Belkin APFIRMWARE User Manual

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Upgrading the firmware for the Access Point:

If you have already installed the Access Point software skip to Step 2 or 3 depending on your configuration.

Step 1: Installing the Access Point Manager.

1.Insert the CD into the CD-ROMdrive.

2.Access your CD-ROMdrive bydouble-clickingon theCD-ROMicon in the "My Computer" window.Double-clickon the "Setup" icon and follow

the directions in the installation wizard.

Step 2: Configure the Wireless-EquippedComputer(s) to Communicate with the WAP

1.If your computer is attached via a wired connect skip to Step 3. Start up the wireless-equippedcomputer and configure thewireless-equippedPC to connect to an SSID of "WLAN" or "Any".

2.If not done already, configure the wireless-equippedPC to "Obtain IP

Address Automatically".

3.Restart the wireless-equippedPC.

4.Go to Step 4.

Step 3: Configure the Wired Computer(s) to Communicate with the WAP

1. Start up the wired computer that is connected to a router or switch that the Access Point is connected to. After the Access Point manager is installed go to Step 4.

Step 4: Connect to the Wireless Access Point in order to upgrade the firmware.

Start the WAP Manager Software by clicking "Start", "Programs", then select "Belkin Wireless Access Point Manager", then click on "Belkin Wireless Access Point Manager".

Once you launch the WAP Manager Software, a window will open and begin scanning for your WAP. The words "Scanning AP" will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the window. When finished scanning, "Scanning complete" will be displayed. You can connect to the WAP from any computer on the network that is either wired or wireless. Your WAP is shipped from the factory with the name "MiniAP". Instructions to change this are covered later in this manual. If your WAP is installed properly, you should see the name "MiniAP" in the “Wireless Manager” window when scanning has completed.

Connecting to the WAP

To make any changes to the configuration of the WAP, you must connect to the WAP by entering a password. The WAP is password-protectedto keep unauthorized users from changing settings.

1.Click on "Command" and select "Connect AP…" in the drop-downmenu.

The "Input Password" window will appear. Your WAP ships from the factory

with the password set to "MiniAP". Keep in mind that the password is case-sensitive,and enter the password.

Password = "MiniAP" (case-sensitive)

When connected, the word "Connected" will appear under the column labeled "State". If you cannot connect, see the troubleshooting tips at the end of this manual.

Step 5: Upgrading the firmware for the WAP

1.Click on “Command” and then “Update Firmware...”

2.Use the browse button to locate the firmware that was downloaded to the hard drive:

3.Once the file is located, the path of the file will show in the “File Name” window.

4.Click on “Update” to continue.

5.A Window will pop up stating “Update firmware successfully”. Click on OK.

6.The WAP will then disconnect and reset. In order to make any final changes just follow the instructions to connect to the WAP.