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EVM9 Extractors

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The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for injuries or losses caused by incorrect use or installation of this product. Please note that the manufacturer reserves the right to invalidate the guarantee supplied with this product following incorrect installation or misuse of the appliance or use in a commercial environment.

This appliance is not designed to be used by people (including children) with reduced physical, sensorial or mental capacity, or who lack experience or knowledge about it, unless they have had supervision or instructions on how to use the appliance by someone who is responsible for their safety.

Under no circumstances should any external covers be removed for servicing or maintenance except by suitably qualified personnel.

Appliance information:

Please enter the details on the appliance rating plate below for reference, to assist CDA Customer Care in the event of a fault with your appliance and to register your appliance for guarantee purposes.

Appliance Model

Serial Number

CE Declarations of Conformity:

This appliance has been manufactured to the strictest standards and complies with all applicable legislation, including Gas safety, Electrical safety (LVD) and Electromagnetic interference compatibility (EMC).


At the end of its working life, the product must be taken to a special local authority waste collection centre or to a dealer providing appliance recycling services. Disposing of a household appliance separately avoids possible negative consequences for the environment and health. It also enables the constituent materials to be recovered, saving both energy and resources. As a reminder of the need to dispose of household appliances separately, the product is marked with a crossed-out wheeled dustbin.

Please note:

Under no circumstances should the extractor be connected to any gas ventilation system, flue system or hot air ducting system.

Do not vent the extractor into an attic or loft space.

Only house the extractor in rooms with adequate ventilation. Remember that the extractor is powerful and whatever air is extracted needs to be replaced.

Do not tile the extractor in. It should be removable for service or maintenance.

Do not use silicone sealant to secure the hood to the wall.

You must be able to isolate the extractor from the mains electrical supply after installation.

Steam cleaners must not be used when cleaning this appliance.

The performance of your extractor will vary depending on a number of factors. These include: type of extraction, length of ducting, room volume, ventilation available and cleanliness of the filters.


Using your Extractor

For best performance, you should switch on the extractor 15 minutes before starting to cook and leave it to run for approximately 15 minutes after the end of cooking.

Control Panel

A- Light key

B- Decrease speed key

C- Display

D- Increase speed key

E- Timer key

Fig. 1







To switch the extractor light on and off

Touch key A.

To switch on the extractor

Touch either key B or D. The appliance will switch on at the first speed.

To increase the speed touch key D.

To switch the extractor off, touch and hold key B for two seconds when the extractor is working at higher speeds, or touch key B at speed one.

The intensive function

The extractor is equipped with an intensive function which runs for ten minutes before returning to the previous selected speed. To activate the intensive function, touch key D at speed three. The display will blink whilst the intensive function is on.

The timer

The extractor is equipped with a timer that allows the extractor to run for 15 minutes before switching off automatically.

To activate the timer, touch key E. The display will flash a decimal point when the timer is on.

Please note

The timer cannot be activated when the intensive function is on.

The clean air function

The extractor is equipped with a clean air function that switches on the motor for ten minutes every hour at speed one.

To activate the clean air function, touch key E for two seconds when the appliance is off. To return to normal function, touch either key B or D. To switch off the clean air function, touch key E. The display C will light up in sections whilst the motor is running, and will show the letter C during the fifty minutes when the motor is not running.


Care and Maintenance



You should use a nonabrasive cleaner. Any abrasive cleaner (including Cif) will scratch the surface and could erase the control panel markings.

You can clean your extractor effectively by simply using a dilute solution of water and mild detergent and drying to a shine with a clean cloth.

Cleaning the grease filter

The grease filter should be kept clean to minimise the risk of fire.

When the display flashes alternating the speed selected with the letter A, or at least once a month you should remove and clean the grease filter with hot soapy water. You can also wash the grease filter in a dishwasher, ensuring that you place it in an upright position to prevent damage from other items in the dishwasher. After rinsing and drying, replace the filter. After the grease filter has been replaced, the electronic memory must be reset by touching key A for approximately five seconds, until the letter A stops flashing.

To remove the grease filter follow the steps below:

1.Open the glass cover panel as shown in fig 2.

2.Pull open the handle on the grease filter as shown in fig. 2. It will release at the handle side. Then lower the grease filter to remove it completely.

To replace the grease filter, repeat the steps in reverse.

Please note:

Cleaning the grease filter in the dishwasher may lead to discolouration. This is normal and does not constitute a fault with the appliance.

Changing the charcoal filter (re-circulating only)

When the display flashes alternating the speed selected with the letter F, the charcoal filters must be replaced. After the charcoal filter has been replaced, the electronic memory must be reset by touching key A for approximately five seconds, until the letter F stops flashing.

To attach a new charcoal filter, first open the body of the extractor as shown in figure 3. Then offer up the charcoal filter into the frame as shown in figure 4 until it locks into place. Repeat with the other charcoal filter, then close the body of the extractor..





Fig. 2



Fig. 3

Fig. 4

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