent your unit from operating properly.

ΘMoving parts inside the tank causing a rattling noise is normal.


Equipment Required:

Θ Drill

Θ Phillips and flat blade screwdrivers

Θ T-fitting

Θ Pencil

Θ Dedicated control valve

Θ Tape measure

Θ Adjustable wrench

Θ Level

Equipment You May Need:

Θ Anchors for drywall

Θ Basin wrench

Θ Hole saw

Θ Hole punch

If you intend to use the sprayer hole in your sink for your dispenser, you may need a basin wrench and a 1/8" plug or a 1/4" cap (not supplied) for the faucet spray hose line.See Step 1-B.

If you need to cut a mounting hole in your stainless steel sink, you may need a 114" - 112" hole saw made for cutting stainless steel or a hole punch. Consult a professional if you are drilling into a surface other than stainless steel.


Identify the model of your instant hot water dispenser and record it here:________________








These instructions are separated into main sections, indicated by numbers, and subsections, indicated by capital letters. The manual is setup this way to allow you to take a break at any point after completing a section or subsection without affecting the installation process.

What you’ll see in the instruction manual:



Unpack dispenser components.

On a firm, flat surface, carefully straighten the copper tubing.



Property Damage: Do not pinch or break tubing. Do not distort the last 1 inch of



step-by-stepnarrative describing

step, with check boxes that




as you progress through the



Contains simple illustrations that provide

to support the narrative.



your attention during the step.









An imminently hazardous situation, which,

avoided, will result in death or serious injury.














A potentially hazardous situation, which,

could result in death or serious injury.

















A potentially hazardous situation, which,

may result in minor or moderate injury.














Rubber O-Ring

Hex Nut




Mounting Plate

Hex Tool


Plug (1)

Quick Connector

Filter Head

Filter Cartridge


Fitting (3 pieces)


3/8" Tubes (2)






Discharge Tube


Brass Nut / Ferrule /




Tube Insert


3/4" Screws (4)












Θ Determine if your existing tank isA, gray







plastic shell, or B, white metal shell.














Θ At tank top, depress gray release tab








blue or



(if A) or release ring (if B) into quick-

white clear














connect fitting securing blue orcopper

Tank A



Tank B



1/4" tube and gently pull line out of





fitting. Pull white 7/16" tube andclear













5/16" tube off fittings.

Property Damage: Do not pinch or break copper

Θ Remove existing faucet.

tubing. Do not distort the last 1 inch of tubing.





































































Tank A

Tank B

Property Damage:

Turn off water & unplug tank.

Tank A

ΘThe snap-connectfitting will be attached directly to the tank.

Tank B

ΘCut off snap-connectfitting at the end of theblue 1/4" tube.

ΘInsert blue tube into fitting on tank.

ΘSkip to Step 2 (pages 7-11)for complete installation instructions.







Θ At tank top, depress release ring or gray










release tab into quick-connectfitting






Make note of

securing blue 1/4" tube and gently pull

line off tank fitting. Pull white 7/16" tube


and clear 5/16" tube off fittings.

of ferrule






Θ If not already equipped, the included






snap-connectfitting must be installed.






Θ To installsnap-connectfitting, unscrew

Property Damage:

brass mounting nut and remove snap-

Unplug tank before connecting faucet.

connect fitting, brass ferrule and nut.








Blue Tube

Check orientation of ferrule

Property Damage:

Do not over tighten brass nut.

ΘSlide brass nut and ferrule on to the 1/4" blue orcopper tube running from the faucet.

ΘInsert blue orcopper tube into snapconnect fitting and tighten brass nut with a wrench, 1 to 2 turns clockwise.

ΘYou may elect to use existing tank mounting bracket.

ΘSkip to Steps 3-4(page 8) for complete installation instructions.







Required minimum from



center of hole to wall



























Maximum counter



thickness is 3".






ΘIdentify locations for the dispenser faucet, tank and filter.

ΘCheck to make sure there is proper clearance for dispenser handles to be fully opened.

