Califone 3132PLC User Manual

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13 pounds total ship weight
CE/C-UL approved safe for use in school, business, church and government facilities 1 year from date of purchase

1.Economy 3132 Cassette Player/Recorder

Four 1/4” headphone jacks for listening center uses with additional Remote and Mic jacks

Built-inelectret microphone can’t get lost or misplaced

1 Watt RMS loud enough for classes up to 30 people

Cue & Review, 2X counter to locate lesson materials

2.Impact resistant 2001 Carry / Storage Case

3.Six 2924AVP Monaural headphones

Fully adjustable, noise-reducingearcups made with rugged ABS plastic for added durability

4.1216AVPY Six-positionMonaural Jackbox

Six 1/4” headphone jacks with silver contact points for “crackle-free”connections

Individual volume controls

One year warranty for school use - unlike media players purchased from consumer electronics stores whose warranties would be voided if used in schools

Durable and built specifically for classroom listening center uses, the 3132PLC handles up to six headphone-wearingstudents at one time. It’s ideal for language studies, literacy groups and story time activities.

“Project Intercept"

Please contact us immediately if you experience any difficulties with your 3132PLC. Our “Project Intercept" customer service program will quickly repair or replace items under warranty. Simply contact us via phone or email

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We are proud of helping teachers enhance student understanding and achievements since 1947, with your satisfaction as our first priority.

This Listening Center carries a one year warranty with service support available through authorized dealers nationwide.

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6-PositionLearning Center

Model 3132PLC






3132 Cassette Player/Recorder

Monaural Headphones 2924AVP


Ambient noise-reducingearcups, with


slotted baffles preventing access to


the inner speaker


Earcups made with rugged ABS plastic


for added durability


98dB ± 3dB at 1kHz

Volume Control

Located on ear cups

Ear Cushion


Volume Control

Adjustable knob located on ear cup


Coiled 6’ with reinforced attachment


1/4” and 3.5mm Nickel Plated

Ear Pad

PVC (Washable)


Rugged PVC with Comfort Sling

6-PositionMonaural Jackbox 1216AVPY

Listening positions

6, each with volume control

Contact points


For more information about any of the 6-PositionLearning Center components, consult their individual spec sheet.

t Weight

Safety Ratings


Califone® International Inc.800-722-0500

3132PLC, April 2005