JL Audio Stealthbox SB-F-ZX3-10W3 User Manual

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This Stealthbox is a product that requires professional installation skills and tools.

Please read this installation guide thoroughly before beginning the project. It will guide you step by step through the installation. Several of the steps in this process may require two people to accomplish.

It is absolutely vital that the enclosure be properly mounted to the vehicle according to these instructions. Failure to mount the enclosure properly presents two problems: 1) The sub-bassperformance will suffer due to the movement of the enclosure caused by the force exerted by the woofer(s) and 2) A loose enclosure presents a serious safety hazard in the event of a collision or sudden deceleration.

Please enjoy your JL Audio Stealthbox responsibly.




































STEP 1: Remove the four Phillips head screws, panel button and cargo light from driver’s side rear cargo area.

STEP 2: Remove the plastic safety belt retractor cover. Look up under the plastic cover for a Phillips head screw. Remove this screw. (The location of this screw is shown in the picture by the upward arrow).

STEP 3: Remove the two plastic Phillips head screws indicated by the arrows.These are located in the driver’s rear hatch plastic trim panel. Remove the carpeted side panel.This panel will be cut inStep 9 so as to form a trim for the Stealthbox.The view shown above is from the back seat looking toward the hatch. Also remove the hatch flooring (this flooring will bere-installedlater).












STEP 4: Locate the MOLEX® plug and pull it

STEP 5: Remove theT-27TORX head bolt

STEP 6: Loosen the driver’s side rear fabric

loose from the side panel.

from the back side of the driver’s side rear

wheel well by pulling it toward the front of


wheel well. Remove the Phillips screw from

the car.


directly below the TORX head bolt.




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STEP 7: Pull plastic mounting stud out from

STEP 8: Enlarge this hole to 1/2 in. (12.7 mm).

the rear side metal panel were the MOLEX®

CAUTION: Always check for obstructions

wiring plug was removed in Step 4.

before drilling.


























STEP 9: Using a measuring tape and masking

A) 2.5 in. (63.5mm)

E) 1.25 in. (31.75mm)

tape, define the area to be cut as shown by

B) 1.0 in. (25.4mm)

F) 13.5 in. (342.9mm)

the picture (above) and dimensions (to the

C) 11.0 in. (279.4mm)

G) 9.375 in. (238.125mm)

right). All dimensions follow the contour of

D) 7.75 in. (196.85mm)

H) 17.5 in. (444.5mm)

the panel.




STEP 10: After panel has been cut, it should resemble this.

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STEP 11: Reinstall the plastic side panel and the 4 Phillips head screws, the safety belt retractor cover and cargo light removed in Steps 1 & 2. Place cut carpet side panel back into car.

STEP 12: Run speaker wire to the location of the Stealthbox enclosure. At this time please check for proper operation of woofer.

STEP 13: Slide Stealthbox enclosure into the corner of cargo area. Insert the 3/8 in. threaded mounting stud into the enclosure and line it up with the 1/2 in. (12.7 mm) hole. Slide through to outside of car. Make sure relocated MOLEX® plug and wiring is not going to be pinched by enclosure or side panels.

STEP 14: From outside of the car, slide hand between the pulled fabric wheel well (Step 6) and the car’s body. Feel for the threaded mounting stud.

STEP 15: Place fender washer, lock washer and 3/8 in. nut onto threaded mounting stud.

Tighten firmly using a 9/16 in. deep socket.

STEP 16: After securely mounting the Stealthbox, push fabric wheel well back into place. Reinstall TORX head bolt and Phillips head screw that was removed in Step 5.

STEP 17: Replace hatch carpet back into car.You



will need to tuck the carpet under the Stealthbox.


Included Hardware:

(1) 3/8” Washer

(1) 3/8” Lock Washer

(1) 3/8” Hex nut

(1) 3/8” x 2 1/4” Socket Cup Set Screw


Enclosure Type: Acoustic Suspension (Sealed)

Driver Type: One JL AUDIO10W3-D2Subwoofer

Nominal Impedance: 4Ω

Cont. Power Handling: 250 Watts

JL Audio recommends using a high quality amplifier such as the JL Audio 250/1. The diagram below shows the recommended crossover, infrasonic filter and equalizer settings for the 250/1 when being used to power your Stealthbox®.

+12VDC Ground Remote

Preamp Output Section

Bass Control

Amp LP Filter

Amplifier Input Section


Output Mode

Infrasonic Filter


Input Voltage

Input Sens. Signal Sensing
























JL AUDIO 250/1















monoblock subwoofer amplifier









Left Ch.

Right Ch.

LF Boost (dB)

Filter Freq. (Hz)

Left Ch.

Right Ch.

The JL Audio 250/1 is a very versatile audio component. Please consult the owner’s manual for detailed information about installing and tuning this amplifier.

Mid/High Frequency Driver Information:

Front Location Driver Size:


Applicable JL Audio Products:


XR570-CXior CSi

Rear Location Driver Size:



Applicable JL Audio Products:


XR570-CXior CSi



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Phone: 954.443.1100

Fax: 954.443.1111

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SB - F - ZX3/10W3, JL AUDIO, Inc 2002

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