ΘCheck to make sure counter is 3" thick or less.

ΘMake sure there is a grounded electrical outlet under the sink.

The wall outlet for your dispenser must have power supplied to it continuously and must be fused. It should not be controlled by the same wall switch

that operates your disposer.


If you have to drill through sink or countertop, you may need to rent or purchase the appropriate tools.

ΘTurn off water supply.

ΘIf using the sink sprayer hose hole, remove nut that connects sprayer hose at bottom of faucet.

ΘUsing adjustable wrench, remove nut connecting sprayer washer flange in sprayer hole.

ΘPlug hose opening with either a 1/8" plug or a 1/4" cap (not supplied).


Required Hole Size

Hot & Cool Models

138" - 112"

Hot Only Models

114" - 112"

Consult a professional before drilling into a surface other than stainless steel.

What if you don’t have a sprayer hole or don’t want to use it?

ΘMany homeowners replace the soap dispenser in their sink with an instant hot water dispenser.

ΘIf drilling a hole into a stainless steel sink or counter top, you can cut a mounting hole for the dispenser with a hole saw for stainless steel, or you can use a hole punch.











Θ Unpack dispenser components.







Θ On a firm, flat surface, carefully







straighten the copper tubing.






















Property Damage: Do not pinch or break copper tubing. Do not distort the last 1 inch of tubing.


Θ Ensure that the blackO-ringis


properly seated in the base of the


dispenser head (the groove on the


underside of the dispenser).

Make sure to use rubber O-ringto ensure proper seal.


An assistant may be needed to hold the dispenser head in place while securing the dispenser.

ΘFeed tubes down through the hole in the sink or countertop until the base is at rest on the sink or countertop surface.


Semi-circularmounting plate should

encircle all descending tubes and

extend beyond sink hole when tight.

ΘFrom under the sink, place the semi-circularmounting plate onto the threaded stud.

ΘPlace hex nut onto the threaded stud. Ensure faucet head is at desired angle.

ΘInsert screwdriver into hole on side of hex tool (creating a “T”), and use tool to tighten nut and secure faucet.









Θ Select a spot under the sink to mount





Tank must be

tank vertically within reach of both





plumbing and electrical connections.





mounted level

The tank should be within 16" or less





to ensure

of faucet water lines and within 30"





proper operation.





or less of a standard grounded outlet.











Θ While holding tank in place on






the spot selected for installation,


Property Damage: Tank must be located within 16" of

use a pencil to mark locations for


faucet and within 30" or less of a standard grounded

2 hanging screws.



outlet. DO NOT extend plumbing or electrical lines.



Leave 1/4" for hanging tank.

Mount tank vertically in an area that allows clearance on the underside of the tank for drainage, if necessary.

DO NOT over tighten screws.

Screws provided are for use in wood studs or cabinets only. Use wall anchors (not supplied) for installation into drywall.

ΘPre-drill1/8" pilot holes at marks.

ΘTurn screws into pre-drilledholes, leaving 1/4" exposed.

ΘHang the tank on the screws.

ΘTighten the screws with only 1/2 turn clockwise.


4 A



Tank A




Θ Without depressing the gray button,




place the snap-connectfitting at




the end of the blue 1/4" tube onto




the left fitting on the tank, pushing

Tank A



until it clicks into place. (1)



Tank B







Θ Insert blue 1/4" tube into quick-




connect fitting at left. (1)

Both Tanks







Θ Slip the flexiblewhite 7/16" tube

Tank B



over barbed steel fitting and slide




down approximately 1/2". (2)




Θ Slip theclear 5/16" tube over the




smooth plastic fitting and slide down

Property Damage: Pinched or blocked water lines

approximately 1/2". (3)

may cause damage to the dispenser tank.

Θ Check for pinched or crimped tubes.

Property Damage: Check to make sure

Hose clamps are not needed for any

tubes are connected properly and are

pushed down as far as possible.

of the connections.











Θ Mark hole locations for filter head














and bracket in a spot that allows for









filter replacement.

















