Cannon 10460G User Manual

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Instructions for Installation and Use

Model 10460G

The Recipe Book

Cannon has come up with a small recipe book - which is practical, full of helpful tips and easy to use - to help you rediscover the delights of cooking.

It contains a wide variety of handy tips to keep in mind to try out new dishes effortlessly.

It also has 9 recipes preprogrammed into the oven, so thanks to the interactive display, once you have done the preparation all you have to do is make one simple selection.

To the Installer

Before installation fill in the product details on the back cover this book.

The information can be found on the rating plate.

To the User

You must read the instructions prior to installing and using the appliance and then retain them for future reference.


Design and power

Cannon's attention to both the quality and design of its cookers has led to it being to the N°1 cooker manufacturer within the UK.

Cannon works hard to ensure that your cooker offers a quality finish with reliable cooking flexibility. We have developed a system that offers you 9 different cooking methods - each providing the perfect combination of humidity level, air (ventilated or not)and positioning af heat sources for your specific cooking needs.

Keep this booklet in a safe place and read it carefully; it will help you get the best use from your cooker.

This booklet provides information on your cooker's technical specifications, cooking methods, functions, accessories etc.


Safety precautions

1.This appliance has been designed for private, nonprofessional use in normal dwellings.

2.Read the recommendations in this instruction booklet carefully, as they give important advice regarding safe installation, use and maintenance. Keep this booklet in a safe place for further reference when required.

3.Oven accessories which may come into contact with food are made of materials which comply with the contents of EEC Regulation 89/109 of 21.12.88 and national regulations in force.

4.After having removed the packaging, check that the appliance is intact. If in doubt, do not use the appliance and contact professionally qualified personnel.

5.Some parts are covered with a removable scratch-prooffilm. Before using the appliance the film should be removed and the underlying part cleaned with a cloth and anon-abrasivehousehold cleaning product. When switching on for the first time, it is advisable to heat the empty oven at maximum temperature for about 30 minutes to eliminate any residue from manufacture.

6.All installation and adjustment operations should be carried out by qualified technicians in accordance with current regulations. Specific indications are given in the “instructions for the installer” paragraph.

7.Before connecting the appliance, make sure that the data on the rating plate (situated on the rear part of the appliance and on the last page of the instruction booklet) correspond to those of the mains electricity and gas supplies.

8.During operation, the oven glass door and adjacent parts of the appliance become hot. Make sure, therefore, that children do not touch the appliance.

For greater safety, an additional child-safetydevice is available from our Head Office and our Authorised Service Centres (see enclosed list). When ordering this, please give the code:BAB - followed by theappliance model. The model is stamped on the plate which is visible on the front part of the oven upon opening the door.

9.Check that the capacity of the electrical system and the power outlets are suitable for the maximum power of the appliance, indicated on the rating plate. If in doubt, consult a professionally qualified technician.

10.Periodically check the condition of the gas connection pipe and have it replaced by a qualified technician as soon as it shows any signs of wear or anomaly.

11.Under no circumstances should the user replace the power supply cable or the gas connection pipe of this appliance. In the event of damage or the necessity for replacement, only contact an authorised service centre.

12.Do not leave the appliance plugged in if it is not in use. Switch off the main switch and gas supply when you are not using the cooker.

13.The burners and the cast-ironpan supports remain hot for a long time after use. Take care not to touch them.

14.To avoid accidental spillage do not use cookware with uneven or deformed bottoms on the burners.

15.Never use flammable liquids such as alcohol or gasoline, etc. near the appliance when it is in use.

16.Do not use steam cleaners to clean your oven.

17. If the cooker is placed on a pedestal, take the necessary precautions to prevent the same from sliding off the pedestal itself.


Description of cooker

Raised rear edge hob

Control panel

Multifunctional oven with catalytic self-cleaningsystem

Storage drawer

Description of the hob [clockwise, from left to right]

Central burner external:

Central burner internal:


DC-DR- 4.10 kW

DC-DR- 0,90 kW

Rear right burner:

Rear left burner:


Semi-rapid- 1.65 kW

Semi-rapid- 1.65 kW



Front left burner:

Auxiliary - 1 kW

Control panel

Front right burner:

Rapid - 3 kW

Cast-ironpan supports flush with work surface (3)


Using the burners

To ignite a burner, proceed as follows:

Press in and turn the relative knob anti-clockwiseuntil the pointer is on thehigh-flamesymbol;

press the knob down fully and activate the automatic gas ignition ;

keep the knob pressed down for about 10 seconds with the flame lit to allow the safety thermocouple to be heated;

release the knob, checking that the flame is stable. If it is not, repeat the operation.

