Iceberg 72004 User Manual

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Rotate both brackets until they lock perpendicular to the slide rails. Remove the drawer from the bracket assembly (Figure 1 ).

Figure 1


Place support tube in recess on top panel. Locate the drawer bracket assembly and lock in place with four plastic locks (Figure 2).

Note: To locate the drawer on the right or center, attach the drawer bracket with the eight screws supplied as shown in Figure 2a on next page.

Figure 2


Snap modesty panel to right and left legs by first aligning A to A and B to B, and then sliding modesty panel down as shown in Figure 3. Hold support tube in place while aligning top panel with legs at the C to C marker, and then slide top into position. Place the inlay on top panel (inlay is reversible). Press on foot until it snaps into hole.

*To lower the drawer position, remove the retaining screws that hold the drawer's rail to the supporting bracket, and reposition the rail at the lower set of bracket holes. Reinstall the retaining screws to secure drawer.

*To relocate the mouse tray, loosen its retaining screws

(A)from the underside of the keyboard drawer, and relocate the tray to the opposite side of the drawer (Figure 1). Retighten the retaining screws to secure mouse tray.

*To accommodate keyboards with side entry cables, lower the back feet of the keyboard.