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BrewWISE ®


Recipe Writer





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The BrewWISE® Recipe Writer box connects to a PC by way of a standard serial port or USB port where applicable. PC software is included that provides a user interface to the Writer box. A unique feature of the BrewWISE® system is the ability to transfer information to and from the brewer, funnels, and grinder via the funnels or memory cards.

The BrewWISE® Recipe Writer provides a convenient method of transferring information. The system can then be used to configure the brewer, funnels, and grinder for optimum flavor performance.

The BrewWISE® Recipe Writer can be used to make:

Recipe cards for specific coffee names

Recipe cards for No-Namecoffee

Funnels dedicated to one specific coffee name

Cards for advertising messages

Use the following diagram as a guide to selecting the type of funnel or recipe card to be written:






Will coffee be













ground in a














BrewWISE® grinder?














































































Is funnel to be





"New Recipe"




used for one









coffee only?





























































































Brewer will




"Dedicated Funnel"




use No-Name




















































After Dedicated funnel is completed,

make new recipe card

to use for loading dedicated name into brewer

BrewWISE® brewer model?






Select "No-Name

Left" function

Which side will be used for this coffee?



































Select "No-Name




Select "No-Name

Left" function




Right" function



















Make both No-Nameleft andNo-Nameright cards with same recipe


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System Requirements

PC with 486DX/66MHz or higher processor; Pentium or higher processor recommended.

Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT®, or XP operating systems.

VGA or higher resolution monitor; Super VGA recommended.

A functional, available RS-232serial port set up asCom1-Com4or a USB to Serial adapter Cable(Bunn-O-Maticpart # 37076.0000) where applicable.


If a USB to Serial Adapter was included with your writer, follow the instruction supplied with it for installation.

It is recommended that all open Windows applications be closed before installing BrewWISE® Recipe Writer software.

If you are updating an existing version of the BrewWISE® Recipe Writer software, the older versionMUST first beun-installedusing Windows Control Panel. Simply go toStart-Settings-ControlPanel andDouble-clickAdd/Remove Programs. Then find the Recipe Writer software in the list of installed programs, select, and click the Change/Remove button.

From Windows Explorer, Double Click on the setup.exe file located on the installation CD or on Disk 1 of the installation disks. The installation program will display a “Copying Files” screen. This screen could be present for several minutes if installing from floppy disks; much less if installing from a CD. You will be prompted to insert Disk 2 if installing from floppy disks.

Double Click



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After all the necessary files are copied, the installation program displays a Welcome screen that allows the user to continue with installation or exit the setup program. If any Windows applications are running, it is recommended that you close them at this time.


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This label indicates the default installation path of the BrewWISE® software.

Click this button to change the default installation path.

Click this button to exit the setup program.

Click this button to continue with the software installation.

The setup program will then prompt the user to choose a program group. It is recommended that the default BrewWISE® group be chosen. Click “Continue” to accept this Program Group.

Once the “Continue” button is clicked, a progress bar will display as the installation completes. Shortly after, a message box indicating that BrewWISE® setup was completed successfully should appear. Clicking OK will complete the setup process.


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Program Operation

To begin using the BrewWISE® Recipe Writer, plug the serial cable connected to the Recipe Writer Box into the first available serial port on the host computer. If a USB to Serial Adapter Cable was included with your Recipe Writer, you may connect it between the attached serial cable on the Recipe Writer box and the USB port on the host computer. Plug in the power supply attached to the Recipe Writer Box. The green indicator lamp on the Recipe Writer Box should light to indicate that the hardware is ready.

From your computer’s desktop, click “Programs” ->“BrewWISE”->“BrewWISE”. You should then see the switchboard screen of the BrewWISE® Recipe Writer. If your writer hardware is connected properly, the program should display “Bunn BrewWISE® Recipe Writer Detected on Comm 1” towards the bottom of the switchboard form. Your Comm port number may be different depending on individual computer configurations. If the Recipe Writer Hardware is not detected, a message box will appear indicating so. You may enter, save and retrieve recipes and ads without the Recipe Writer hardware present, but you will not be allowed to write unless the proper hardware is detected. The switchboard form is pictured below.


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New Recipe

Clicking “New Recipe” from the Switchboard screen brings up the main Recipe form. After a Coffee Name has been typed in and the “Enter” or “Tab” key is pressed, the remaining three buttons on the form will become active. Recipe volume parameters may be entered or saved in either English or Metric units. Depending on the specific software in your brewer, Recipes may be written in Metric units and recognized by the brewer as such. If you are more comfortable with Metric units, but your brewer only recognizes English units, the Recipe may be entered in Metric, then switched to English before writing the Recipe to the card or funnel.

The instruction label provides information such as high and low parameter limits, depending on the specific text box you are in. This label also shows the allowable format for the numerical parameters, such as whether fractional amounts are allowed. Note: In text boxes that allow fractional values (a decimal point), whole numbers may still be used without error.

Most of the text boxes can be typed directly into. The “Tab”, “Shift-Tab”or “Enter” keys can be used to move the cursor on to the next text box. In order to set the Pulse Brew andPre-Infusiontimes, the associated buttons must be clicked and the “OFF” text boxes must bedouble-clickedin order to set the times. These steps are present in order to insure that the user is only able to set Pulse BrewOR Pre-Infusion.Note: Although it is possible to mix Pulse Brew and Pre-Infusion batches on the same recipe,

Pulse Brew and Pre-Infusioncannot be used on the same batch size.


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Existing Recipes

Clicking the “Existing Recipes” button from either the Switchboard form or the main Recipe form brings up the BrewWISE® File Handler form. The File Handler form allows the user to Open files, Save files, Delete files, or Sort files by name or number.Double-clickingon a file name in the file list box brings the associated recipe into the main form for writing or editing. The File Handler also insures that all recipes have a unique name and number.In order for the brewer and grinder to recognize recipes properly, duplicate recipe names and / or numbers are not allowed.

Navigating to the File Handler form from the “Dedicated Funnel” form will point the application to a directory set aside for Dedicated Funnels. Therefore, the application has the ability to store 999 Dedicated Funnel recipes as well as 999 standard recipes.

Navigating to the File Handler form from either of the “No-Name”recipe forms will point the application to a directory set aside for"No-Name"recipes. The application will only store one“No-NameLeft” and one“No-NameRight” recipe in this directory.


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Existing Recipes

After filling in the form for a new recipe or retrieving an existing recipe, the recipe can be edited and saved, written to a memory card, or a hard copy of the recipe can be printed to your default Windows printer.

Clicking “Save” brings up the File Handler form where the user can scroll through the existing recipes in order to make sure the desired name or number are not already taken. If “Save” is clicked on the File Handler form, the application checks to make sure that the recipe name and number are unique before saving the recipe. In the event of a conflict, the application will prompt the user to either overwrite the existing recipe or go back to the main recipe screen in order to make changes.


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Writing Recipes

After a recipe has been filled in completely, it may be transferred to a recipe card by clicking the “Write” button. Make sure that the card is in place on the Writer Box before clicking the “Write” button. A progress bar and a message label will appear at the bottom of the recipe form during the write process in order to keep the user informed as to the status of the write. If the card returns the correct response to the PC, the application displays “Writing Successful”. If the timeout period is reached before the memory card is written, the application displays “Write Has Timed Out”. Generally, this is due to one of three things;

1 - The memory card has been locked from a previous write, 2 - The memory card is not properly in place on the Writer, Or 3 - The Writer hardware is not properly connected to the PC.


















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