Delta Horizontal Band Saw User Manual

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Failure to follow these rules may result in serious injury.

1.DO NOT OPERATE THIS MACHINE UNTIL it is assembled and installed according to the instructions.

2.OBTAIN ADVICE from your supervisor, instructor, or another qualified person if you are not familiar with the operation of this tool.

3.FOLLOW ALL WIRING CODES and recommended electrical connections.

4.USE THE GUARDS WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Check to see that they are in place, properly adjusted, secured, and working correctly.


6.ADJUST THE UPPER BLADE GUIDE so that it is about 1/8" above the workpiece.

7.PROPERLY ADJUST the blade tension, tracking, blade guides, and blade support bearings.

8.KEEP ARMS, HANDS, AND FINGERS away from the blade.

9.AVOID AWKWARD OPERATIONS and hand positions where a sudden slip could cause a hand to move into the blade.

10.NEVER START THE MACHINE before clearing the table of all objects (tools, scrap pieces, etc.).

11.NEVER START THE MACHINE with the workpiece against the blade.

12.HOLD WORKPIECE FIRMLY against the table. DO NOT attempt to saw a workpiece that does not have a flat surface against the table.

13.HOLD WORKPIECE FIRMLY and feed into blade at a moderate speed.

14.NEVER REACH UNDER THE TABLE while the machine is running.

15.TURN THE MACHINE "OFF" to back out of an uncompleted or jammed cut.

16.MAKE "RELIEF" CUTS prior to cutting long curves.

17.TURN THE MACHINE "OFF" and wait for the blade to stop prior to cleaning the blade area, removing debris near the blade, removing or securing workpiece, or changing the angle of the table. A coasting blade can be dangerous.

18.NEVER PERFORM LAYOUT, ASSEMBLY, or setup work on the table/work area when the machine is running.

19.TURN THE MACHINE "OFF" AND DISCONNECT THE MACHINE from the power source before installing or removing accessories, before adjusting or changing set-ups, or when making repairs.

20.TURN THE MACHINE "OFF", disconnect the machine from the power source, and clean the table/work area before leaving the machine. LOCK THE SWITCH IN THE "OFF" POSITIONto prevent unauthorized use.

21.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION regarding the safe and proper operation of power tools (i.e. a safety video) is available from the Power Tool Institute, 1300 Sumner Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115-2851 ( Information is also available from the National Safety Council, 1121 Spring Lake Drive, Itasca, IL 60143-3201. Please refer to the American National Standards Institute ANSI 01.1 Safety Requirements for Woodworking Machines and the U.S. Department of Labor OSHA 1910.213 Regulations.

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