Cisco Systems 6000 User Manual

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Catalyst 6000 Family Network Analysis Module

Installation and Configuration Note


This publication describes how to install the Catalyst 6000 family Network Analysis Module (NAM) and how to configure the NAM using the Catalyst command-lineinterface (CLI), the NAM Traffic Analyzer application, or both. See the“Related Documentation” section on page 73 for more information about software configuration for the switch.

Note For translations of the warnings in this publication, see the“Safety Overview” section on page 6 and refer to the Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Catalyst 6000 Family Switches.


This publication consists of these sections:

Overview, page 2

Safety Overview, page 6

Software Requirements, page 8

Hardware Requirements, page 9

Required Tools, page 9

Installing and Removing the NAM, page 9

Configuring the NAM, page 16

Administering the NAM, page 38

Troubleshooting the NAM, page 59

Supported RMON and RMON2 MIB Objects, page 64

GNU General Public License, page 68

FCC Class B Compliance, page 72

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