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The MAX-AOMAudio-OnlyModule(FIG. 1) is a streaming audio playback USB module that distributes up to four stereo outputs (both digital and analog).

The AOM is available either as a single unit (FG 2178-55),or as two units using the optionalAOM-EXExpansion Kit (FG 2178-56)that mountside-by-sidewithin a single rack unit. TheAOM-EXadds another four audio outputs, to allow up to eightaudio-onlyoutputs. Note that theAOM-EXdoes not include a faceplate.







Power Connector

3.Enter an available server output/zone number (between 1 - 33). This is the Output Number that will appear in the WinMAX software.

Note: The server will not allow you to assign an audio output to an output/zone that is already in use. To determine which server outputs are already being used, selectView from the Output Module Setup menu.

If other output modules (AOM or AVM) have already been added to the server, then assign the AOM to the next available output. For example, if you had already added 10 output modules to the server, then this AOM should be assigned to output 11.

Note that AOMs use up to 4 outputs on the MMS server, while AVMs use only one.

If you are adding only one AOM module to the server, then you’ll specify up to four server output/zones (one for each of the four possible audio outputs on the AOM). If you are adding two AOMs (MMS-04S,-12Sand-900servers only), you’ll specify up to eight outputs (four per AOM), as indicated in the followingtable.

USB connector (to MMS server)

FIG. 1 MAX-AOMAudio-OnlyModule - rear panel connectors

The MMS-01S,MMS-02SandMMS-02SBservers feature twobuilt-inaudio output channels, and support oneMAX-AOM(for a maximum total of six audio output channels).

The MMS-04S,MMS-12SandMMS-900servers support twoMAX-AOMs(for a maximum total of eight audio output channels).

Note: Do not use a USB hub with MMS servers or AOM modules.

Product Specifications



5VDC 0.9A external power supply


110-240VAC 50/60 Hz




AC Current Draw (AMP):

.09A - Bootup/Power Cycle Peak


.09A - Normal Usage Peak




Audio Output:

4 audio output channels, each with RCA SPDIF digital, analog





• Digital audio output: 6-channelDolby Digital and DTS


• Analog audio output: stereo


24-bitD/A conversion, 128X over sampling


48kHz sampling rate


Output level -10dBVnominal


Signal to Noise Ratio 110db A-weighted


Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz


Dynamic Range: 110dB




Rear Panel Connectors:

USB Connector: USB connector (Type B)


Power Cable connector: DC 3-pinDIN.


• Audio Outputs: Four sets of three connectors (see FIG. 1):



- (D): One RCA S/PDIF (coax) connector for digital output.



- (L, R): Two RCA connectors for stereo analog output.




Dimensions (HWD)

MAX-AOM(only): 1.75” x 8.48” x 10.47”



(4.44cm x 21.53cm x 26.59cm)


Two MAX-AOM(s)withAOM-EXRack Mount Kit:



1.75” x 19.1” x 12.02” (4.44cm x 48.51cm x 30.53cm)





MAX-AOM:10.00 lbs (4.53 kg)


MAX-AOM-EX:8.45 lbs (3.83 kg)




Included Accessories:

5VDC 2.4A external power supply


6’ (1.83m) USB (A to B) cable


Removable Faceplate




Optional Accessories

AOM-EXExpansion Kit (FG 2178-56):includes a second MAX-



AOM unit with mounting brackets and hardware.








Adding the MAX-AOMto the MMS Server

In order for AOM(s) to be recognized by the MMS server, they must each be added to the system, via the Add Output Module options in the MAX Admin Menu.

Add the AOM(s) to the server (as described below) before physically connecting the module(s).

Since AOMs provide up to four audio outputs per USB port on the MMS server, each of the AOM audio outputs must be associated with a specific output/zone on the MMS server:

Note: TheMMS-01S,-02Sand 02SB servers feature twobuilt-inaudio outputs, which occupy the first two outputs on (internal) USB 1 port for those servers. Refer to theMMS-01S,-02Sand-02SBInstallation Guides for details on configuring the audio outputs for external AOMs.

1.Open the System Information tab in WinMAX, and click on theServer Configuration button to access theMAX Admin menu.

