Alcatel-Lucent OT-223A, OT-223 User Manual


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1Your mobile ..................

LED flashing in below condition:


Unchecked calls


Unread messages











Switch on/off handset




During call






















Left softkey


Vibration alert




Pick up/Send call


Navigation key (1):



Call memory


Menu/Confirm an option




















Right softkey






FM radio




Switch on/










Switch off

End call

Prolonged exposure to music at full volume on the music player may damage the listener's hearing. Set your phone volume safely.Use only headphones recommended by TCT Mobile Limited and its affiliates.


Navigation key

Confirm an option (press )

Access “My favorite” in Directory (long keypress)

Pick up

Send a call

Access call memory (Redial) (short keypress)

Switch on/Switch off the telephone (long keypress) End call

Return to the main screen

Left softkey

Right softkey

Access your voicemail (long keypress)

In edit mode

-Short keypress: access the language list

-Long keypress:enter zero

In Edit mode:

-Short keypress: change input methods

-Long keypress:access the Symbols table

From main screen

-Short keypress: #

-Long keypress:activate/deactivate the vibrator In edit mode:

-Short keypress: (space)

-Long keypress:add a word

1.2Main screen icons

Battery charge level.

Vibration alert: your phone vibrates, but neither rings nor beeps.

Headset connected.

Call forwarding activated: your calls are forwarded.

Alarm clock programmed.

Voicemail message arrived.

FM radio is on.

Unanswered calls.


Line switching (1): indicates the selected line.

Shown only in no ciphering mode while calling, sending/ receiving SMS.

Level of network reception.

Silence mode: your phone neither rings, beeps nor vibrates.

Message unread.

Stopwatch is active

Ringtone alert

Vibration and ringtone alert

2Getting started ............


Removing and installing the back cover

Installing and removing the battery

Inserting and removing the SIM Card

Place the SIM card with the chip facing downwards and slide it into its housing. Make sure that it is correctly inserted. To remove the card, press it and slide it out.

2.2Power on your phone

Hold down the key until the phone powers on.

2.3Power off your phone

Hold down the key from the main screen.

3 Calls ..............................

4 Call register ..........

3.1 Making a call

4.1 Call memory


Dial the desired number then press the key to place the call. If you

You can access your call memory by pressing the key from the main

make a mistake,you can delete the incorrect digits by pressing the right




To hang up the call, press the


Making an emergency call

If your phone is covered by the network, dial emergency number and press the key to make an emergency call.This works even without a SIM card and without typing the PIN code.

3.2Calling your voicemail (1)

To access your voicemail, hold down the key.

3.3Receiving a call

When you receive an incoming call, press the key to talk and then hang up using the key.

3.4Available functions during the call

During a call, you can use your directory,short messages, etc. without losing your correspondent.

4.2My numbers

Type in or modify your telephone number or the number to access your voicemail and confirm by pressing .Yourtelephone number is usually written on your SIM card.


You can access different items with this option:Amount, Duration.

4.4Call settings

You can access a number of items with this option: Call waiting, Call forwarding, Call barring,Answer mode,Auto redial…

4.5Call control (1)

The menu serves you the dual purposes of cost monitoring and controlling during a call by the settings of “By cost” and “By duration”.

(1) Depending on your network operator.

(1) Depending on your network operator.



Contact your network operator to check service availability.

(1) Depending on your network operator.







5 Directory................

7 Settings ..................


5.1 Consulting your directory

From the main screen, select the icon menu

and select the func-

Toaccess the directory from the main screen,press the

tion of your choice in order to customise your telephone:

key and Clamshell, Display,Clock, Keys,Dictionary,More settings...

select the

icon from the menu.



5.2Creating a file

Select the directory in which you wish to create a file, press the “Options” softkey,select “Create file” then .

6Messages ................

6.1Create message

From the main menu select “Messages” to create text message.You can type a message,and you're also able to insert a pre-defined message from “Templates”.While writing a message, select “Options” to access all the messaging options. You can save your messages that you send often to “Drafts”.

8 Tools ........................


Once you enter this menu from“Tools”, there is a monthly-view calendar for you to keep track of important meetings, appointments, etc. Days with events entered will be marked in color.


StopWatch is simple application for measuring time with possibility to register several results and suspend/resume measurement.

English - CJB21U0ALAAA


Your mobile phone has a built-in alarm clock with a snooze feature.


Hold down the

key to get the decimal point. Confirm with the

key or the left softkey.


Unit converter and Currency converter.

8.6My shortcuts

Access the shortcuts already programmed.To programme new shortcuts: select “My shortcuts” if you want to create a quick access to a function, Directory,etc.

9 Games ....................


YourAlcatel phone may include some games.

9.1Game settings

It allows you to manage settings,in which you may set background music and vibration alert.

10FM radio ................

Your phone is equipped with an FM radio (1). Youcan use the application as a traditional FM radio with automatic tuning and saved channels or with parallel visual information related to the radio program on the display,if you tune to stations that offerVisual Radio service.Youcan listen to it while running other applications.

With this menu, you may personalise ringtones for different events and environments.

12Latin input mode..........

To write messages, there are two writing methods:

-Normal: this mode allows you to type a text by choosing a letter or a sequence of characters associated with a key.Press the key several times until the desired letter is highlighted.When you release the key the highlight character is inserted into the text.

-Predictive with the Zi mode: this mode speeds up the writing of your


text.Write the word by pressing a key between




Press the key once and the word will be modified each time you press


a key. As you go on, the word will keep changing.




Example: For “Tomorrow”, press on the following keys:





= Too ->

-> tomorrow




key in edit mode





Short keypress: access the language list




Long keypress: enter zero




(1)The quality of the radio depends on the coverage of the radio station in that particular area.

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