Θ Drill 1/8" starter holes and attach









bracket to wall with wood screws,









turning until snug.









Θ Remove red filter cap, insert filter

















cartridge into filter head and twist


Personal Injury: Do not locate filter above an outlet or other


clockwise until “LOCK” arrow on the


electrical device. Install head and bracket so that connections

filter aligns with arrow on bracket.


require no stretching, kinking or pinching of tubing.



from water

to dispenser

supply line








Property Damage: Tube runs need to form to the cabinet’s contours to allow storage space with no sharp bends. Tubes need clean, perpendicular,burr-freecuts to ensure a true fit.

ΘDetermine length of tubing required, then cut to length making sure the cut is perpendicular and burr-free.

ΘInsert a white 3/8" tube into inlet side of filter head until it stops.

Press in again to ensure a secure fit.

ΘInsert the other white 3/8" tube into outlet side of filter head until it stops.Press in again to ensure a secure fit.


Hot & cool models


Hot only models






From filter or


From filter or


water supply line


water supply line









Property Damage: Do not extend the copper lines farther than the 16" provided.

ΘInsert the copper tube(s) from the dispenser into the 3/8" to 1/4" quick-connectfitting.

ΘConnect the white 3/8" tube from the right outlet on the filter head into thequick-connectfitting until it stops.Press in again to ensure a secure fit.

To remove tube(s) or plug from quick-connector,depress the release ring and gently pull away.




From water

To dispenser

supply line


It is normal for approximately 2 oz. of water to discharge when filter is removed.

ΘTo redirect filter replacement water discharge, place 6" clear tube over vent hole on the left side of filter head.

ΘNote: 3/8" fitting is required to make connection to water supply.

ΘConnect remaining white 3/8" tube to incoming water supply line.

(See Step 6.)













Θ Install aT-fitting(not included)


Brass Nut

onto the cold water supply line.












Θ Install dedicated water control valve



Brass Insert











with 3/8" compression fitting.



Θ At the end of thewhite 3/8" tube from the



filter or quick-connector,slide the supplied





















brass nut and ferrule over the tube and











then push in the brass tube insert.


Property Damage: Join remaining tube

Θ Insert thewhite 3/8" tube into the 3/8"



to cold water supply only.

compression fitting and tighten.













Scalding Hazard: The faucet dispensesnear-boiling(212ºF) water which can instantly cause scalds or burns. Use care when operating this appliance.

ΘTurn on the cold water supply.

ΘDepress the dispenser’sHOT handle and hold it until water flows from the spout.

ΘRun the water for at least 2 minutes to flush lines (both the hot and cold handles independently if applicable).


Property Damage: A standard grounded outlet within 30" of the dispenser is required under the sink. Do not use an extension cord set with the dispenser.

ΘCheck all connections to ensure they are tight and that there are no leaks.

ΘPlug in instant hot water tank.

Water will be cold at first.

Allow 12-15minutes for water to reach target temperature.

Gurgling or hissing is normal during the initial heating cycle.

If the water coming from the faucet is not hot 15 minutes after the unit has been plugged in – or for other issues related to the operation of your instant hot water dispenser – refer to the “Troubleshooting” section on Page 14.


Electric Shock Hazard: Using an ungrounded or improperly connected appliance can result in serious injury or death from electrical shock.

This appliance must be grounded. This instant hot water dispenser is equipped with a cord that has a grounding conductor and a grounding pin. The plug must be connected to an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances. Do not modify the plug provided with the appliance – if it will not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. Check with a qualified electrician or serviceman if you are in doubt as to whether the instant hot water dispenser is properly grounded.

Personal Injury: This tank is anon-pressurizedtank. DO NOT modify this system.

DO NOT close vent tube or connect other type dispensers or valves to the tank. Use only the InSinkErator dispenser faucet supplied. Use only parts provided. Contact an authorized InSinkErator Service agent for repairs or replacement components.

Fire Hazard: To minimize possibility of fire, DO NOT store flammable items such as rags, paper or aerosol cans near the tank. DO NOT store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.

