Cisco Systems MGX Route Processor Module 78-12510-02 User Manual
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C H A P T E R 5

Configuring the MGX RPM-PR

This chapter describes how to complete a basic configuration of the MGX Route Processor Module (RPM-PR).It provides procedures for configuring ATM, Ethernet, and Fast Ethernet interfaces, as well as, permanent virtual circuits (PVCs). It also details how to make connections between anRPM-PRand aPXM-45and between other service modules or otherRPM-PRs.The chapter contains the following sections:

Accessing the RPM-PR Command Line Interface

Booting the RPM-PR

Verifying the Configuration

Establishing 1:N Redundancy Between Two or More RPM-PR Cards

This chapter provides information necessary to get the RPM-PRup and running. Detailed command information is available in the Cisco IOS command reference publications.

Note The back cards used in conjunction with theRPM-PRare equivalent to port adapters in Cisco routers.

Accessing the RPM-PRCommand Line Interface

To configure the RPM-PR,you must access the command line interface (CLI) of theRPM-PR.

The RPM-PRCLI can be accessed using any of the following methods:

Console port on the front of the RPM-PR

The RPM-PRhas anRJ-45connector on the front of the card module. If you configure theRPM-PRon site, connect a console terminal (an ASCII terminal or a PC running terminal emulation software) directly to the console port on yourRPM-PRusing anRS-232toRJ-45rollover cable for CLI access (seeChapter 3, “Installing the MGX RPM-PR” ).

cc from another MGX 8850 or MGX 8950 card

After initial configuration, you can also configure the RPM-PRthrough thePXM-45.You access theRPM-PRCLI by entering thecc (change card) command from any of the other cards in the switch.

Telnet from a workstation, PC, or another router

After initial configuration, you can also configure the RPM-PRremotely via Telnet. After theRPM-PRis installed and has PVCs to otherRPM-PRsor routers in the network, you can Telnet to access theRPM-PRCLI remotely from these other devices.

Cisco MGX Route Processor Module (RPM-PR)Installation and Configuration Guide


Release 2.1, Part Number 78-12510-02Rev. C1, August 31, 2004