Califone 2056 User Manual

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AV TutorTM Fundamentals Center

Model 2056

1. Includes AV Tutor & 6 digital cartridge programs (see below) 2. LCD screen with adjustable brightness

3 Record function provides vocal mirror capability by capturing up to 8 seconds of student responses

4. Built-in electret mic won’t get lost (mic input on rear too)

• Interactive, easy-to-use, digital, hand-held instruction

Nurturing independent and small group language learning with a form function that’s already familiar to many children, the AV TutorTM Fundamentals Centerwill be a popular and inspiring destination within the classroom. Tailoredfor differentiatedlearning, the six included & optional“Play Ball” digital modules are designed to together support the five key areas that are essential to effective early reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary,fluencyand reading comprehension)and is also ideal for students who are performing just slightly below grade level.

“Project Intercept"

Please contact us immediately if you experience any difficulties with your AV Tutor. Our “Project Intercept" customer service program will quickly repair or replace items under warranty. Simply contact us via phone or email

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AV Tutor

3.5" TFT display, 320 x 240 pixel resolution




Volatile Memory

128KB SRAM for audio recordings or other



temporary data storage


Built-in electret mic


8 second SRAM Memory

Records audio until screen is changed



Play, record, menu, pause, power, volume,



screen brightness, directional control pad,



adjustable leg for multiple viewing angles


Audio Playback/Recording Mono recording, mono/stereo playback


Output Jack

One 3.5mm headphone jack


Input Jack

One external 3.5mm microphone jack


Power requirements

Includes 3 rechargeablebatteries,poweradapter


Usage & Recharge time

3-4 hours


Included DigitalCartridges



With 4-8MB non-volatile flash memory


Picture Words, MCFPW1-D: High-frequency Dolch list words from A-Z


Phonics, MCFP1-D:

Initial and final consonants, vowels, digraphs


Readiness, MCFR1-D:

Colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet


Everyday Words #1, MCFEW1-D: High-frequency common words


Survival Signs, MCFSS-D: Safety words such as “stop”,”caution”,“danger”


Basic Vocabulary #1, MCFBV1-D: Words such as for family members




Play Ball MCFPB-D:

Presentsinteractive narrativereading, phonemic



awareness and comprehension activities





For more information about any individual components, consult their


individual spec sheet.





Combined shipping weight 3 lbs.


Safety Ratings




One year from date of purchase


Recommended Headset

Califone Headset3064AV (not included)

Recommended Products to use 2056 as a Group Listening Center

- Stereo 1114 series Jackbox

- Color or Animal-themed Listening FirstTM series headphones

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2056, January 2008