Property Damage: To avoid water damage, replace any loose or split tubing. Periodically inspect the unit for any signs of leakage and immediately remove from service any unit suspected of leaking.

An instant hot water dispenser, like any water heater, has a limited life and will eventually fail. To avoid possible property damage, this instant hot water dispenser should be regularly examined for leakage and replaced when necessary. A drain pan, plumbed to an appropriate drain or outfitted with a leak detector, should be used in those applications where any leakage could cause property damage.




Stainless Steel Tank: 3-yearwarranty

Filtration System:

1-year warranty (excluding replaceable filter cartridge)

Covers all replacement parts and labor to correct defects in material or workmanship in the dispenser system, excluding the replaceable filter cartridge, for the full warranty period from the date of installation in your home. If warranty service is required during the warranty period, contact an authorized InSinkErator service agent to replace or repair the unit in your home at no cost to you. If your dispenser is replaced rather than repaired, the warranty on the new unit shall be for the duration of the remaining portion of the original dispenser’s warranty. Note: Warranty is determined by unit serial number and/or date of installation. Purchase or installation receipt may be required to verify warranty status. When service is required, and for the location of your nearest factory authorized service center, call toll free 1-800-558-5700.

The foregoing warranty does not apply to damage or inoperation resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, improper installation, installation not in accordance with these instructions or local electrical and/or plumbing codes. We do not assume any responsibility for consequential damage. Install using genuine InSinkErator® manufactured components only. Use of non InSinkErator components will void your warranty.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.



Electric Shock Hazard: To prevent electrical shock, disconnect power before servicing unit. Use only a properly grounded and polarized electric outlet.


Factory temperature pre-setis 200˚F.

approx. 200°

To reset the thermostat to 200°,


turn the indicator one notch to the


right of vertical.


Θ Adjust the thermostat slowly, turning the dial clockwise

to increase temperature or

counter clockwise to decrease temperature, then activate faucet handle for 20 seconds to bring in fresh water to be heated at the new setting. Allow 5-7minutes for water to reach new temperature.

Scalding Hazard: Do not allow water to boil. May result in severe burns.


Anytime the instant hot water dispenser is not used for extended periods of time, unplug and drain unit. If it is below freezing you will need to unplug the unit and drain it.

ΘDisconnect power from unit.

ΘPush hot water dispenser faucet lever and allow water to flow until it is cool.

ΘShut the cold water supply off at the valve.

ΘIf drain screw equipped, locate and remove from bottom center of water tank and drain the water into empty pail.

ΘEmpty the tank and then reinstall drain screw onto the bottom of tank, turning until snug. Do NOT over tighten.

ΘIf drain screw not equipped, disconnect water supply tubes, remove tank and invert to drain. Remount tank.

ΘRemove and drain filter cartridge. Reinstall.

ΘTo place back in working order, fill tank with water and re-connectthe plug.


ΘOnly use mild cleaners to clean the faucet and plastic components.

ΘCleaners with acids, abrasives, alkaline or organic solvents will result in deterioration of the plastic components and void the warranty.


Replace filter cartridge when there is an obvious decrease in water flow to the faucet or if there is an objectionable taste or odor to the water.

When the inlet and outlet ports have been closed and the filter’s internal pressure has been relieved, water (about 2 oz) will discharge from vent line.

If the new filter cartridge cannot be inserted, insert the old one and turn until it stops, remove it and then retry the new cartridge.

Carbon filters should be replaced within 12 months.

Filter replacement instructions:

ΘReplace with an InSinkErator® filter.

ΘPlace pan or dish towel under the filter to catch water drainage during change.

ΘSlowly turn the cartridge counter-clockwisecompletely until it stops (1/4 turn).

ΘPull cartridge straight down and discard.

ΘInsert new cartridge into filter head.

ΘTop surface of cartridge will become flush with the bottom of the filter head when fully engaged.

ΘTurn the cartridge clockwise until it stops (1/4 turn).

