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Oxnard, CA 93030

Congratulations on your purchase of a3 3 sAudla Systems

Compact Disc ChangerController. This product hasbeen

designed and buitt todeliver excellent soundquality and long

lasting high performance. We are sure you'llenjoylistening to

your favorite music with this 13M componentas apart of your

car audio system. For best results pleaseconsult a professional ear stereo instalkr for application advice or troublsshootlng.

To guarantee top performance werecommend usingThe

93s Link in&aIlMon a c c e s s o ~such as RCAintercon-8,

power cablw, and speakerwire. Thank you forchoosing

WSAudio Systems productsfor your autosound system. Wecan't changethe world, but wecan makeSt: sound M e r .



Be sure to p m sthe reset button when all wiring is completed.W the d k s Into

--the CD magazineand Install themagazlm into the CDc h m .

WW m-latw

~ s y s d e m t B ~ t o c m w t C E I d i n f o F M m l g n o k ( e eM. 1k o r ~ 7 M k k ) a n d pfaythemanIt#awlstbrgFMawasreo. ~ O u t t t w ~ w t l l n s d b e

Turn on the carstma and s e k t FMbend -ion.

Tune the readiotn either89.1

or 88.7 MHz (depmdingon frequency chosen durlnginstallation)w pushthe w s e t memory buttonthat wrmprtds tothe desiredfrequency.


Wherl m h SDK~ (MI)equippdunits, thSDK nwd8sAolddbe turned off.

U k e w h , when udngRDS equippedunits, #m lP&sharId be turnedoff.

Power ON and Play

Turn on the changerby pr-lngthe Play-buttononthe displayunlt or m t e wntmlb.lhe LCDp a d on the dlsplay unitwlli Illuminateand play ofthefirst d hwill begln. Adjust volume,Manm andtone to yourtaste byusingthe controls ontlm car-.




1. PlaVm=-

Press this to staft CD play. Pmsitduringplay to temporarilystop play.

2 ~~~

Use thls toselectthe desired d k

a ~ ~ t n r t t o n

Uw thls toselect the desiredtmk.Keepthis buttMld w - dduring plwfw skipping inthe fonnrard w backwarddire&.


This swttChe9off the pow6r.


Thls plays the tracks ordiscs inamdom sequence.


Thb plays a certaintrack or disc over and over again.

a Chsckburton

Ressthls button to checktheinside bathy, Installmmzt or not.

9.F P e s e t h t b l

Ressthis to reset all thewttlngs todefault value.

to. Remobe

Point the remotecmbd hm#sat at theremote sensor. Pressthefunetlon k e p on thehandset to cmhi the system.

11- U q u l d - w.

Exhibitsi r e q w and activated fundonson display


Ressthe play/pusebutton ( @). Disc Informatronappears onthed i i a y and davstarts. Adjustthe volume and tone using thb FM car s t e m to w h i ithe

+em is con-.

- When usingthe system for thefirst thmeor when the CD magazinehasjustbeen mplaced, phy fmm thefirst trackon the first disc.


Pmstheplaylpawm krtton(@ ) duringplay. The display willf b hwhileplay la


~ t h e b u t t o n ~ t o m m e p l a y ~ f r w n w h e r e h w s t o p p e d .

~ m c p e c t o b e ~


the number ofthe desld d i i usingthe dlsc selector buttwr( - +).

To advancetothenaxt d k ,p m +),

To returnto the previousdlsc,press (-) twioe.

*~ t b b a c k ~ b e ~

Display the number ofthe desirdusingthe trackskiji button(km w+).

Toadvanceto t h e ~ ~ p r e s s ( w ) .

T o r e t w n t o t h e p m h s ~ p r e s s ( ~ ) t w i e e .

- M n g (w)orace returns play to the start of the backnow Mngm.


When the trackskip button(trr nl)iskept depmrd, play issklppdtotha deslred peutof the Wick intheforward or bckwatd direction. Play beginswhen the buttonIsrdeased.

To Swp forward,keep (w)depmad.

TO s ~ ~pc k w a r dkmp, (mj

The pause mode Isengaged when thetrack skipbutton is keptdqmssd untllthe w end of thedlsc b m e d .


- Whenthe scan button(SCAN)is p w ,SCAN appears, and the Intm of each tresckon thecwentd k b playedfor10 seconds.This w nIs repentedfw e a e h t r a c k i n v .

- When thscan button(SCAN)is prrrssedfor two secondsor mom, SCANALL

~ , a n d ~ i r r t r o o J d t r a c k o n t h e c u m t d k I s p l a ~ f w 1 mis is r e p a w formch disc.

- PressIh scan button again whilethelntro of a trackw disc yw wantto kh

-Itsenti* is belng phyd .Nmmd play Ls resumed M n gfrom the-trackduring

~ i t h e s c a n p l a y f l i m f h l w s s ~ .


- W t m therepeat twtton(REPEAT)is pmsd, REPEATF, and thecurrent

is PI@w*-