AMX DAS-IAMP4 User Manual
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Installation Guide

Carbon XA Amplifiers

Overview - Carbon XA Amplifiers

Where more than one pair of speakers is required in a zone, Carbon XA amplifiers provide the extra power needed to drive up to 4 additional speaker pairs (FIG. 1). Use Carbon XA in backyards, large rooms or other zones where additional speakers are needed.

Carbon XA Product Specifications (Cont.)


Including feet and rear connectors:


• 3 1/16” x 17” x 13 1/2”


• 7.68cm x 43.18cm x 33.52cm




25.75 lbs (11.68 kg)



FIG. 1 Carbon XA Amplifiers - Front view(DAS-AMP4shown)

Carbon XA Amplifiers provide extra output power to multiple pairs of speakers driven from one Mi-Series/Deltazone.

The DAS-AMP8 is an8-channelamp that supports an additional 4 speakers pairs per unit (120V). TheDAS-IAMP8 is a 240V version.

The DAS-AMP4 is a4-channelamp that supports an additional 2 speaker pairs per unit (120V). TheDAS-IAMP4 is a 240V version for International usage.


Features common to all Carbon XA Amplifiers include:

High-qualitysound - delivers 60 watts ofhigh-qualitysound per channel.

Expandable configuration - stack up to 3 Carbon XA units per zone to gain up to 12 additional speaker pairs (24 channels).

Easy installation - Speaker Wire Technology makes installation simple using four conductor speaker wire.

Integrates with both the Delta Series and Mi Series controllers, as well as the C, C-DTand EL Series speakers.

Utilizes proprietary SWT - Speaker Wire Technology™

Product Specifications

Carbon XA Product Specifications

Models Available:

DAS-AMP4 (FG1102-01)4-ChannelAmplifier (120 V)


DAS-IAMP4 (FG1102-02)4-ChannelAmplifier (240 V)


DAS-AMP8 (FG1102-03)8-ChannelAmplifier (120 V)


DAS-IAMP8 (FG1102-04)8-ChannelAmplifier (240 V)




Modular Design - configurable in single pairs:


DAS-AMP8:Up to 4 stereo pairs (8 channels - 4 Ohm load)


DAS-AMP4:Up to 2 stereo pairs (4 channels - 8 Ohm load)


• Stackable up to 2 Carbon XA units



Stereo Output:

• Dual mono amplifier stage design


• 60 watts per channel


• THD+N at 1 Khz continuous .006%@ 8 Ohms


• Each Carbon XA is capable of providing 480 watts @ 8 Ohms



Control Options:

• Matrix keypad


C-Seriesspeakers using SWT




• 750W max (Average usage = 250W).


• High current Torroidal power supply



Front Panel Components:



• Status LED

Dual stage status LED:


• Red in standby


• Green when active



Rear Panel Components:



• Power Switch &

The master power switch will remain in the ON position





• Output 1-4:

Euro-styleconnectors provide direct connection to speakers.



• From Controller:

SWT input port (connects to an Mi-SeriesAudio Controller)



• To Keypad:

SWT output port (connects to Matrix keypad or interface)



Available Colors:

Black, Silver



Connecting Carbon XA to a Mi-SeriesAudio Controller

Connect the Carbon XA Amplifier to the Mi-SeriesAudio Controller via the Molex connector labelled “From Controller” on the rear panel of the Carbon XA.

Connecting Matrix Keypads to the Carbon XA

Connect Matrix Keypads to the Carbon XA Amplifier via the Molex connector labelled “To Keypad” on the rear panel of the Carbon XA (seeFIG. 2).

Molex Connector

FIG. 2 provides a Molex Connector Legend

Left +

Right +


Ground (-)

FIG. 2 Molex Connector Legend

Note: When stripping cable for use with the Molex connector, only strip away about ¼” (6mm) of the insulation from each wire. The complete assembly should not have more than 1/32” (1mm) of bare wire exposed from the bottom of the connector.

Connecting Speakers


Each speaker has a Red (positive) terminal and a Black (negative) terminal. Connect the appropriate wire from the keypad to Red and Black terminals on the Left and Right speakers, as with any standard speaker installation.

SWT Speakers

Matrix Audio SWT Speakers are different from any other speaker available on the market. They allow you to control a single zone of audio without a keypad being installed. Therefore, some different wiring practices must be considered for proper operation and control.

This is achieved by “daisy-chaining”from the first speaker to the second speaker. The main run of 16/4 from the controller will go directly to the first speaker in the zone.

At the controller end, the wiring is left-to-right:L D G R with the screws of the connector facing up.

At the speaker end, refer to the labeling on speaker PCB to ensure the correct wiring.

The labelling at both ends must match or the IR control will not work (i.e.: if you used the RED wire for the Left Audio labelled “L” at the zone output, you must use the RED wire for the pin labelled “L” on the speaker connector).

Be sure to screw the connector down to the speaker crossover board before installing and securing in the ceiling. This will ensure that the connector will not disconnect after installation.

A single run of 16/2 must be run from the first speaker to the second speaker.

Audio Switching

When no audio is present, the Carbon XA amplifier will go into Standby mode and mute the speakers after about 5 seconds. When audio is sensed at the input, the device will un-mutethe speakers and the volume may be controlled by the keypad or remote. The switch time between muting andun-mutingis approximately 200 milliseconds.