Targus Wireless RF Mouse User Manual
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Targus Wireless

RF Mouse


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Targus Wireless RF Mouse


Congratulations on your purchase of a Targus Wireless RF Mouse. This ergonomically designed mouse uses a radio frequency (RF) link that enables you to use the mouse anywhere within 3 feet of its receiver. No line-of-sightbetween the mouse and its receiver is required.

This user’s guide describes how to connect the mouse receiver to your computer, install default software drivers and set up the radio link for the following RF mouse models:

PAUM005 – Mini 3-buttonRF Optical Mouse with scrolling wheel

PAUM006 – Mini 3-buttonRF Mouse with scrolling wheel

In addition to this user’s guide, depending on the RF mouse model that you purchased, this package contains:







2 AA batteries

2 AAA batteries

Three inch USB extension cable

Optional charger base available (part number 252-0013-001A)

Targus Wireless RF Mouse


System Requirements

To use the RF mouse, your computer must meet the following hardware requirements and run one of the operating systems listed below.


Operating System

PC with a Pentium® processor or

Windows® 98/Me/

equivalent and a hard disk drive


USB version 1.1 interface


NOTE: The third button and the scrolling wheel only work with the operating systems listed above. If you use the RF mouse with a different operating system, it will lose its enhanced features and function as a standard, two-buttonmouse.

Connecting the Mouse

Receiver and Installing the

Device Drivers

To connect the mouse receiver:

1Turn off your computer.

2Plug the standard USB end of the cable into an available USB port on your computer.

You are now ready to install the device drivers for your operating system.

Targus Wireless RF Mouse


Windows® 98/Me Operating Systems

1Turn on your computer.

The Add New Hardware Wizard appears.

If it does not, the operating system has installed the default driver automatically. No other steps are necessary.

2Click Next.

The locate driver screen appears.

3Select “Search for the best driver for your device. (Recommended),” and then click Next.

The wizard searches for the appropriate device driver.

4Click Next.

5Click Finish to complete the driver installation.

You are now ready to install the batteries in the mouse, set the radio frequency channel, and establish a communications link between the mouse and its receiver. See “Establishing a Communications Link (All RF Mouse Models)” on page 6.