Bushnell 26-2440 User Manual

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Congratulations on the purchase of your Bushnell Night Vision Product. Bushnell Night Vision products are comprised of high quality image intensifier tubes and optics. Bushnell Night Vision products amplify existing light, allowing you to see in dark conditions too dark for the naked eye.


Bushnell Night Vision products collect and amplify existing light through the objective lens, which is then focused on the image intensifier. Inside the intensifier, a photocathode is "excited" by the light and converts the photon energy into electrons. These electrons accelerate across an electrostatic field inside the intensifier and strike a phosphor screen (like a green monochrome TV screen) which emits an image that you can see. It is the acceleration of electrons, which provides gain and enhances the image. This is a Generation I device.



Model 26-2440Night Vision Scope utilizes a self energizing power supply and does not require batteries. The IR Illuminator requires a 3 volt battery, see list below.

Using The Power Lever (See pic. 1)

Never turn the scope on in daylight conditions with the lens cap off. The pinhole in the lens cap allows you to test the scope in daylight conditions.

To activate the scope,squeeze and


release the Power Lever, located on the top of the scope.

• The image will eventually fade out, this is normal and not a defect.

Squeeze the Power Lever again to reactivate the scope.

Optional Illuminator (See pic. 2)

Your Bushnell Night Vision Product includes an infrared illuminator. This allows you to see in complete darkness when no ambient light source is available.

Install the Illuminator by inserting the screw-mountonto the side of the scope.

The Illuminator requires a 3 volt


2L76 battery.

Rotate the Illuminator button clockwise to the “ON” position.

Be certain to switch the Illuminator “OFF” when not in use.

To Focus (See pic. 3)

• First, adjust the Objective Lens to as


shown in picture 3.


While looking at a distant object (at least 82 ft./25m away), adjust the Eyepiece Focusing Ring for the sharpest image.

Once the Eyepiece Focusing Ring is adjusted, you only have to adjust the Objective Lens as needed.


Spots in the Image.

You may see spots in the image. These vary from scope to scope and are cosmetic blemishes inside the scope. These are normal for Night Vision scopes and are NOT a defect.

Scope will not turn on.

Squeeze and release the Power Lever firmly and completely.

Image is not focused.

Adjust the focus on the Eyepiece. Adjust the Objective Lens. You must be at least 4.4 ft./1.3 meters from the subject you are viewing. If no improvement, clean lenses, they may be foggy or dusty. (See To Focus).

Visibility decreases or disappears.

Bright light sources such as headlights may cause visibility to degrade or disappear completely. Turn the scope away from the light source. The unit will restore itself in 1 or 2 minutes. Squeeze and release the Power Lever to reactivate the scope. Conditions such as fog or extremely dark environments will decrease visibility.

Scope flashes.

The scope may flash when used in a bright environment. It may also flash during the first few seconds of use in dark environments.

Illuminator Battery Chart

Duracell DL 1/3N

Eveready 2L76

Kodak K58L

Sanyo (other) CR 1/3N

Radio Shack 23-265A


When not using for an extended amount of time, store the product in a dry location.

Avoid turning the product on in extremely bright light conditions.

Handle this product like you would a camera. Though Bushnell Night Vision products are durably constructed, the image intensifier tube consists of glass and is subject to breakage.

Keep the optics clean. We recommend using a camera cleaner kit to clean the outside of the objective and eyepiece lenses. Follow the directions with the kit.

Do not disassemble this product. Unauthorized disassembly not only voids the warranty but may also cause damage from the lack of special tools and techniques.

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Your Bushnell® Night Vision is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year after the date of purchase. In the event of a defect under this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the product, provided that you return the product postage prepaid. This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or improper handling, installation or maintenance of the product.

Any return made under this warranty must be accompanied by the items listed below:

1)A check in the amount of $15.00 to cover the cost of handling

2)Name and address for product return

3)An explanation of the defect

4)Product should be well packed in a sturdy outside shipping carton to prevent damage in transit and return postage prepaid to the address listed below:

IN U.S.A. Send To:


Bushnell Performance Optics

Bushnell Performance Optics

8500 Marshall Drive

25A East Pearce Street, Unit 1

Lenexa, Kansas 66214

Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 2M9

For products purchased outside the United States and Canada please contact your local dealer for applicable warranty information. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from country to country.

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