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Access Sentry Set

Set includes:

1 LEM-1DL Master Station

1 LE-D Door Station

1 PT-1210N Transformer


The LEM-1DLS Access Sentry system is an audio door answering and door release system for business use. The set includes a desk or wall mount master station, a surface mount door station, and an AC transformer to power the system.

A call from the door station sounds a momentary electronic tone at the master station. To answer, simply press the “talk” button to speak to the person outside the door, and release to listen. The person at the door station speaks hands free. A door release mechanism can be activated by pressing the door release button (key symbol).

The voice volume and the incoming call tone volumes are adjustable at the master station. The door release button is designed to activate an electric strike, or can be modified in the field to work with a magnetic lock.

Different styles of door stations are also available: flush mount with stainless steel cover (LE-DA); surface mount metal (LE-DL). Vandal proof weather resistant (LS-NVP/B), flush mounted in a 3-gang masonry box, or surface mounted in the SBX-NVP.


Simple door answering (1 door)

Electronic call tone from door station

Press-to-talk communication at master

Hands free communication at door

Monitor entry area undetected from inside

Voice and call tone volume controls

Variety of remote stations available

Door release

Simple 2 conductor wiring between door and master station (with separate

2 conductor wiring for door release)


LEor LS-series sub/door stations

AC 12-16V or DC 12-24V Power Supply


The intercom system shall be of an open voice type with simplex communication. Capacity shall be one remote station and one master station, available as a packaged set (LEM-1DLS). A dual master system shall be available (two LEM-1DL/C masters plus door station and two transformers). Master station shall control communication, with hands free reply from the remote station.

Master station shall be equipped with a TALK button, OFF button for standby mode, and door release button. When TALK button is pressed, voice is transmitted to the remote station. Person at the remote station shall speak hands free. Door release button (key symbol) shall allow for activation of door strike or maglock. Door release button shall be supplied with “normally open” contacts, and shall be field-modifiable for “normally closed” contacts.

Door station shall be equipped with button to signal master station. Unit shall be weather resistant, made for outdoor installation.

Voice volume control on the master station shall control transmit and receive volume, and a call tone volume control shall be located beneath the operation plate. An incoming call shall be annunciated by a momentary electronic call tone. When using the dual master LEM-1DL/C stations, the “Occupied” LED shall light to indicate that the system is in use.

Master station shall wall mount on a 1-gang box or ring, or be placed directly on a desk or counter. Remote stations shall be available in the following configurations: (1) weather resistant door stations in surface or flush mount styles, mounted on or in standard 1-gang or 2-gang boxes, (Model LE-D, LE-DL, or LE-DA); or (2) vandal proof weather resistant style (LS-NVP/B), mounted in a standard 3-gang masonry box, or with optional surface mount box (SBX-NVP).

Wiring shall be two conductors with an overall shield inside a single jacket. Wiring between LEM1DL/C master stations shall be three conductors with an overall shield. Door strike shall be wired with a separately jacketed two conductor wire, nonshielded, from the master station(s) to the strike and power source for the strike.

Product shall be manufactured by Aiphone or approved equal. Manufacturer must have earned ISO 9001 certification for quality standards.


Intercom Solutions For

Communications and Security



Power source:

12-16V AC or 12-24V DC


Use PT-1210N AC Transformer or power


source within the specified voltage range.

Current Consumption:

Max. 4W (AC 16V). Max. 200mA (DC 24V).


100mW @ 20 ohms


Press-to-talk, release-to-listen at


master station.


Hands free at remote station.


LEM-1DL: 1 master, 1 remote


LEM-1DL/C: 2 masters, 1 remote


Shielded wire is recommended for




2 conductors from master to remote


3 conductors beteen LEM-1DL/C masters


2 conductors from master to power source

Door Strike Wiring:

2 conductors from master to door strike


(in a separate jacketed cable from the


communication wiring)

Wiring Distance:

650’ w/22AWG; 1570’ w/18AWG

Door release


button contact:

30V, AC or DC, 1A

Speaker sensitivity:


Total Harmonic



Less than 5% at rated output power

Signal to Noise Ratio:


Frequency Response:

-3dB, 770-6800Hz.



(H x W x D):

7-1/16” x 5-5/8” x 2-1/8”




4-3/4” x 3-1/2” x 1-1/8”


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