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Super High Density Bay

ADC’s FlexDSX® Super High Density Bay is engineered to help service providers

manage network connectivity and operations. Using new techniques built upon ADC’s 40 years of proven experience, the FlexDSX Super High Density Bay is the only bay to offer highest density with trouble-free cable management and enhanced functionality. Quick to install, easy to manage and maintain, the FlexDSX Super High Density Bay maximizes network termination density, simplifies engineering and is designed to match service provider applications.

Service providers are challenged everyday with maintaining customer service while planning growth strategies, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing costs. Building a flexible network is critical to maintaining day-to-day operations while creating an infrastructure that will position service providers for future growth and expansion.

FlexDSX Super High Density Bay features:

Easy to install

Easy to manage and maintain

Maximizes the termination density of the network

Simplifies engineering

Matches service provider applications

Trouble-free cable management

ADC reliable DSX Jack Technology

*ADC DSX jack maintains lifetime warranty

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Super High Density Bay


ADC’s FlexDSX® Super High Density Bay offers greater termination density as well as built-in, trouble-free cable management for flexible network planning, installation and maintenance.

ADC’s FlexDSX Super High Density Bay design is unmatched in the marketplace. ADC’s vertical IN/OUT terminal blocks with extra cabling space and cable management fanning strips provide 50 percent more cabling space than traditional high-density bays. Simultaneously, it provides increased jumper capacity to simplify cross-connect wire management for easy operation and maintenance. The FlexDSX Super High Density design incorporates a recessed vertical wireway for cross-connect cabling and up to seven horizontal cross-connect jumper wireways instead of the standard two wireways. Vertical and horizontal wireways are on separate planes to avoid congestion and pile up at intersections.

The FlexDSX Super High Density Bay enables service providers to realize additional cost savings by conserving valuable floor space. The bay provides more than 30% floor space savings, while doubling the density and provides dual monitoring with ADC’s reliable FlexDSX Jack Technology.


The FlexDSX Super High Density Bay achieves greater density in a 7' height x 26" width x 18" depth, accommodating up to 1512 (7') usable DSX jack terminations. ADC’s flexible ordering guide allows bay designs in 64 or 84 jacks per panel. This eliminates jack waste or complications in circuit management administration.

Provides clear identification of each circuit by offering expanded labeling space

improving network documentation and decreasing potential mistakes while troubleshooting

Colored cross-connect labels allow for easy determination of circuit terminations

• Flashing LED and dual monitoring

• Block's design provides better cable management and more


space for cables


• Cable entry is allowed on both sides of block

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