AMX Battery Base and Accessories NXA-BASE-B User Manual

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Installation Guide

NXA-BASE/BBattery Base and Accessories

For more detailed installation and operating instructions, refer to the touch panel’s instruction manual, available



Modero Power Pack

Battery Base




Overview of the NXA-BASE/B

The NXA-BASE/B(Battery Base) is a Modero accessory that allows a touch panel to function off the collective charge of two internally connectedNXT-BPbatteries(FG2255-10).The base provides both power and battery information to the panel via the panel interface connector (FIG. 2).

This base is also sold as part of an NXA-BASE/BKit (FG2255K) that contains one (1) battery base and two (2) batteries. The accompanying batteries can be charged through either the base or optionalNXT-CHGModero Power Station(FG2250-50).Refer to the12" and 15" Modero Touch Panel Series Owner/ Reference Manual for more information.



Dimensions (HWD):



• 1.13" x 8.63" x 11.81" (2.86 cm x 21.91 cm x 30.00 cm)




• 0.69" x 3.50" x 5.81" (1.75 cm x 8.89 cm x 14.76 cm)






NXA-BASE/B:2.7 A @ 12 VDC (max power draw while




NXT-BP:Voltage - 11.1 Volts




• Base unit: 1.25 lbs (0.567 kg)


• Base and 2 batteries: 3.23 lbs (1.47 kg)




• Charge current 2.5A @ 12 VDC


• Charge time for two depleted batteries ~ 5 - 8 hours


• The Modero unit plus battery base requires a PSN6.5


power supply


• Operating Environment: 10° C (50° F) to 35° C (95° F)


• Storage Temperature: -20°C(-4°F) to +60° C (140° F)




• Battery Usage: 4 to 8 hours (time is usage-dependent)


• Charge Capacity: 6300mAh


• Operating Environment: 10° C (50° F) to 35° C (95° F)


• Storage/Discharge Temperature: -20°C(-4°F) to +60° C


(140° F)






1 charger (FG2250-50)and 2NXT-BPbatteries (FG2255-









ATTENTION! Before beginning the installation of the battery base to a CV series touch panel (NXDT-CV7,-CV10,or-CV17),verify that the firmware on the panel is Build 27 or higher. This build incorporates the necessary updates for using the Modero with theNXA-BASE/B.This does not apply to other Modero touch panels. Refer to the touch panel’s instruction manual for detailed firmware update procedures.



Captive fasteners

Battery Compartment


(secure base to


pulls outwards











Panel Interface





connector (female)


FIG. 2 NXA-BASE/Bshowing Panel Interface and connector locations

4.Carefully place the Modero panel over the base alignment pegs (FIG. 3). These pegs assist in aligning the panel to the base.

Top view

Bottom view

Interface connector (male)


Panel Interface








FIG. 3 NXA-BASE/Bshown aligning with NXT panel

5.Gently apply downward pressure until the panel is securely mounted to the battery base.

6.Firmly grip both the panel (from side) and battery base (from below).

ATTENTION! The battery base CANNOT be "hot-swapped".A panel receiving power through a connected PSN6.5 cannot have a Panel Interface connector from the battery base inserted into the bottom of the panel. POWER OFF the panel before installing theNXA-BASE/B.

7.Gently place the touch panel LCD facedown onto a soft cloth. This prevents scratching of the LCD while the battery base is secured.

8.Locate the captive fastners on the underside of the battery base (FIG. 4) by angling the base combo slightly forwards.

9.Push down on each fastener head by using a flat-headscrewdriver to turn them clockwise until theNXA-BASE/Bis securely attached to the underside of the NXT Modero touch panel.

10.After securing is complete, firmly grip both the panel LCD/base combo and gently place the unit back onto a flat surface.

Installing the NXT-BASE/Bto an NXT Modero Panel

1.Power Off the panel before attempting to use theNXA-BASE/B.

2.Place the empty battery base onto a flat/level surface.

3.Verify the alignment of the Panel Interface connectors between the panel (male connector) and base (female connector) (FIG. 2).

Captive fasteners (secure base to panel)

FIG. 4 NXT-BASE/Bshowing underside fastener locations

Checking the NXT-BPCharge

1.Press the Battery Life Indicator button (FIG. 5) once to illuminate the Battery Life LEDs and display the percent charge remaining on the battery (this indication lasts for a few seconds).

Battery Life (Charge)

Battery Life Indicator button

It’s recommended to fully charge the batteries before their initial use

FIG. 5 NXT-BPModero Power Pack (showing Battery Life Indicator and button)

2.Repeat the above step for the remaining NXT-BPbattery.

3.Charge the batteries by inserting them within the battery base.

It is recommended to fully charge the batteries before they are initially inserted into the base. Refer to the following section for more detailed information on this process.

ATTENTION! If the 25% LED indicator is blinking, this indicates that the battery has less than 5% of a charge remaining.

Installation of an NXT-BPinto theNXA-BASE/B

The base does not directly connect to a power supply, but rather receives the power necessary to charge the batteries from the Modero panel (through the Panel Interface connector).

1.With the panel atop the base, open the battery compartment (FIG. 6) by pulling the handle outwards. This compartment is capable of housing two

(2) NXT-BPbatteries.

NXT-BPBattery #2











3.Align the battery connectors with their corresponding battery connector ports (located on the battery slot inside the battery compartment) (FIG. 6).

4.Insert the NXT-BPbattery until the connectors securely fit into the battery connector port within the slot.

5.Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining battery.

6.Apply a small amount of pressure to close the battery compartment until the compartment latches.

ATTENTION! The AMX logo will appear to indicate that the panel is receiving power.

Updating Firmware and Setup pages

1.Download the latest Modero firmware from the website.

2.Update the latest firmware to the Modero panel. Refer to the instruction manual for detailed download and update instructions.

NOTE: With older panels, such as theNXDT-CV7,-CV10,or-CV17touch panels, the Modero firmware must be Build 27 or higher.

3.Download the TPDesign4 setup patch from the website to update the current release of TPD4 for use with the NXA-BASE/B.

4.Launch the patch TPD4 Patch.EXE to update your TPD4 program.

5.After rebooting your machine, create a new TPD4 project that consists of a single blank NXT Modero touch panel page and button.

6.Download this page to the panel using the Full Clean - Download to Panel feature in TPD4. Refer to the manual for more detailed information. This step updates the Setup pages (more specifically, the Battery Base page) on your Modero panel.

7.Press and hold the Front Setup Access button (FIG. 7) for 3-secondsto access theon-screenSetup page.

(simulated image)

Front Setup

Access button

FIG. 7 NXA-BASE/Band Modero panel combo

8.Press the on-screenProtected Setup button and press theon-screenReboot button to restart the panel and incorporate the new changes.

9.After startup, repeat step 7 to access the Setup page.

10.Press the on-screenBATTERY BASE button to access the Battery Base page. This page allows you to both confirm communication between the two units (panel and battery base) and the charging/discharging status of the batteries within the battery base.

Charging the NXT-BPsusing theNXA-BASE/B

1.Insert the two (2) batteries into the battery compartment shown in FIG. 6.

2.Insert a 2-pinconnector, from a PSN6.5 power supply, to the rear PWR connector on the NXT Modero panel.


NXT-BPBattery #1



FIG. 6 Battery installation procedure




Install the NXT-BPbattery with the"label-side"facing down




For full warranty information, refer to the AMX Instruction Manual(s) associated with your Product(s).










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