Califone 2395IRPLC-6 User Manual

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Wireless Cassette Recorder /

Player Center

Model 2395IRPLC-6


6 Watts RMS powerful enough for up to 75 people


Built-inelectret mic records student progress and won’t get lost


CD player with CD, CD-R,andCD-RWcompatibility

Dual infrared transmitters for wireless listening

• Phase Lock Loop (PLL) digital AM/FM stereo


• Steel grilles protecting recessed speakers


• External casing made with rugged ABS plastic for safety and


durability in high-usesituations


• Dual cassette recorder/players also record from the CD player,


radio and microphone inputs


Full-functionremote(RC-2300)for classroom flexibility


2.Six Infrared Headphones

15’ line of sight range for up to twenty students

Noise-reducingearcups made with rugged ABS plastic

• Runs on AC/DC power for indoor/outdoor uses

• One year warranty for school use - unlike items purchased from consumer electronics stores whose warranties would be voided if used in schools

The 2395IRPLC-6Learning center supports phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, literacy groups, ELL, ELD and other language learning programs. Its wireless (infrared) audio transmission / reception resists outside interference, while creating the flexibility to move about the classroom.

“Project Intercept"

Please contact us immediately if you experience any difficulties with your 2395IRPLC-6.Our “Project Intercept" customer service program will quickly repair or replace items under warranty. Simply contact us via phone or email

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We are proud of helping teachers enhance student understanding and achievements since 1947, with your satisfaction as our first priority.

This Wireless Listening Center carries a one year warranty with service support available through authorized dealers nationwide.

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2395IR Wireless Cassette Player/Recorder


Power Output

6 Watts RMS



1% at rated power


Radio Frequency Range

FM: 88-108MHz,AM:530-1710kHz


Mic. In

3.5mm mini jack



Built-inelectret, 1.5mV mic. sensitivity


Headphone Jacks

3.5mm, 1/4” phone / two 1/4” output jacks


Input Jacks

3.5mm mic, 2.5mm remote tape



on/off jack


Two 3-1/2”round


Infrared Transmission

15’ line of sight from dual IR diodes


FF/Rew Time

120 seconds (C-60,suggested length)



Full Auto Stop preserves tape



Record, Play, Cue, Review, Eject,



Pause, Bass & Treble control,


CD Player

Volume, ON/OFF switch


CD skip, search, random play, 20



programmable tracks with LCD dis-





Perm. attached 5’, 2-wirecord


Power Requirements

AC: 110V, 60Hz, DC: 8 “D” batteries



18.25”W x 6.5”H x 8.5”D

34IR Infrared Headphones








Noise-reducing,ABS plastic


Reception range

Unlimited number of users within 15’



line of sight range from transmitter





For more information about any of the 2395IRPLC-6components, consult their individual spec sheets.


Total ship weight 20 pounds

Safety Ratings

CE/C-ULapproved safe for use in


school, business, church and


government facilities

1 year from date of purchase




Califone® International Inc.800-722-0500

2395IRPLC-6,January 2006