ΘAlign the in/out arrow on the head and bracket assembly to the in/out arrow on the cartridge.

ΘOpen faucet to expel trapped air.

ΘRun water for 3 minutes before usage.


ΘRegularly inspect the unit for any signs of leakage. If there are signs of water damage, immediately remove the unit from service.

ΘTo avoid water damage from leakage, replace all cut, loose or split tubing.

ΘA drain pan, plumbed to an appropriate drain or outfitted with a leak detector, should be used in those applications where any leakage could cause property damage.



The InSinkErator® Instant Hot Water Dispenser Filtration System is intended for use in filtering sediment, chlorine taste and odor from drinking water, and has not been evaluated for other uses. The system is typically installed (near or beneath a sink) where filtered drinking water is desired, and must be installed, operated and maintained as specified in the installation and use instructions.

To reduce the risk associated with property damage due to water leakage:

• Protect filter from freezing. Drain filter when temperatures drop below 40°F (4.4°C).

Do not install if water pressure exceeds 120 psi (828 kPa). If your water pressure exceeds 120 psi, you must install a pressure limiting valve. Contact a plumbing professional if you are uncertain how to check your water pressure.

Do not install where water hammer conditions may occur. If water hammer conditions exist you must install a water hammer arrester. Contact a plumbing professional if you are uncertain how to check for this condition.

Do not install on hot water supply lines. The maximum operating water temperature of this filter system is 100°F (38°C).

The disposable filter cartridge must be replaced every twelve months or at the specified service cycle.

Read and follow instructions before installation and use of this system.

To reduce the risk associated with ingestion of contaminates due to use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality, do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.


Please read Troubleshooting Guide and/or visit before calling AnswerLine





Water and steam spits

• Unit is boiling.

Activate faucet lever to release some water from

forcefully from spout

May be normal during initial setup.

the tank.

without turning on the

• Adjust water temperature using dial on tank front.


dispenser faucet.



Remember that at higher altitudes, water boils





at lower temperatures.




Water is not hot.

• The unit is unplugged.

Make sure the unit is connected to a properly grounded


• The electric outlet is inoperative.

electric outlet.


• Make sure the circuit breaker or fuses are





functioning properly.



• Check that the outlet is not switched off.




Water is too hot

• Thermostat is not adjusted to

Adjust the thermostat slowly, then activate faucet lever for 20

or not hot enough.

your needs.

seconds to bring in fresh water to be heated at the new setting.



Allow 5-7minutes for water to reach new temperature.




Water comes out the

• Outlet tube is blocked.

Check that outlet tube is not kinked, twisted or pinched.

vent instead of spout.


Unscrew spout end piece and clean out any debris.






Water is dripping from

• The expansion chamber isn’t draining

• Unplug the unit. If the dripping doesn’t stop after a few

the spout/vent

properly due to low water pressure.

minutes, check the supply valve to ensure that is fully


• The spout is blocked.

open and there are no obstructions in the water line


reducing the pressure below 30 psi (i.e., a poorly mounted





saddle valve, a clogged water filter, or a partially opened






Unscrew spout end piece and clean out any debris.




Water is dripping

• Debris in the water line may be

Unscrew spout end piece and clean out any debris.

from the spout/vent

in the faucet valve seat causing a

Activate faucet lever7-10times to flush faucet & lines.


slow water leak.





Divided stream.

• Debris in the end piece.

Unscrew spout end piece and clean out any debris.










Water taste or odor

• Filter needs to be flushed out

• Activate the faucet lever and run until the water is cold.


• Life of filter has expired

If there is no change, replace filter cartridge.




New filter leaks or

• Head and bracket not fully rotated

• Remove, inspect, reinstall filter cartridge.

doesn’t fit

• Filter O-ringbreach

• Remove new filter, replace with old filter. Check operation.




If OK, reinstall new filter and recheck operation.




No water flow or

• Life of filter has expired

• Replace filter cartridge. See page 12.

low water flow






14 If you are still experiencing trouble call the AnswerLine1-800-558-5700.


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