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FCC Statement

FCC Class B Radio Frequency Interference


This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measure:

1.Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

2.Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

3.Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

4.Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/television technician for help.

Notice 1:

The changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's

authority to operate the equipment.

Notice 2:

Shielded interface cables must be used in order to compiliy with the emission limit.


GeForce4 Ti – Ferocious Graphics Power

GeForce4 Ti - Ferocious Graphics Power

The GeForce4 Ti graphics processing unit (GPU) is the first consumer GPU capable of driving complex geometries and character animations. With its advanced nfiniteFX II Engine, superior Accuview Antialiasing techniques, and flexible nView display technology, the GeForce4 Ti GPU allow end users to experience radically immersive graphical environments complete with unique visual effects, and the most realistic, life-likeimages ever experienced on a desktop PC.


GeForce4 Ti 4600

GeForce4 Ti 4400

GeForce4 Ti 4200

Vertices per Second

136 Million

125 Million

113 Million

Fill Rate ( AA Samples / Sec )

4.8 Billion

4.4 Billion

4 Billion

Operations per Second

1.23 Trillion

1.12 Trillion

1.03 Trillion

Memory Bandwidth

10.4 GB/Sec.

8,8 GB/Sec.

Up to 8 GB/Sec.

Maximum Memory

128 MB

128 MB

128 MB

User’s Guide

GeForce4 Ti – Ferocious Graphics Power

nfiniteFX II Engine

The NVIDIA nfiniteFX II Engine incorporates dual programmable Vertex Shaders, faster Pixel Shaders and 3D textures. The nfiniteFX II Engine gives developers the freedom to program a virtually infinite number of custom special effects to create true-to-lifecharacters and environments.

Accuview Antialiasing

The Accuview Antialiasing subsystem with advanced multisampling hardware delivers full-sceneantialiased quality at performance levels never before seen.

Lightspeed Memory Architecture II

LMA II boosts effective memory bandwidth by up to 300%. Radical new technologies? including Z-occlusionculling, fastZ-clear,and autopre-charge?effectively multiply the memory bandwidth to ensure fluid frame rates for the latest 3D and 2D games and applications.

3D Textures

An integral part of the nfiniteFX II and nfiniteFX Engines, 3D textures make hollow objects solid with true three-dimensionalmaterial properties such as wood grain or marbling.

Shadow Buffers

Shadow buffers enable self-shadowingfor characters and objects, and soften the edges of shadows for realistic effects, adding depth to scenes and highlighting spatial relationships between objects.

User’s Guide

GeForce4 Ti – Ferocious Graphics Power

Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)

Guarantees forward and backward compatibility with software drivers. Simplifies upgrading to a new NVIDIA product because all NVIDIA products work with the same driver software.

Advanced Pixel Shaders

Part of the nfiniteFX II Engine, advanced Pixel Shaders alter lighting and surface effects that replace artificial, computerized looks with materials and surfaces that mimic reality. Technical advancements deliver substantial performance improvement in all areas, especially three and four texture performance.

AGP 4X/2X and AGP Texturing Support

Takes advantage of new methods of transferring information more efficiently, and allows content developers to use high-quality,32-bitcolor textures andhigh-polygon-countscenes.

Dual Vertex Shaders

Part of the nfiniteFX II Engine, dual Vertex Shaders are used to breathe life and personality into complex characters and environments. By driving more than 100 million processed vertices per second, dual Vertex Shaders make massively populated scenes rich in detail possible.

Highest Quality and Highest Performance Microsoft Windows XP Support

Fully accelerates Windows XP multimedia and user interfaces, making it the ideal Windows XP graphics solution.

User’s Guide

GeForce4 Ti – Ferocious Graphics Power

Lossless Z-Compression

LMA II contains a lossless form of Z-compressionthat delivers a 4:1 benefit. Compression is a crucial technique in saving memory bandwidth for higher performance.

Microsoft DirectX 8.X and OpenGL 1.3 Optimizations and Support

Delivers the best performance and guarantees compatibility with all current and future 3D applications and games.

Quad Cache

LMA II contains a caching system for primitives, vertices, textures and pixels. These caches are individually dedicated and optimized for almost instant graphics pipeline access and reuse.

World's Fastest DDR Memory Interface

The 10.6GB per second memory subsystem ensures peak performance and the smoothest frame rates ever, allowing extremely high resolutions and full-sceneantialiasing as the standard operating mode for most games.

Z-CorrectBump Mapping

The nfiniteFX II engine is capable of making intersecting bump-mappedpolygons look realistic and accurate. This is especially important in scenes where water and land interact with each other.

User’s Guide