Iceberg 20100 User Manual

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These instructions have been prepared to make the assembly of the BeverageMate™ center easy and quick. If you follow these instructions you will need only slot head and phillips head screwdrivers to assemble the entire cabinet.

Before you begin, please read the entire instructions sheet carefully and using the parts list, make sure you have all the parts and hardware necessary to complete the assembly.


The BeverageMate™ has a number of assembly steps which, if done before the actual assembly begins, will reduce time and make the project much easier. Please follow the steps carefully.


Remove serving tray from slot and set aside.

Step 1.

Turn Top upside down. Locate 8 pre-drilledholes. Insert threaded end ofCam-Lockpins and tighten into holes with screwdriver.

Step 2.

Turn Bottom upside down. Locate 4 pre-drilledholes in each corner. Position caster plate over holes.

Insert and tighten screws through each hole. Repeat steps for each caster.

Step 3.

Turn Bottom right side up (on casters). Locate 8 pre-drilledholes. Insert threaded end ofCam-Lockpins and tighten into holes with screwdriver.

Step 4.

Find 2 sides of BeverageMateTM. Find 2 hinge mounting brackets. Locate 2 pre-drilledholes on each side. Position brackets overpre-drilledholes and using screws secure tightly.

Step 5.

Find 2 door panels. Find 2 hinge assemblies. Locate 2 pre-drilledholes and hinge seat, on each door. Insert hinge assembly into hinge seat with hinge holes overpre-drilledholes in door. Using screws secure tightly. Holding by end, fold hinge arm down.


Hinges arms are spring loaded, fold down carefully.

Cabinet Assembly

Step 6.

Standing Top on it's front (slotted edge down), position the 2 center panels on edge. Line up the 2 pre-drilledholes on the top of each panel and insert them onto the centerCam-Lockpins. Insert locking nut intopre-drilledhole and rotate 1/2 turn or until tight. Repeat for eachCam-Lockpin.

Step 7.

Position the 2 side panels on edge and line up pre-drilledholes with remainingCam-Lockpins. Insert pins into holes. Insert locking nut intopre-drilledhole and rotate 1/2 turn or until tight. Repeat for eachCam-Lockpin.

Note Cam-Lockassembly detail on last page.

Step 8.

Insert back into mortised grooves on sides and slide in until it fits into mortised groove on top.

Step 9.

Line up pre-drilledholes on bottom of sides and divider panels with 8Cam-Lockpins on bottom. Insert pins into holes. IMPORTANT After Step 9, rotate BeverageMate onto one side.

Step 10.

Insert Cam-Locklocking nuts intopre-drilledholes and rotate 1/2 turn or until tight. IMPORTANT After Step 10, rotate BeverageMate up on casters.

Door Assembly

Step 11.

Insert leveling screw in hinge mounting bracket through hole in hinge arm.

Step 12.

Using screwdriver, slightly tighten screw to hold door in place. Repeat procedure for all 4 hinges.

Step 13.

Close both doors and look at how they line up. Using the leveling set screw (front), loosen or tighten to level the doors from side to side.

Step 14.

Using the rear set screw, loosen and move the hinge in or out to adjust the tightness of the door against the cabinet. When doors are properly adjusted, re-tightenscrews.

Shelf Assembly

Step 15.

Locate 2 pre-drilledholes on each door. Position door handle on front of door over holes. Using wood screws, secure handles to doors. IMPORTANTRe-insertserving tray into slot under Beverage Mate top.

Step 16.

Insert 8 shelf support pins into pre-drilledholes. All 4 pins which support each shelf should be level.

Step 17.

Turning each shelf at a slight angle insert into cabinet and position on shelf support pins. IMPORTANT If shelf does not rest flat on pins raise shelf, remove pins, reposition into hole, and lower shelf.

Your BeverageMate™ cabinet is complete and now ready for use.

Parts List

Cabinet Components





Serving Tray



Cam Locking Pins







Cam Locking Nuts






(32) Wood Screws




Oak Laminate Side Panels



Door Hinge Assemblies




Divider Panels



Shelf Support Pins




Back Panel



Door HandleScrews

7.(2) Oak Laminate Door Panels

8.(2) Door Handles

9.(4) Casters

10.(2) Shelves

Cam Locking Pins

and Nuts Make

Assembling the


Quick and Easy.

The Cam Locking System utilized in the BeverageMate™ is simple and fast and secures large panels better than traditional methods.

The Cam Locking Pins are threaded into pre-drilledholes and secured.

The locking end of the pin is inserted into a panel with a pre-drilledhole. The side of the panel has a large hole which exposes the end of the cam locking pin.

The Cam Locking Nut is inserted into the hole and using a screwdriver turned clockwise. The cam action of the nut tightens and locks the pin into a secure position.