Delta E-125 User Manual

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General Guide

CompactFlashª Card Slot (Type II compatible)

Plug in a CompactFlash card slot for communications and data storage modules.

Charge Indicator (Amber/Green)

Lights amber when the battery pack is charging and turns green when

full charge is achieved.

Indicator Lamp (Red)

Alerts you to alarms and warning.

Perform operations and input data by tapping and writing directly on the screen.

Program Buttons

Press to launch the assigned program.


Cursor Button

Moves the cursor around the screen.


AC Adaptor Terminal

It can also be used to recharge a

Pocket PC.

Serial Connector

For connection of the cradle, the CASSIOPEIA USB cable, or the RS-232Ccable.

Easy One Hand Operation

Stereo Headphone Jack

For connection of a commercially available earphone/headphone (o 3.5mm)

Power Button

Turns power on and off.

Start Button

Press to display the Start menu.

Action Control

See "Easy One Hand Operation".

Record Button

Voice memo recording is activated as long as you hold down this button.

Infrared Port

Infrared data communication capabilities let you exchange data between two units, or with a computer that supports infrared data communication.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Action Control The Action Control on the side of the CASSIOPEIA provides quick and easy operation with a flick of your thumb. Rotate the Action Control to select a menu item or other items and then press to execute. Access the file you want to play in an instant!

Scroll Up Down

Cursor movement


Item select

Included: USB Cradle, Rechargeable Battery Pack, AC Adaptor, Soft Case,CD-ROM







Stylus Pen ( 2)

Digital Camera Card




AC Adaptor






















USB Cradle


USB Cable


Car Adaptor

Screen Protector ( 5)









ActiveSync¨ 3.1 System Requirements

Minimum Desktop Computer Requirements

¥Microsoft¨ Windows¨ 2000, Windows NT¨ Workstation 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or greater, or Windows 95/98 (U.S.Version)

¥Desktop computer with a Pentium¨ processor for Windows NT (166MHz required for Windows 2000)

¥Desktop computer with a 486/66 DX or higher processor (Pentium P90 recommended) for Windows 95/98

¥16 MB of memory for Windows 95/98 (more memory will give improved performance) or

Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (32 MB recommended for Windows NT, 64 MB recommended for Windows 2000)

¥Hard disk drive with 10 to 50 MB of available hard disk space (actual requirements will vary based on selection of features and user's current system configuration)

¥Available 9 or 25pin communications port (adaptor required for 25pin communication port), or Infrared port, or USB port (available for Windows 95/98 or Windows 2000 only)

¥One CD-ROM drive

¥VGA graphics card or compatible video graphics adaptor at 256 colour or higher


¥Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Options for Windows 2000, Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or Windows 95/98

¥ Audio card/speakers for sound

¥ Microsoft Office 95 or Microsoft Office 97 or Microsoft Office 2000 ¥ Modem for remote synchronization

¥ Ethernet LAN connection for remote synchronization

Requirements for Mobile Channels or Mobile Favourites Support

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. Internet Explorer 5.0 is included on the CD, which requires 56 -98MBof hard disk space.

Requirements for Microsoft Outlook¨ 2000

Microsoft Outlook 2000 requires 153 MB of disk space for a full installation. 24 MB system RAM recommended.

*Your CASSIOPEIA comes with a USB cable for connecting it to a computer.

If your computer does not support USB connection, it is up to you to purchase the required cable.


Display: 240 320 dots, TFT Colour LCD (65,536 colours)CPU: VR4122

Memory: 32 MB

Interfaces: Serial:RS-232C, 115.2 kbps max.

Infrared: IrDA Ver.1.2, 115.2 kbps (max.) Range: 20 cm max. USB (Client)

Card Slot: CompactFlash card, 3.3V TypeI/ TypeII

Headphone Jack: o3.5 mm stereo output (Accepts monaural earphone, stereo earphones/ headphones.)

Power Supply: Main: Rechargeable battery packJK-210LT(Lithium-Ionbattery) AC adaptor(AD-C59200) Backup: One CR2032 lithium battery

Power Consumption: 4.0W

Approximate Battery Life (Normal Temperature)

Main: (Actual time may be shorter due to conditions when charging.)