For minimum power, turn the knob towards the low flame symbol. Intermediate positions are possible by simply putting the knob anywhere between the high and the low flame symbol.

To turn off the burner, turn the knob clockwise to the off position "".

Adjusting the flame level

The flame level is adjusted by pressing the control knob and turning it anticlockwise to the following positions:

Black circle = off

full flame = on

small flame = reduced gas flow


Do not activate the automatic ignition device for more than 15 consecutive seconds.

Difficulty in ignition is sometimes due to air inside the gas duct.

If a burner flame accidentally goes out, the gas continues to exit for a few moments before the safety device activates. Turn the control knob to the off position and do not attempt ignition again for at least 1 minute, thereby letting the gas disperse, which could otherwise be a danger.

When the appliance is not in operation, check that the

knobs are in the off position "". The main gas supply cutoff cock should also be closed.

Using the burners

To obtain maximum efficiency from the burners, it is advisable to only use pans with a diameter suitable for the burner being used, so that the flame does not extend beyond the pan base (see following table).

When a liquid starts boiling, it is advisable to turn the flame down just enough to keep the liquid simmering.



ø Cookware diameter (cm)



A. Auxiliary

6 – 14



B. Semi-Rapid

15 – 20



C. Rapid

21 – 26



D. Double Flame (DC DR internal)




D. Double Flame (DC DR external)




The “separate double flame” burner

This burner consists of two concentric burners which can operate either together or separately.

Use of the double flame on the maximum setting gives a very high power which reduces cooking times with respect to conventional burners.

Moreover the double flame crown provides a more uniform distribution of heat on the bottom of the pan, when using both burners on minimum.

Pots and pans of all sizes can be used. In the case of the smaller pots and pans we recommend the use of only the internal burner.

There is a separate control knob for each of the “separate double flame” burners.

The knob marked by the symbol operates the external burner;

The knob marked by the symbol operates the internal burner.

To turn on one of the rings, press the relative knob in all the

way and turn it anti-clockwiseto the high setting. The burner is fitted with an electronic igniter that automatically starts when the knob is pressed in.

Since the burner is equipped with a safety device "F", after lighting the burner keep the knob pressed in for about 10 seconds to allow the device which keeps the flame lit automatically to heat up.

To turn off a burner, turn the knob clockwise until it stops (it should be on the “” setting).

To obtain the best results with the cooktop, several fundamental rules should be followed while cooking or preparing food. Use cookware with a flat bottom to make certain that the pot sets properly on the cooking area.


Note When there is no electricity supply, the burners can be lit with a match after turning the control knob to the flame position.

Description of the oven


Halogen lighting

Spit unit

Enamelled tray


Oven accessories

Your oven has 3 racks that slide in and out on rollers for easy access.

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

4 spit forks



1spit rod

Your oven is supplied with:

-2 nickel-platedshelves

-1 enamelled tray

-1 spit unit


Oven control panel


Indicator light

Temperature selector

Cooking mode selector



Cooking time

End time of cooking

+ / -

manual mode

Knob selects « M» the cooking mode

Turn knob «M» to select the temperature required.


The oven will begin to heat up as soon as

the temperature is selected.

Knob « T» selects the temperature

Turn knob «T» to select the temperature required.

Note The indicator light comes on when you have selected the temperature. It indicates that the oven is heating up. When the light goes out, the required temperature has been reached inside the oven. When the light alternately comes on and goes out, it means that the thermostat is working properly to maintain the oven temperature.


Electric Timer

The electronic programmer has the function of automatically switching on the oven (at the required time) and switching it off at the end of the set cooking time.The 4 figure luminous display showing the actual time and the programming times, also shows the current state of the oven by means of the following symbols:

Oven on

Minute minder

Automatic programme AUTO

Point • (this divides the hour from the minutes on the display). All the functions may be programmed for a total of 23 h and 59 min. Maximum cooking time is 10 hours.

Adjusting the clock

(At installation, after power failures, clock in advance or behind). Select manual mode by pressing key , adjust the hour and minutes using the - and +. keys.

Manual oven mode (Programming excluded)

Press the key ; and the oven is switched on, theAUTO symbol goes out and the(oven on) symbol comes on. This operation erases any set programme.

