Frigidaire FGHT1844KR User Manual

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Top Mount Refrigerators

FGHT1844K F / R*

Signature Features



Real Stainless Steel

Organization System


Real stainless steel with a protective

Our SpaceWise™ Organization system


coating that reduces fingerprints and

makes it easy to keep food organized


smudges so it's easy to clean.

and easy to find when you need it.









SpillSafe™ Shelves

Bright Lighting

Designed to keep spills contained,

Our bright lighting makes it easy to

making cleanup a breeze.

see what's inside.

18 Cu. Ft. Top Mount


Textured Cabinet Quiet Pack

SpaceWise™ Design

Refrigerator –

2 Half-WidthFixed SpillSafe™ Glass ShelvesFull-WidthFixed SpillSafe™ Glass Shelf ClearDeli-Drawer

2 Clear Crispers with Adjustable Humidity Controls

4 Adjustable Clear Gallon Door Bins Fixed White Door Bin

Freezer –

Full-WidthFixed Wire Shelf 2 White Fixed Door Bins Light

Ice Maker-Ready



Total Capacity

18.28 Cu. Ft.

Refrigerator Volume

14.21 Cu. Ft.

Freezer Volume

4.07 Cu. Ft.

Overall Exterior Dimensions



(Including Hinges & Rollers)






Available in:




Top Mount Refrigerators

FGHT1844K F / R 18 Cu. Ft.

Top Mount Refrigerator Specifications

Product Shipping Weight (approx.) – 205 Lbs.

An electrical supply with grounded three-prongreceptacle is required. The power supply circuit must be installed in accordance with current edition of National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and local codes & ordinances.

Voltage Rating – 120V / 60 Hz / 15 Amps

Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 120 Volts = .54 kW

Amps @ 120 Volts = 4.5 Amps

Always consult local and national electric & plumbing codes.

Floor should be level surface of hard material, capable of supporting fully loaded refrigerator.

Minimum 3/8" clearance required for sides and top of refrigerator with 1" clearance at rear to allow for ease of installation, proper air circulation, and plumbing / electrical connections.

When installing refrigerator adjacent to wall, cabinet or other appliance that extends beyond front edge of unit, 20" minimum clearance recommended to allow for optimum 140° door swing, providing complete crisper access and removal. (Absolute 3" minimum clearance will ONLY allow for 90° door swing which will provide limited crisper access with restricted removal.)

To ensure optimum performance, do not install in areas where temperature drops below 55° F or rises above 110° F and avoid installing in direct sunlight or close proximity to range, dishwasher or other heat source.

For proper ventilation, front grille MUST remain unobstructed.

Recess electrical outlet when possible.

Optional Ice Maker Kit (PN # IM115) available for installation in ice maker-readymodels only.

Water recess on rear wall recommended to prevent water line damage.

Water Pressure – Cold water line must provide between 30 and 100 pounds per square inch (psi).

Copper tubing with 1/4" O.D. recommended for water supply line with length equal to distance from rear of unit to household water supply line plus 7 additional feet. Optional Water Supply Installation Kits available.

Adjustable front rollers to assist with door alignment.

Note: For planning purposes only. Refer to Product Installation Guide on the web at for detailed instructions.

Optional Accessories

Ice Maker Kit – (PN # IM115)


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