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SDSL and IDSL Network Extenders

Use fast, flexible SDSL or IDSL to extend your Ethernet network.


Low-cost,high-speedLAN and Internet connections for home or business.

Operates over existing copper lines—nopricey T1 lines and no new installation expenses.

Switch-selectabledata rates for highandlow-bandwidthapplications.

Simple setup and little configuration means no substantial training or operating costs.

1U rack height saves cabinet space.


Our SDSL and IDSL Network Extenders provide home users and businesses with dedicated digital Internet and LAN connections over copper pairs. They’re ideal for use in situations where the local network and the gateway to the ISP aren’t close enough to be directly attached to

each other—placeslikecampus-basedbusinesses, multipleunit apartment buildings, and urban areas.

They work over the existing copper cables already installed at your site. So you won’t be paying for new installations

or expensive T1 connections—andyou don’t even have to subscribe to DSL service! Because installation is simple and the only thing you have to configure is the data rate, you won’t incur extra training costs.

All models do symmetrical data transfer, which makes them ideal for applications in which two network segments— two clinics at a hospital, for instance—needto be able to send and receive data at equally fast rates.

A broadcast-limitingfeature ensures that broadcast traffic only consumes up to 20% of the total bandwidth. However, this only applies to pure broadcast traffic; unicast and multicast traffic are guaranteed at least 80% of the available bandwidth.

SDSL Network Extender 2000 and IDSL Network Extender Kits

These kits—andthe Extender 2000 is one too, even if it’s not named thatway—consistof asingle-portprovider unit and asingle-portsubscriber unit. They create apoint-to-pointdigital link between two10BASE-TEthernet network segments.

Both the 10BASE-Tnetwork interface and theunit-to-unitDSL interface are carried onRJ-45connectors.

IDSL Subscriber Unit

The LR0012A is a 1-portsubscriber unit that connects to our discontinued12-portprovider units with AC(LR0011A-AC)or DC(LR0011A-DC)power.

The 12-to-1configuration is intended for applications in whichhigh-speedLAN and Internet access are essential for distributed localsites—anon-siteoffice with various local clients, for instance.

Data Rates

The SDSL and IDSL Network Extender Kits don’t require software. In fact, they almost don’t require configuration or control at all. The one exception is the data rate at which they operate.

Each provider unit has one DIP switch that you can use to control this function. At installation time, you can try the highest available data rate, and if the provider and subscriber units fail to link at that rate, just step down to the next and try again. You can keep doing this until you reach a data rate at which the units can communicate successfully.

For point-to-pointapplications that need plenty of bandwidth, the SDSL Network Extender 2000 can transmit data at any of eight rates from 272 kbps to 2.32 Mbps. Even on 26 AWG cable,2.32-Mbpsdata can be sent as far as 11,300 feet (3444.2 m), and slower data can be sentfarther—upto 20,200 feet (6156.9 m) for 272 kbps.

The IDSL Network Extenders are designed for networks that will send only a low volume of data across the DSL link. You can set these extenders for either 128 or 144 kbps, which is double the top V.90 modem speed and the equal or better of ISDN. (Plus it’s all on your own equipment, so you don’t have to pay—ordependon—thetelco.) The extenders can send and receive data at these rates across as much as 18,000 feet (5486.4 m) of cable, no matter what the cable’s wire gauge is.

For additional information, see the Data Rate and Distance (Maximum) specification on the next page.



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Compliance —

EMI/RFI: LR0020A-KIT-R2:CE (EN 55022), FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class A, IC Class/classe A, CSA C108.8;

LR0010A-KIT,LR0012A: FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class B, IC Class/classe B; Safety: All models: UL® 1950, CSA C22.2 No. 950, EN 60950, IEC 950

Data Rate and Distance (Maximum) —

LR0020A-KIT-R2:Depends on the length of standard telephone wire between the provider and subscriber units, and areuser-configurableto any of these settings over 26 AWG wire: 2.32 Mbps at up to 11,300 ft. (3444.2 m); 2.064 Mbps at up to 12,200 ft. (3718.6 m); 1.552 Mbps at up to 12,800 ft. (3901.4 m); 1.04 Mbps at up to 16,000 ft. (4876.8 m); 784 kbps at up to 16,800 ft. (5120.6 m);

528 kbps at up to 18,400 ft. (5608.3 m); 400 kbps at up to 19,400 ft. (5913.1 m); 272 kbps at up to 20,200 ft. (6156.9 m);

LR0010A-KIT,LR0012A: 128 or 144 kbps over up to 18,000 ft. (5486.4 m) of standard telephone wire of any gauge

NOTE: Connections made with cable of a lesser gauge (for example, 24 AWG) will link up at greater distances.

Enclosure — Steel

Encoding — LR0020A-KIT-R2:G.SHDSL(TC-PAM);LR0010A-KIT,LR0012A: 2B1Q

Leads/Signals Supported —

On RJ-45Ethernet ports: Standard10BASE-Tpinning (RX+ on Pin 1, RXon Pin 2, TX+ on Pin 3, TXon Pin 4);

On RJ-45DSL ports: Tip on Pin 4, Ring on Pin 5; corresponds to Pin 2 and Pin 3 respectively of any4-wireRJ-11cable you might connect to these

Standard — IEEE 802.3 Ethernet v2User Controls — All on provider units;

LR0020A-KIT-R2:(1)Rear-mounted3-positionDIP switch for data rate;LR0010A-KIT:(1)Rear-mounted2-positionDIP switch: (1) position for

data rate, (1) position reserved for future use

Interface —

All models: 10BASE-T;LR0020A-KIT-R2:SDSL;LR0010A-KIT,LR0012A: IDSL

Connectors — (1)RJ-45for Ethernet; (1)RJ-45designed to accept bothRJ-45andRJ-11plugs for DSL

Indicators — (6)front-mountedLEDs: WAN Connection, Power, Ethernet Collision, Ethernet Rx, Ethernet Tx, and Ethernet Link

Temperature Tolerance —

Operating: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C); Storage: -40to +158°F(-40to +70°C)

Humidity Tolerance — 5 to 95% noncondensing

Altitude Tolerance — -200to +16,400 ft.(-60.9to +4998.7 m)

Power —

LR0020A-KIT-R2:For provider or subscriber unit: Input: 100 to 125 VAC (1 A) at 47 to 63 Hz; Output: 5 VDC at a maximum of 1.5 A; Consumption: 7.5 W maximum;

LR0010A-KIT,LR0012A: 100 to 120 VAC, 60 HzSize — 1.25"H x 5.5"W x 4.6"D (3.2 x 14 x 11.7 cm)Weight — 0.6 lb. (0.3 kg)

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For SDSL, order…


SDSL Network Extender 2000

For IDSL, choose…


IDSL Network Extender Kit

IDSL Subscriber Unit


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