Targus Handspring Digital Camera User Manual
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Targus Digital Camera

for Handspring™

Handheld Computers


Targus Digital Camera

Congratulations on your purchase of the Targus Handcam Digital Camera. The camera driver software self-loadsthe first time you insert the Handcam into the expansion slot on your HandspringVisor, allowing you to immediately capture images and video clips from your handheld computer. The camera’s pivoting lens allows you to aim the camera while viewing the display and the adjustable focus permits clear, sharpclose-upand scenic images.

With the supplied Universal Serial Bus (USB) Handcam socket adapter and camera driver software, you can also use the Handcam with your notebook or desktop computer.

From any computer, the Handcam enables you to:

Capture still images and video clips

View images in full-screen(640 x 480) or a Palm size (160 x 120)

Immediately play back video clips

Name, categorize and add notes to images, edit and/or print your still images

Email images or video clips

Targus Digital Camera


Transfer images and video clips between computers using the supplied USB Handcam socket adapter or beam technology

NOTE: To transfer images or video clips, the receiving computer must have the camera driver already installed.

In addition to this user’s guide, this package contains:

Targus Handcam Digital Camera

USB Handcam socket adapter

CD-ROMcontaining the camera driver and other bundled software

System Requirements

To install the camera driver software, your desktop or notebook computer must meet the following hardware requirements and run one of the operating systems listed below.


Pentium II PC or higher, with a hard disk drive and 160 MB free space

64 MB RAM or higher, depending on the operating system


Operating System

Windows® 98/Me/2000

Targus Digital Camera


Using the Targus Handcam Digital Camera with Your Handheld Computer

Connecting the Camera

To connect the Targus Handcam Digital Camera to your Visor handheld computer, slide the camera into the computer’s expansion slot until it is firmly in place.

Identifying Function Icons

Use the following icons to control the camera application.






Thumbnail Self-timer


Main Menu Icons

Image Capture — tapping this icon enables you to capture still images.

Video Capture — tapping this icon enables you to record video clips.

View — tapping this icon displays full-screenimages and video clips.

Targus Digital Camera


Thumbnail — tapping this icon displays several small-sizeimages and video clips at a time.

Details — tapping this icon displays a list of images and video files and their properties.

Self-timer— tapping this icon activates the timer countdown, which allows you to capture “hands free” images.

Setting up the Camera

1Tap the Image Capture icon or the Video Captureicon to view live video on your computer’s screen.

2Adjust the camera’s position and focus as necessary.

Capturing Images

1To activate the image capture feature, tap

the Image Capture icon, if you have not already done so.

2Use the memory indicator, located above the menu icons, to gauge the current maximum image size based on the amount of memory available. Allow 130 KB for a Full size image, 38 KB for Palm size.

NOTE: Before capturing an image, you can specify the image size by tapping the size indicator/changer. Full size = 640 x 480 pixels (full VGA). Palm size = 160 x 120 pixels.

Targus Digital Camera
















Image Capture Menu options

3When you are ready to capture an image, press the Up button on your handheld computer.

To save the image, see “Saving Images and Video Clips” on page 7.

Recording Video Clips

1To activate the video recording feature, tap

the Video Capture icon if you have not already done so.

2To start recording, press the Up button on your handheld computer.

The video length indicator, located above the menu icons, shows how many seconds of video you can record, based on the amount of memory available.

Memory indicator

Video Capture Menu options

Targus Digital Camera


3When you are ready to stop recording video, press the Up button again or, tap theStop on-screenbutton.

To save the video clip, see the next section.

Saving Images and Video Clips

When you capture an image or stop recording video, the “Save picture? Yes/No” prompt appears below the image.

Saving an image

1Choose the category in which you want to save the file by tapping the Category box, located in theupper-rightcorner of the screen, and selecting a new category from the list.

Targus Digital Camera


2Tap Yes to save, orNo to delete, the captured image and return to live video.

NOTE: When capturing images and video, you can use your handheld computer’s Up button for Yes and Down button for No responses.

The file is automatically named with the current date and time.

3To give the file a descriptive title, tap on the file name, located in the upper-leftcorner, and enter the new name.

Now you are ready to view or transfer images and video clips. See “Viewing Images and Video Clips” below, or“Using the Targus Handcam Digital Camera with Your Notebook or Desktop Computer” on page 14.

Viewing Images and Video Clips

To view saved images and video clips, tap the View icon. The most recent image or video appears. Tap the scroll arrows, using your stylus, to view other images or videos.

Targus Digital Camera


The View Menu has additional icons that allow you to do the following with images and video clips:

View information

Add notes

Transfer the file using beam technology

Delete the file


Size indicator/changer





View Menu options - image

Tap the icon to activate the feature you want to use.

NOTE: When viewing images and video, you can use your handheld computer’s Up and Down buttons to scroll between files.

Video Playback Features

During video playback, additional icons appear that enable you to control the video clip. For

Targus Digital Camera


example, to edit the name of a video, tap on the title and enter a new name.

Time counter

Pause Play


bar Looping on/off

View Menu options - video

During video playback you can also:

View the length of the video clip via the time counter.

Pause video playback by tapping the Pause icon.

Resume playback by tapping the Play icon.