8 hours: Continuous input and data display at a ratio of 1:10, with screen brightness at lowest possible level. *Even when the unit is turned off, small amounts of power are required to retain memory contents, etc.

This can cause batteries to go dead even when you do not use the unit.

*The actual amount of operation time that can be expected from batteries depends on operating conditions, settings, and other variables.

Backup: 5 years: Main battery is charged or replaced immediately after appearance of message to replace main battery.

1 week: No battery replacement after appearance of message to replace main battery.

Approximate Charge Time (Normal Temperature)

5 to 6 hours: Charge time is longer for the first charges after purchasing the unit or installing a new battery pack. Operating Temperature: 0¡C to 40¡C (32¡F to 104¡F)

Dimensions: 20H 83.6W 131.2D mm

Weight: Approximately 250g

*This device is intended for viewing still images and movie format files and for listening to audio and music files only for your own personal enjoyment. Such files are normally protected by copyright law and by international treaties. You may not otherwise reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, or create derivative works of such files, unless authorized by the appropriate copyright owner.

*This CASSIOPEIA E-125is the U.S. Version. *All the display samples in this brochure are reproduced by composite pictures. *CASIO is a registered trademark and CASSIOPEIA is a trademark of CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.

Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Media, ActiveSync and Outlook are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

*Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


The New CASSIOPEIA Provides

Extra Potential for Your Business.

Even when youyou areare outout ofof youryour office,office, CASIOÕs new colourlour pocketpocket PCPC EE--125125 putsputs the power of a desktopdesktop PCPC inin youryour handshands..

Colour Pockett PCPC EE--125125

Meet the demands of the new style of powerful business.

Take along the power of your office PC.

The new CASSIOPEIA E-125allows you to use the utility functions of desktop computing while you are out of your office.

V isual Presentation

Always at the forefront of your business support.


Microsoft¨ Pocket Excel/ Pocket Word

Pocket Excel & Pocket Word installed. Since they are compatible with Excel and Word on desktop PC with Windows software, it enables you to take necessary data with you when you go out of the office.


Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera

The installed software enables you to reproduce both movies and still-photoson theE-125.Furthermore, it allows you to take movies and digital snapshots by inserting an optional Digital Camera Card (350,000 pixel). The movies are stored in the CASIO Format Movie File (CMF file) andstill-photosare stored in the JPEG file. These functions are very effective when making powerful business presentations or compiling persuasive business reports.



































































































P ersonal Information Management

Supports you with up-to-dateinformation at all times, in and out of your office.


Simply place the CASSIOPEIA E-125 onto its cradle for an instant synchronization with the Microsoft Outlook on

your desktop computer and the CASSIOPEIA PIM software. By using the USB cradle included with the E-125unit,high-speed data transfer

can be quickly accomplished.




Mobile Address Book

Mobile Calendar


Easy reference card format address book Displays month, week and day units separately. that efficiently manages business cards,

addresses, telephone numbers, e-mailaddresses, etc...

Mobile Communication

Real time information leads you to business success.

Includes GSM software modem

Supports WAP, SMS, E-mail,and Internet when used in combination with a GSM mobile phone.

*Web browsing and E-mailrequires an optional GSM connection cable, sold separately, and an ISP subscription.

Pocket Excel

Pocket Word

A real-timeprice simulation can make price negotiations go smoothly.

Digital Camera Card




Option: JK-710DC











a powerful






































Mobile Video Converter

Allows you to convert QuickTime, AVI, and MPEG1 formats to play on the Mobile Picture & Video

Player with Camera.

*There is a limit to the convertible file size.

Pocket Internet Explorer

Mobile E-mailer

Mail Setup Tool &



Mail Setup Manager for CASSIOPEIA



Eliminates troublesome e-mail setup operations by simply



following the wizard display.

Music Playback

Windows Mediaª Player

Plays MP3 and Windows Media formats in stereo. With optional stereo earphones and Windows Media Player, you can listen to your favourite music files, even when you're out.

Prompt e-mailreplies gain the confidence of your clients.