Buffalo Technology AirStation WZR-G240 User Manual

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Quick Setup Guide - AirStation WZR-G240

MIMO 240 Wireless Router

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Step 1: Connect Your Equipment

A. Make sure that all equipment is powered off, including the AirStation, PCs, and your cable or DSL modem.

B. Connect theRJ-45Ethernet cable from your cable or DSL modem to the WAN port on your AirStation. This is the only port that will work for your Internet connection.

C. Connect one or more PCs or workstations to any of the four LAN ports on the AirStation withRJ-45Ethernet cables.

D. Power on the cable or DSL modem. Give it at least a minute to boot up.

E. Connect the AC power connector to the power port on the AirStation and to an AC surge protector or other source of AC power. Give the AirStation a minute to boot.

F. Power on the PC(s) connected to the LAN ports of the AirStation and let them boot up completely.


WAN Port

LAN Ports

Step 2: Configure Your Router

Next, you need to configure your router. This is done from a web browser on a computer connected to the router.

A. Launch the web browser on the computer that you’re going to use to configure the AirStation. The computer used to configure the AirStation should be set to obtain an IP addressautomatically using a DHCP server.

B. Your web browser should automatically load a web page. If the default web page loadssuccessfully, then the AirStation has automatically configured your Internet connection settings.

Please skip to the next page if you have successfully connected to the Internet.

C. If the AirStation cannot automatically configure itselffor your Internet connection, then a window will open, prompting you to enter a User ID and Password.

Enter root as the User name and leave the password fieldblank.

Note: If your web browser doesn’t automatically open the password dialog box, then type192.168.11.1 in its addressfield, and press Enter.

D. The AirStation will provide different configurationoptions depending on what it has auto-detected. Please

enter any requested account information. This information can be obtained from your Internet

Service Provider; contact them for account specific information.

Step 3: Configure Wireless Settings with AOSS

Now, you need to connect your wireless clients to your new network. The easiest way to do this is with AOSS, Buffalo’s pushbutton wireless setup. If your router and your client device are installed and both support AOSS, then making a secure wireless connection between them is very easy. If your devices do not support AOSS or you do not wish to use AOSS, please see page 6.

Step 1: Push the AOSS button on your AirStation. Hold it in until the AOSS LED begins to flashamber (about 1 second).

Step 2: Now, push the AOSS button on the wireless client.

That’s it! In less than a minute, AOSS will configure your wireless network for you. When it’s finished, the AOSS light will glow a solid amber.

Note that your access point and client device must be installed and turned on for AOSS to work. See pages 2 and 3 for instructions on installing your wireless router. See your client device’s documentation for instructions on installing it, turning it on, and the location of its AOSS button. See page 5 for more on AOSS.

Step 3 (Continued): Notes on AOSS

The AOSS button is also the INIT button. Don’t hold the button down for too long! One second is sufficient. If you hold the button down for 5 seconds or more, AOSS will cease and the WZR-G240 will initialize all settings. You’ll then have to restart configuration from the beginning.

If your client device doesn’t support AOSS, or you just want to configure your wireless network manually, turn to page 6.

After pushing the AOSS button on the first device, you have two minutes to push the AOSS button on the other device. If it times out, just push the first button again and start over.

On many Buffalo client devices, the AOSS button is in the client software. If you don’t see an AOSS button on the device, check the documentation for instructions on installing the client software and where to push or click the AOSS button.

To connect non-AOSSdevices to your AOSS network, you can get the necessary network informationfrom the System Information page in the AirStation Configuration Utility.

AOSS connects your wireless clients to your access point. It doesn’t set up your internet connection for you. To connect to the internet, you may still have to run your router configuration utility, even if you are using AOSS.

Only one AOSS wireless client adapter can be configured with the AOSS router at a time. The AOSS button will need to be re-pressed to connect each additional AOSS wireless client.

It is not necessary to re-AOSSclient devices that have already been configured via AOSS, unless significant changes have been made to the wireless network.

Do not attempt to configure two separate AOSS networks at the same time, as it may cause undesired configurations.

If an undesired client has connected via AOSS, it can be disconnected from within the WZR-G240’sadvanced configuration menus.

Step 3 (without AOSS): Configure Wireless Settings Manually

If your wireless client doesn’t support AOSS, you’ll have to configure it manually. From a web browser on a PC on the network, log into the AirStation configuration utility (as shown on page 3). This will take you to theHome page, where you can click on theSystem Info tab.

TheSystem Information page gives you all theinformation you might need to configure your non-AOSS wireless client. In particular, theSSID,encryption type,password, andwireless channel will need to beconfigured identically for all wireless devices on your network. Consult your wireless clients’s documentationfor more information on configuring them as necessary.

If you would rather change the AirStation’s settings to match the rest of your network, consult the User Manual on your AirStation CD.

Congratulations! Your AirStation is installed. For advanced settings and more detailed information, consult the User Manual, located on your AirStation CD or available for download from www.buffalotech.com.

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