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Array speakers distribute sound better for enhanced audio coverage

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Califone Infrared Classroom Audio System.

It Does More and Costs Less!

Califone addresses the most common obstacles to quality classroom and lecture hall sound-high cost, poor installation, inadequate acoustics, and high levels of ambient noise — with our Infrared Classroom Audio System.

By utilizing “array” speaker technology, our innovative system increases the key signal-to-noise ratio to produce a more evenly distributed sound with twice the coverage and receptivity of other systems. In addition, the volume level is the same at the front and rear of the classroom, increasing students’ attention to verbal instruction. The speakers target the sound pattern directly at the audience — not randomly bouncing it off of walls — which improves teaching and listening, and comprehension for all students.


Infrared Classroom Audio System

Our infrared audio system offers all the benefits of wireless sound amplification at a more affordable price. Two ceiling-mounted infrared receivers are powerful enough to accommodate classrooms up to twice the size of the average elementary school classroom or about 2,000 square feet.

The two non-powered “array” speakers (PI30-SP) not only cover a greater area, but because they also focus the sound directly at the students, everyone benefits from better sound distribution from the front to the back of the room. Teachers wear a comfortable rechargeable beltpack transmitter with a headset mic. When the teacher mic is turned off, students can use the wireless handheld mic to ask questions or to give presentations. Both are stored in a wall-mounted lockable console that also contains the master volume controls & inputs/outputs for computers and media players. Both teachers and students can narrate or provide commentary during slide/video/oral presentations or classroom reviews.

PI30-IRSYS $998

PI30-INST Installation of system $447

Two ceiling mounted infrared receivers


control panel

Wireless mic & charger

Rechargeable beltpack transmitter with headset

Two non-powered array speakers

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Case Study: PI30-IRSYS

Aiken County, South Carolina

Public Schools

Amplify Teachers

in the Classroom

As the Title 1 Coordinator for J.D. Lever Elementary School, Christie Valenzuela and other staff members wanted to make sure that each student had the same opportunity to learn as everyone else. Located in rural Aiken County, South Carolina, the district decided that one way to meet students’ needs would be to install an amplification system in each classroom so that students seated near the back of the class could hear the teacher just as well as students near the front. “Through our research, we discovered that many schools who integrated this technology saw increases in their state assessments,” Valenzuela said. “We reviewed many systems, but ultimately chose the Infrared Classroom Audio System from Califone as it brought the most return on our investment.” The school purchased 32 systems and mounted the two included array speakers on one of the classroom’s walls for maximum projection. Each teacher wears a microphone and students use the handheld microphone when asking questions or

giving presentations (both mics can not be used at the same time). “The students really enjoy using the technology because they feel more important since their voice is being amplified and heard by the rest of the class. The teachers appreciate the amplification – not feeling strained at the end of the day,” Valenzuela said. Helping to meet the needs of all students, the amplification systems were most positively embraced by the parents

of those students with hearing impairments. In addition, the school’s speech teacher believes the systems have helped tremendously as they do not add to the classroom’s ambient noise level at all, allowing students to hear their teachers and lessons more clearly.

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IRSYS-PI30| Systems PA

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Array Speakers | PA Systems Two line-outs on the PI30 & PI30-PS allow for daisy-chaining additional speakers

PA Systems

Make Sure They Can Hear You... This Time and Every Time!

The better your students can hear you, the better their behavior, attention, and academic achievement —

and the less the vocal strain for you. Whether yours is an issue of poor acoustics, noisy heating and air conditioning units, chatter from neighboring classrooms, or students with hearing disabilities, Califone has the right amplification solution. Our line of classroom-proven wired and wireless audio systems delivers optimum sound reinforcement throughout the room.

Califone® array speakers are ideal for mounting on whiteboards!

Wireless LCD Transmitter

This 16-channel UHF transmitter upgrades the traditional AV cart to a high tech toolbox with cable-free access to professional sound presentations anywhere in the school building. Teachers can use this to transmit from any audio source including their oldest audio content on aging media. LCD-16 $155

LCD-16 front & side views

The LCD-16 can be connected with any media player (including computers and MP3 players) to transmit wireless audio to any Califone UHF speaker including the PI30 on page 7 and the PA300+UHF on page 12.

Array Speakers

There are many applications for this technology from providing narration to an existing

presentation to ESL/ELL or other direct language instruction for a large group. The speakers are specifically designed to increase the “signal-to-noise-ratio,” which means targeting the sound to the audience instead of having it

bounce around the classroom indiscriminately. A significant advantage to this technology is that students at the back of the class will hear the same quality audio as those in the front. They are ideal for use with whiteboards.


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Powered speaker with line-in, fixed and variable line outs, mic and DC functioning, 16-channel UHF wireless reception


This powered speaker with line-in, mic and DC functions has the same evenly distributed sound qualities as the PI30 but without UHF capability.

PI30-PS $184


Non-powered, non-UHF



Our top of the line Array Speaker features wireless reception to give schools the greatest flexibility on how or where they enhance audio. In addition to its volume and tone controls, the PI30 has two separate line outs for connecting additional wired speakers and for other applications such as a dedicated amplification system

for students with special needs.

PI30 $209


Powered speaker with line-in, fixed and variable line outs, mic and DC functioning (non-UHF)


This speaker is the non-powered speaker in this series. It is the same caliber as the speakers detailed above, but operates on existing power supplied through the speaker wire

carrying the audio, providing installation opportunities in previously underserved areas of the school.

PI30-SP $104

This packaged set delivers the “best of” wireless audio for schools, classes & meeting rooms. Our PI30 array speaker is paired with the LCD-16 (page 6) to provide quick and easy set-ups of cord-free audio transmission from mobile AV carts, LCD projectors, computers, and media players by simply setting both units to the same frequency. Additional Califone UHF speakers can linked by matching their frequencies too.

PI30-LCD $356

Case Study: PI30

Phoenix, Arizona

Dysart Unified School District Projects Loudly with Array Technology

Part of a rapidly growing community located outside of Phoenix, Arizona, Dysart Unified School District had only seven schools five years ago and now has 23 buildings and nearly 30,000 students. Meeting the challenges of a growing (& diverse) student population and addressing the instructional needs of teachers, the district decided to install new projectors and speakers in their schools. “We had television sets in each classroom, but the technology was very limited,” said Ezra Williams, the network specialist for the district. “We wanted to provide technology that would offer options for instructional purposes in nearly five hundred classrooms. And the speakers from Califone gave us the ability to have a highquality sound system that would connect with the projector system.” The Array Speakers (PI30) allow teachers to amplify music, videos and other online interactive programs played directly from their laptop connected to the projector system, all

without adding new ambient noise to the classroom

giving the students a greater opportunity to listen and learn. In addition, DUSD chose to provide 20 classrooms with wireless lapel microphones during installation, and now over

100 teachers have requested a lapel mic for their classroom. “Teachers who have hearing impaired students in their classrooms find the amplification to be extremely helpful,” Williams said. In addition, the district chose to keep some of the speakers on mobile carts with microphones. This allows teachers to request the portable sound system for activities that may not be in a classroom or for an administrative meeting. “The teachers are so ecstatic about receiving the new audio technology

no more checking out boomboxes or checking into the media labs.”

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