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Targus Click N Type

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Targus Click N Type

Congratulations on your purchase of the Targus Click N Type. The Click N Type is a convenient and ultra-portablekeyboard and mouse for your PDA.

With the Click N Type you can:

Enter text directly into your PDA.

Use the 8-waynavigation button to simulate mouse movement.

Define and use the function keys to quickly execute commands and options.

Take a keyboard and mouse with you whenever you travel with your PDA.

In addition to this user’s guide, this package contains the Targus Click N Type and the driver software CD-ROM.

Installing the Driver

To install the driver software for the Click N Type, you need:

A desktop or notebook computer with the Windows® 95/98/ Me/2000/XP or Windows NT® 4.0 operating system

Microsoft® ActiveSync® 3.1 or higher on your computer (for copying files to your PDA). For the most current version of Microsoft ActiveSync, go to:http://www.microsoft.com/mobile

At least 24K bytes of free memory on your PDA.

1Connect your PDA to your computer, if it’s not already connected, and synchronize to back up your files.

2Disable any previously installed keyboard software on your PDA.


3Insert the driver software CD-ROMinto your computer’sCD-ROMdrive.

4Click Start,Run, then enterD:\Setup.exe (whereD: is the path of yourCD-ROMdrive) and then clickOK.

The Click N Type Installation screen appears.

PDA Mouse Click N Type Installation screen

5Click Install.

6Follow the on-screeninstructions to complete installation.

7Synchronize to copy the driver to your PDA.

After synchronization, the Click N Type icon appears in the Applications screen on your PDA. You can now connect the Click N Type to your PDA.


Connecting the Click N Type to Your PDA

Once you have installed the driver, you can connect the Click N Type to your PDA. To do this:

1Turn off your PDA (if it’s turned on).

2Hold your PDA in one hand and the Click N Type in your other hand.

Holding your PDA and the Click N Type


3Align your PDA with the keyboard connector, located at the top of the Click N Type.

Keyboard connector

Aligning your PDA with the keyboard connector

4Gently slide your PDA into the keyboard connector until you hear a “click.”

When you connect the Click N Type, your PDA automatically turns on and you can begin typing.

CAUTION: Always use the keyboard connector as a guide when connecting and disconnecting your PDA to avoid possible damage to your device or the Click N Type.


Disconnecting the Click N Type

To disconnect the Click N Type from your PDA:

1Turn off your PDA (if it’s turned on).

2Press the release button, located on the back of the keyboard, and gently pull your PDA away from the Click N Type, sliding it out of the keyboard connector.

CAUTION: Avoid pressing any keys on the Click N Type when disconnecting it from your PDA, as doing so may cause the key to stop working.

Using the Click N Type

NOTE: The Click N Type does not require batteries. Instead, it runs off of a small amount of power, which it draws directly from your PDA.

Enabling the Click N Type

After installing the driver and connecting the Click N Type to your PDA, you can enable the keyboard through the main application screen.


To enable the Click N Type:

1Tap Start, then Click N Type.

The main application screen appears.

Sample main application screen

2 Tap on the box next to Enabled so that a check mark appears. You are now ready to customize and use the Click N Type.

Customizing the Click N Type Options

Once you enable the Click N Type, you can view and customize its options through the File menu on the main application screen.


To customize the Click N Type option:

1Tap Start, Click N Type, then File. The File menu appears.



Sample File menu


Select the option you want to view or customize.

The available options are:


Shows the software version and copyright


Lists the online Help topics

Function Keys

Defines the programmable function keys

Keyboard Speed

Specifies the keyboard repeat rate settings

Mouse Speed

Specifies the mouse speed settings



The About screen in the Click N Type application allows you to view the software version and copyright information.


The Help screen in the Click N Type application displays the online help topics.

Find the topic you want to learn more about and select the link to view more information.

Function Keys

The Function Keys screen in the Click N Type application provides twelve user-definablefunction keys, consisting of keys F1 to F4 with and without a modifier.

Sample Function Keys screen