Targus Handspring Digital Camera User Manual
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Targus Digital Camera

for Handspring™

Handheld Computers


Targus Digital Camera

Congratulations on your purchase of the Targus Handcam Digital Camera. The camera driver software self-loadsthe first time you insert the Handcam into the expansion slot on your HandspringVisor, allowing you to immediately capture images and video clips from your handheld computer. The camera’s pivoting lens allows you to aim the camera while viewing the display and the adjustable focus permits clear, sharpclose-upand scenic images.

With the supplied Universal Serial Bus (USB) Handcam socket adapter and camera driver software, you can also use the Handcam with your notebook or desktop computer.

From any computer, the Handcam enables you to:

Capture still images and video clips

View images in full-screen(640 x 480) or a Palm size (160 x 120)

Immediately play back video clips

Name, categorize and add notes to images, edit and/or print your still images

Email images or video clips