Barco R 9849999 User Manual
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R 9849999


Ceiling Mount for CLM series projector

Date 26/11/07

Rev: 00

Art. No.: R 59770182

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Safety guidelines


This installation manual must be performed by authorized technical personnel






The ceiling should be capable of supporting a weight of at least 5 times the total


weight of the Ceiling Mount and Projector (i.e. at least 160 kg or 353LB). If it


cannot, the ceiling must be reinforced. Improper installation may result in serious


personal injury.


Consult a professional structural engineer prior to suspending the Ceiling Mount


from a structure not intended for that use.


Always ensure the working load limit of the structure supporting the Ceiling Mount.




Installing the Ceiling Mount should be performed only after you are thoroughly


familiar with all of the following safety checks and installation instructions.


To do otherwise increases the risk of hazards and injury to the user.


This support is designed for intended use only with Barco CLM series projectors. It


supports maximum 33 kg or 73LB. Use with any other appliance/projector may


result in instability causing possible injury.


Do not modify and/or replicate any component. Barco n.v. uses specific materials


and manufacturing processes in order to achieve part strength. Consult Barco nv


for assistance with custom applications.


Always follow Barco installation instructions. Contact Barco n.v. if you should have


any question regarding the safety of an application.




Ceiling Mount components should be kept dry, clean, lubricated (if required),


coated properly, and otherwise maintained in a manner consistent with part


design. Barco products must be used in a manner consistent with their design and


inspected on a routine basis for security, wear, deformation, corrosion and any


other circumstances that may affect the load handling capability of the part.


Barco n.v. recommends inspections at least once a year for all installations and


increasing in frequency for more critical installations. If the part is found to have


damage, which may cause a decrease in load capability, the part must be removed


from service immediately.


Under no circumstances are Barco parts repariable by anyone other than Barco





Description and Contents of the kit

Purpose of the Kit

The kit is designed for the CLM CM R10 series projectors and allows the projector to be mounted to the ceiling.

Contents of the Kit

Following items are included:

Kit R9849999: Ceiling mount

Installation manual : R59770182

Mounting bracket and Screws: R835785 Qty 3 Nos and R 826743 qty 1 No, - --

Safety Chain set : B361213 Qty 1 Nos , A577535 qty 1 Nos, A566050 qty

1 nos and B363509 qty 2 nos

Cable cover assy

Illustration of the ceiling mount






The ceiling mount can also be mounted using one of the 2 available bars (height adjustment) and cable cover assy.

R9841260: short bar R822922 and cable cover assy . min length = 445mm(17.52 inch)

max length = 810 mm(31.89 inch)

R9841261: long bar R822923 cable cover kit R984 . min length = 845mm(33.27 inch)

max length = 1210 mm(47.64 inch)


llustration of the Cable Cover Assy:



G229790 &



R347968 (7X)

Z348001( 4X)



R347972 ( 4 X)

Note: The assembly is used only when ceiling mount is mounted along with IQ bar for hiding and guiding the cables.