AMX DAS-AMFM User Manual
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Installation Guide

DAS-AMFM AM/FM Tuner Module


Add AM/FM Radio functionality to your Mi Series system with the DAS-AMFMAM/FM Tuner Module(FG1110-01).

Up to two DAS-AMFMmodules can be added to each Mi Series controller.

Each tuner module uses one source input on the audio controller.

WARNING: Disconnect all power sources before opening the chassis. Failure to disconnect power before performing this installation may cause injury or death.

CAUTION: Make sure to discharge all static electricity from your body before touching any components of the tuner modules or the audio controller. Failure to do so may lead to permanent damage to the tuner or controller.

Single Tuner Installation Instructions

Installing The Tuner Module in the Controller

1.Remove the cover from the controller.

2.With the back of the unit facing you, remove the screws from the Tuner Option cover plate at the right top corner of the rear panel (FIG. 1) and remove the plate. Retain the screws, as they will be used to install the tuner.

Tuner 1 (installed)

Tuner Option

cover plate

FIG. 1 Rear Panel Tuner with Tuner Option cover plate

3.Carefully insert the DAS-AMFMtuner module into the controller, with the electronics facing up, and use the screws that attached the Tuner Option cover plate to secure the tuner to the controller.

Note: Be careful not to damage the white ribbon cable on the top of the Tuner module.

4.Place the Rear Panel connector at the end of the ribbon cable (FIG. 2) on the rear boardpin-bus,keeping the red stripe at the top.

RED STRIPE (to Pin 1)


not used





Tuner 1


Rear Panel








Tuner 2







FIG. 2 Tuner Ribbon Cable



5.Connect the "Tuner 1" connector on the ribbon cable to the Tuner 1 module(FIG. 3).

Note: The ribbon cable must be oriented so that the red stripe is connected to Pin 1 on the connector.

Rear of controller

Tuner 1 Connector

FIG. 3 Tuner 1 Module Connection

Be sure that both ends of the cable are securely plugged into their respective boards through the 20-pinconnectors(FIG. 4).

FIG. 4 20-PinConnector and Ribbon Cable

Setting the Jumpers in the Controller

Examine the configuration of the jumpers on the left end of the rear board, as seen when viewing the rear board from the front of the controller.

The jumpers should be in the “Off” position, with the top pair of pins in each configuration exposed and the jumpers connecting the second and third set of pins.

Move the top set of jumpers to the “On” position, connecting the first two sets of pins and leaving the third set exposed (FIG. 5).

Tuner 1 jumpers (in “On” position)

Exposed pair of pins

Tuner 2 jumpers (in “Off” position)

FIG. 5 Controller Jumper Configuration

Reconnect power to the unit and turn it on to make sure that the tuner is properly integrated with the controller.

If the tuner is functioning properly, remove power and replace the unit cover.