Semi-automaticoven mode

1st example: start in manual cooking mode - programmed cooking time.

Put the food to be cooked in the oven.

Press the key (duration) and adjust the cooking time using the - and + keys: the oven switches on, theAUTO and(oven on) symbols light up.

Turn the selector and the thermostat knobs onto the required function and temperature respectively.

At the end of the set cooking time, the oven is

automatically switched off, the symbol (oven on) goes out and theAUTO symbol blinks; an acoustic signal sounds.

2nd example: start with manual cooking mode - end withprogrammed cooking mode.

Put the food to be cooked in the oven.

Press the key (end of cooking) and adjust the end of cooking time using the - and + keys: the oven switches on, theAUTO andsymbols light up.

Turn the selector and the thermostat knobs onto the required function and temperature respectively.

At the end of cooking, the oven is automatically switched

off, the symbol (oven on) goes out and theAUTO symbol blinks; an acoustic signal sounds.

Automatic oven mode (programmed cooking duration and end)

Put the food to be cooked in the oven.

Press the key (Duration) and adjust the cooking time using the - and + keys: theAUTO and(oven on) symbols light up (the oven switches on).

Press the key (end of cooking) and adjust the end of cooking time using the - and + keys: thesymbol goes out (the oven switches off).

Turn the selector and the thermostat knobs onto the required function and temperature respectively.

The programmer automatically sets the start of cooking

time, which is shown by the symbol (oven on) coming on. When the cooking time has elapsed, the oven is

automatically switched off, the (oven on) symbol goes out and theAUTO symbol blinks; an acoustic signal sounds.

Minute minder

Press the key (minute minder) and set the time required

using the - and + keys. An acoustic signal sounds at the end of the programme.


The buzzer emits a sound for 7 minutes after the end of the selected programme; it may be stopped by pressing any function key. It is possible to choose 3 different types of acoustic signal. By pressing the - key the actual signal tone appears. Now, within 7 seconds, every further press of the - key changes the signal tone.

Program control

Press the key for the remaining time to be displayed, and the keyto check the end of cooking time.

Erasing programs

Once a program has been carried out, it is automatically erased; it can also be cancelled by pressing the key (manual).


Comments from our cookery consultant

Your oven’s various cooking modes were devised in consultation with the Cannon cookery consultant. He is a professional chef and is an integral member of Cannon research and development team.

The cooking modes, temperatures and oven shelf levels reflect our expert’s own experience in the kitchen, and will allow you to achieve the best cooking results with a variety of dishes.


Take care not to touch the heating elements inside the oven during use, as they become very hot.

Do not place dishes or aluminium foil on the interior base of the oven, as you will cause permanent damage to the enamel surface.

Cooking modes

Cannon ovens use different techniques to produce, circulate and preserve heat. Your oven has 9 cooking modes, each adapted for a different type of cooking style. The symbols make it very easy to choose the function you require.


Baking for bread, buns and pizzas

Pastry cooking for tarts and quiches

Roasting for au gratin dishes, poultry and meat

Spit-roastingfor roasting on the spit.

Barbecue cooking for au gratin dishes and grilling meats.

Traditional for classic cooking

Forced air for cooking on several levels at once

Fish for cooking different types of fish



Care must be taken when defrosting food so that the outer parts, which defrost first, do not develop harmful bacteria. Food is generally defrosted in the refrigerator: this is known as slow defrosting.

You can halve the defrosting time by using the oven.

This is suitable for:

-foods to be eaten raw/uncooked (strawberries, etc.),

-foods to be cooked - i.e. a chicken will defrost in half the normal time.

Defrosted foods should be eaten soon after defrosting. Place food to be defrosted on a shelf at level 1.

Turn knob «M» to select the symbol.


When the food has defrosted, do not forget to turn


knob «M» to«0» to switch off the oven.


This mode is particularly suitable for pastries (preparations using baking powder). It helps prevent the dough drying out, and favours rising before the surface becomes golden and crusty, giving beautiful baking results.

We recommend that you preheat the oven. Place your preparation on a shelf at level 1.

1 - Turn knob «M» to select the symbol


2 - Select the temperature with knob


Recommended temperature: 160°C.



Wait until the oven has heated up and the indicator light has gone out before placing the dish in the




At the end of the cooking cycle, turn knob «M» to«0» to switch off the oven.



If you wish to delay the start of cooking, or programme a cooking time, see pages 6.