AMX Endeleo Multi-Format Receiver UDM-RX01 User Manual
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Quick Start Guide

UDM-RX01 EndeleoMulti-FormatReceiver


Installed at the display device, the UDM-RX01(FG-UDM-RX01)converts the signal received from a UDMMulti-FormatDistribution Hub to standard A/V signals(FIG. 1).


The UDM-RX01is configured via the UDM Hub’s WebConsole. Refer to the UDM Hub’sOperation/Reference Guide for details.


With intelligent receiver technology, each UDM-RX01is powered directly from the UDMMulti-FormatDistribution Hub. As the hub is switched from one video/audio source to another, the receiver detects a change in signal and automatically switches the output device to its new video format.


The UDM-RX01is compatible for use with the following UDM Hubs:









Product Specifications


Power Requirements:


24VDC @ .75A



Note: TheUDM-RX01is remotely powered by the UDM



Multi-FormatDistribution Hub (seeSystem Overview ).




Rear Panel Connectors:




Power Socket:

2.1mm barrel-styleDC power socket (female)



UDM Hub (RJ45)

Provides audio/video transport as well as control via Cat5,


Cat5e or Cat6 to an UDM Hub.



Serial (RJ12) port:

Enables an administrator to control the various functions



to the UDM-RX01from a command line prompt and termi-



nal connection.



• Requires a DB9-to-RJ12adapter cable(FG-RS01)to



connect to a PC.



• 9600, 8 bit, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit



IR Rx Port:

3.5mm stereo input port, for connection of an IR receiver



to allow setup of the UDM-RX01,local compensation



controls, and remote control of centrally located IR






IR Tx Port:

3.5mm stereo IR Transmitter output port allows one IR-



controlled device (such as a DVD or VCR player) to be



controlled via optional wired IR emitter.



Audio Connectors:

• Black RCA female connector - Digital audio



• White RCA female connector - Analog audio Left



• Red RCA female connector - Analog audio Right



Video Connectors:

• Yellow RCA female connector - CVBS (supports



composite video)



S-Video-S-videofemale connector



• VGA - HD15 female connector (supports VGA video)



• Green RCA female connector - Component output: Y



• Blue RCA female connector - Component output: Pb



• Red RCA female connector - Component output: Pr



Operating Environment:

• 35°F - 95°F (5°C - 35°C)



• Max. relative humidity - 85% (non-condensing)



Dimensions (HWD):

1" x 8 15/16” x 3 3/8” (25 mm x 227 mm x 85 mm)




1.45 lb. (658 g)




• CE



• FCC part 15 Class A

Other AMX Equipment: • RS232 DB9/RJ12 Connection Cable (FG-RS01)

UDM-RC02Multi-FormatIR Remote Control(FG-UDM-RC02)

IR01 IR Emitter Module (FG-IR01)

IR03 External IR Receiver Module (FG-IR03)

UDM-PS24VDC, 750mA Power Supply(FG-UDM-PS)

Rear Panel Components

All of the connectors and ports are located on the rear panel (FIG. 2):

Composite (Pr) port Composite (Pb) port Composite (Y) port

VGA (HD15) port S-Videoport

CVBS port

UDM HUB port (RJ45) - from an “OUTPUT” port on the UDM Hub

Serial port (RJ12)

IR Rx port






















RCA audio

IR Tx port







SPDIF female Digital Audio port













FIG. 2 UDM-RX01- rear panel components

UDM Hub Port (RJ45)

The UDM-RX01connects to the network through a connection to a UDM Hub. Refer to the UDM Hub’sOperation/Reference Guide for details.

Serial Port

The Serial port is available for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes.

The Serial port on the UDM-RX01is an RJ12 connector, and requires aDB9-to-RJ12adapter cable(FG-RS01)to connect to a PC for Terminal control.

IR Receiver (IR Rx) Port

The IR Rx port is used to enable user control and the remote compensation of the video link to the UDM, using theFG-UDM-RC10and theFG-IR03.

Refer to the Protocols and IR Learningsection of the UDM Hub’s Operation/Reference Guidefor details for information on learning a device’s IR commands.

IR Transmit (IR Tx) Port

The IR Tx port issues IR commands from theUDM-RX01to a controlled device. One IR device (such as DVD player or VCR) can be connected to theUDM-RX01via the IR Tx port, and controlled via the UDM Hub’s WebConsole or via remote control.

Note: IR devices controlled via the IRTX ports are typically installed within the same equipment rack as the UDM Hub and Receiver.

Connecting an IR Device to the IR Tx Port

1.Connect an IR01 Endeleo IR Emitter Module (FG-IR01)to the IR Tx port on theUDM-RX01.

Note: Ensure the position of the device corresponds to the position assigned in the Devices option of the UDMHub’s WebConsole.

2.Run the other end of the IR Emitter cable to the device’s IR sensor, and attach the IR Emitter to the device’s sensor by removing the cover on the reverse side of the IR Emitter.

IR commands for each device on the system have to be learned by the UDM hub in order to function properly. Refer to the Protocols and IR Learning section of the UDM Hub’sOperation/Reference Guide for information on learning a device’s IR commands.

Audio Connectors

The UDM-RX01provides standard Audio RCA output connectors for S/PDIF for digital audio, and LEFT/RIGHT for analog audio output(FIG. 2).

Video Connectors

VGA Input at Display Device

1.Attach one end of the Endeleo VGA to VGA cable to the VGA connector on theUDM-RX01.

2.Run the other end to the VGA connector on the display device. Connect firmly.

3.If appropriate connect audio to the audio connectors on the UDM-RX01.

Note: Ensure Input A is configured as a “VGA Input” and named appropriately within the “Inputs” section of the Hub’s Configuration software. Also ensure the correct Audio Type (Analog L/R or S/PDIF) is selected for the relevant input.