AT&T 5600 User Manual
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Telephone Operation

Memory Dialing

Answering System

At the Base

Away From the Base


Follow these steps to install your new answering system for proper operation.

1.Choose a spot near an electrical outlet and a telephone jack

Your phone requires a modular telephone jack and a standard electrical outlet (110v AC). The power cord is 7 feet long; make sure there is an electrical outlet within reach of the base. The outlet should not be controlled by a wall switch; if the switch is ever tuned off, the phone will not operate.

CAUTION: Always make sure that the power and line cords are unplugged before you install a new battery in the base.

2.Install the base battery

a)Turn the base over and hold it with the battery cover door away from you. To release the battery cover, press down on the arrow and toward the back of the set.

b)Attach the battery cap to the 9-voltbattery included in the package and place the battery in the compartment.

c)Slide the battery door back into place.

The base battery is used to retain memory in case of power failure.

When the base battery needs to be replaced, the LO BATT BASE indicator on the answering system will light. While you are replacing the battery, the answering system memory will remain intact for 1 minute without power.

1.Insert the cassettes

Lift the cover. Insert the cassettes with the full reels to the right. The cassettes are identical. Either can be used for outgoing announcements or incoming messages.

2.Set DIAL MODE switch

Set the DIAL MODE switch to TONE if you have touch tone service, or PULSE if you have dial pulse (rotary) service.

3.Connect the line cord

Plug one end of the telephone line cord into the TEL LINE jack, and plug the other end into a modular wall jack. The telephone line cord functions as an antenna, and the cordless phone will operate best if this cord is kept untangled and as straight as possible.

4.Plug in the power cord

Plug the AC adapter on the power cord into an electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch. The cassettes will automatically rewind in 10 to 15 seconds. Then the Message Window will show PF.

NOTE: If E1 (no messages) or E2 (no Announcement) appears in the Message Window, you have not yet inserted the cassettes. Insert the cassettes and press MESSAGES.

5.Press and release RESET

The system rewinds the message tape and then displays CL in the Message Window. CL means the clock must be set. The answering system will not record the day and time until you have done so.

6.Set the clock

The Clock feature will record the day and time of each message received. To set the clock:

a)Set the VOLUME control to the middle

NOTE: While setting the clock, you must follow the steps quickly. If you pause for more than 60 seconds, the system will announce the complete day and time setting. If you hear the complete