Ariens 917001 User Manual
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Date: July 17, 2009 No. B-2048

Service Bulletin

Ariens Company 655 W. Ryan St. Brillion, WI 54110

Product Family: 917001 27-TonLog Splitter

Subject: Wedge Mounting Hardware Replacement

Dealer Action: Install New Mounting Bolts


Serial Number Range




– 000611; 000622; 001004 – 001005;

27-TonLog Splitter


001027; 001058; 001073; 001090;




– 001096; 001098; 001113 – 001114;



001134; 001153; 001170


The Ariens Company has learned that the splitting wedge mounting bolts on the model 917001 27-TonLog Splitter may fail under extreme loads. Replacing the twoexisting .38-16hex bolts closest to the cylinder withtwo .50-13x 2 Grade 8 hex bolts (p/n 05970700), two .563 x 1.38 x .109 flat steel

washers (p/n 06442000), and two .50-13center lock nuts (p/n 06536300) reduces the potential for failure under such loads.

Before putting into service any 917001 27-TonLog Splitter in theabove-listedserial number ranges, replace thetwo.38-16hex bolts closest to the cylinder as indicated in the illustration on page two with two

.50-13x 2 Grade 8 hex bolts (p/n 05970700), two .563 x 1.38 x .109 flat steel washers (p/n 06442000), andtwo .50-13center lock nuts (p/n 06536300). For units in these serial number ranges already sold to end users, contact the customer and replace the hardware at the customer’s earliest convenience.

Only the units in the serial numbers listed above need to have hardware replaced. All other units will have had this change made before shipping from Ariens.

Dealers should file a warranty claim for each log splitter they service, using flat rate code 17900. Dealers will be reimbursed for 0.25 hours of labor at their standard posted shop labor rate.

Refer to the illustration on page 2 for hardware location and installation instructions.

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Date: July 17, 2009 No. B-2048

Remove and discard the two 3/8 bolts and top locking flange nuts closest to the cylinder.

NOTE: Stroke the cylinder slightly forward to get access to the bolts. Shut down the log splitter after stroking the cylinder. DO NOT replace the bolts while the unit is running.



Use a 1/2” drill bit to bore out the mounting holes closest to the cylinder.

.50-13x 2 Grade 8 hexbolt (p/n 05970700)

.563 x 1.38 x .109 flat steelwasher (p/n 06442000)

Install .50-13x 2 Grade 8 hex bolt (p/n 05970700), .563 x 1.38 x .109 flat steel washer (p/n 06442000),and .50-13center lock

nut (p/n 06536300). Tighten to 50 lbf-ft(67.8 N•m).

.50-13center lock nut (p/n 06536300)

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