Dukane 105 User Manual

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Camera 105

Digital Document Camera

Innovative Gooseneck Design

Exceptional image quality

High resolution

SXGA 1280x960

50x Manual zoom

Long 20-inchflexible neck

Simple USB 2.0* connection

Low light level operation

User friendly software to capture and share images

Extremely easy to use, point and focus

Microscope adapter included

One USB 2.0 cable to the computer

The Camera 105 is extremely easy to use with a single USB cable connection to the computer. Included is software for viewing, image capture or movie recording.

* Camera 105 will only function with USB 2.0

Camera 105

Dukane Camera 105



Digital Document Camera


Camera 105

Super High Resolution Images

Image Unit

CMOS, Color

View high resolution images on your computer

Picture Array

1280 (H) x 1024 (V)

monitor, and also project them onto a large screen. The

Effective Pixels

1280x960, SXGA

Dukane Camera 105 provides images via a USB 2.0


f=6.0 mm, manual focus

cable that plugs into your computer. Instantly you

Shooting Area

0.4" x 0.3" (min) to distant objects

have the ability to view, capture, annotate, create


Field of view, 45°

movies, and share images. Simply


connect the 6ft. USB cable and


20 Lux

you're in operation. No other


Special flex grip ring

connection is required, the camera

White Balance


is also powered by the USB cable.



The Camera 105 provides High


50 to 100x

Definition full color images of


0 to 25 auto

1280x960 resolution. It is completely

Output Signal

USB to Computer at SXGA (1280x960)

self adjusting so the user merely has

to point and focus the camera head.


USB 2.0 Type A for the PC

It automatically views objects in


Requires USB 2.0 port on the computer

bright sunlight or low levels. It can


Cable length 6ft.

also focus on objects with a 50 times magnification



Software controlled

or look at the room for distant learning applications.

It can image the texture of fabric or the moon. With

Operates with:

Vista, XP, 2000, 98SE, & MAC

its long flexible 20" neck and rugged sturdy base, the

Camera Color

Office gray

Camera 105 can be easily positioned to view a variety

Image Capture Software

Software permits full screen image

of objects. For rapid image positioning, the head also


reviewing, annotation, and capture.

rotates 180° on the neck.


Special Applied Vision software for the PC or MAC


Movie in full motion or time lapse.

Power Supply

Powered by USB cable

is provided on CD. The software allows the capture

Power Consumption

0.9 Watts

of images or a sequence for video streaming. You

can annotate, magnify areas, edit, view files in vari-


4.3 lbs

ous formats, send e-mailimages, obtain time lapse


7.5" (L) x 7.0" (W) x 20" (H)

sequences, or create a movie. Capture and display

Shipping Weight

5.0 lbs

scenes in the classroom. Look at graphics, laboratory

Carton Size

8" x 8" x 13"

experiments, test images, groups of images, or other

objects with this amazing camera. A 28mm micro-


Low voltage device

scope adapter is also included. This camera is an

Accessories Included

Attached USB cable, Software CD,

ideal partner to an ImagePro data video projector.


Users Manual, and microscope adapter

Key features:

Specifications subject to change without notice.

• Exceptional Image Quality



High resolution, SXGA 1280x960

50x Manual Zoom

Long 20-inchflexible neck

Simple USB 2.0 Connection

Low light level operation

User friendly software to capture and share images

Extremely easy to use, point and focus

Microscope adapter included

One attached USB cable to the computer

One (1) year limited warranty on parts and labor in North America, lamp excluded (for other locations, local warranties apply).

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