Buffalo Technology AirStation WLI2-PCI-G54S User Manual

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User Manual

125* High Speed Mode™

Wireless PCI Adapter




Getting Started

Insert the AirNavigator CD into the CD-ROMdrive of your computer. The AirNavigator Setup Wizard should launch automatically.

To launch the AirNavigator Setup Wizard manually, click

Start, then Run. Type “D:\ Setup.exe”, where D is the drive letter assigned to your CDrom.

Click OK to launch the wizard.

Installing Wireless Drivers

Select Install Wireless Drivers.

Installing Wireless Drivers

Click Next to install a driver for the PCI adaptor.

Select Agree and clickNext to continue the process after reviewing the license agreemennt.

A window will appear prompting the installation of the Wireless PCI Adapter into the PC. You will need to shut down your PC to install the wireless PCI card. Press Cancel if necessary and shut down your PC.

Installing Wireless Drivers

Power off the desktop PC. Insert the Wireless PCI Adapter into an available PCI slot. PCI slots are located inside the desktop computer. Please consult the PC Manufacturer's documentation for PCI installation instructions. Once the Wireless PCI Adapter is installed correctly, attach the included antenna on the back of the PCI card, start the PC and let it boot into Windows. Then, theFound New Hardware Wizard will launch automatically. If the Found New Hardware Wizard does not launch, turn off the computer, remove the Wireless PCI Adapter, reinsert it into another PCI slot, and restart the computer.

Select Install the software automatically. Click the Nextbutton.

Installing Drivers

When the ‘Found New Hardware Wizard’ launches, click Next.

If the ‘Digital Signature Not Found’ page opens, click Yes.

When the Wireless PCI Adapter is successfully installed, click Finish. Restart your computer if prompted.

Connecting Wireless Clients to your Network

Buffalo supports three different methods for connecting your wireless client device to your network.

If your AP supports it, use the simple, utterly secure AOSS to connect. Install the Client Manager from your AirNavigator CD (page 8) and turn to page 11.

You may also use the Client Manager software from your AirNavigator CD to configure your network manually. See page 16 for more on Client Manager.

If you’re running Windows XP on your PC, you may use its built-inZero Configuration tool to connect to your router/AP. See page 21 for more on Zero Configuration.

Client Manager

Client Manager can be used to survey and connect to available access points, configure WPA/WEP encryption, and create connection profiles.

Note: When Client Manager is installed, Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration is automatically disabled.

Installing Client Manager

Insert the AirNavigator CD into the CDROM drive of you computer. If the Air Navigator Setup Wizard does not launch automatically, launch it manually by clicking Start and thenRun. EnterD:\ Setup.exe in the dialog box that appears.

Click OK. Select Install Wireless Client Manager.

Client Manager

Once the Client Manager Installer launches, click Next.

Press Agree to accept the license agreement and continue installation.

Client Manager

Click OK when Client Manager installation is complete.

Press Exit Setup to exit AirNavigator.

Client Manager is now installed and running. Right-clickon its icon (the black antenna) to use it.