2.Go to Output Module Setup > Add Output Module > AOMto access the Enter Output Number dialog.

MMS Output Zones, USB Port and AOM Audio Outputs

MMS Output/Zone (1-33)

USB port connection (1-2)

AOM Audio output (1-4)





AOM 1 (on USB 1)

AOM 1 - Audio Output 1





AOM 1 (on USB 1)

AOM 1 - Audio Output 2





AOM 1 (on USB 1)

AOM 1 - Audio Output 3





AOM 1 (on USB 1)

AOM 1 - Audio Output 4





AOM 2 (on USB 2)

AOM 2 - Audio Output 1





AOM 2 (on USB 2)

AOM 2 - Audio Output 2





AOM 2 (on USB 2)

AOM 2 - Audio Output 3





AOM 2 (on USB 2)

AOM 2 - Audio Output 4












11...(to 33)

AVM 3...




4.In the Enter USB port number field, enter the number of the USB port on the MMS server that this AOM will be connected to (range = 1 - 2). If you are using aMMS-01S,-02Sor-02SBserver, this number should always be set to1 (since these servers have only one USB port). ClickOK to proceed.

5.In the Enter AOM output number field, specify which of the four available audio outputs on the AOM you are adding (range = 1 - 4) to the MMS server output number specified in step 1.

6.The system will notify you that the module has been added to the system. Click OK to return to the Output Module Setup menu.

Once the module has been added, select View from the Output Module Setup menu. The module you just added should appear in the list of Installed Output Modules. AOM modules are listed by MMS output /zone number assignment, USB port number and AOM output number.

Select View from the Admin menu to view a list of all output modules (AOMs and AVMs) already in the system.

Select Remove to remove an existing output module from the system.

Connecting to MMS Servers

Once the AOM has been added to the server, you can connect it to the MMS server and audio system(s):

1.Connect the AOM(s) to an audio system (amplifier, switcher, etc.) using one of two options:

a)Use stereo RCA cables for analog audio output.

b)Use a coaxial cable for digital audio output.

2.Connect the included power supply to the rear panel power connector on the AOM to apply power to the module.

3.Use the supplied 6’ USB cable to connect a USB port on the rear panel of the MMS server to the USB port on the rear panel of the MAX-AOMmodule.

Additional Information on USB Ports 1 and 2 (on the MMS-04S,MMS-12SandMMS-900Servers)

If you are using both USB connectors on the MMS server, be sure to note which audio zones are associated with the AOM connected to each USB port:

The USB 1 port is for audio outputs 1 through 4.

The USB 2 port is for audio outputs 5 through 8.

In this scenario, if the AOM connected to USB port 1 on the server (providing AOM outputs 1-4)is unplugged or experiences any other failure, then USB port 2 takes over and behaves like port 1.

As a result, the AOM connected to USB port 2 will switch from providing audio output/zones 5-8to providing audio output/zones1-4,the next time the server is rebooted.

Mounting the MAX-AOM

Note: Static electricity can damage electronic circuitry. Before mounting the AOM(s), discharge any accumulated static electricity from your body and screwdriver by touching a grounded metal object.

The MAX-AOMincludes hardware for mounting the unit in a standard 19” equipment rack. A single AOM takes upone-halfof the width of a single rack unit, so you can mount two AOMs side by side in a single RU by using the (optional)AOM-EXExpansion Kit (FG2178-56).Refer to the next page for details.

Using the AOM-EXExpansion Kit

The optional AOM-EXExpansion Kit (FG 2178-56)includes aMAX-AOM,a Side Mounting Bracket, ShortRack-MountingBracket, and mounting hardware(FIG. 2). Use the Expansion Kit to mount a second AOM next to the first one, in a single rack space.

Two screws secure the bracket to front and back of AOM #2

Use screws to secure the Side Mounting Bracket to AOM #1

Tabs fit into slots on the side panel of the AOM #2

Side Mounting Bracket

Tabs fit into slots on the side panel of AOM #1

Use screws to secure the Side Mounting Bracket to AOM #1

Three screws secure the

Two screws secure the Short Rack-

Short Rack-MountBracket

Mount Bracket to the

to the side of AOM #2

equipment rack



Short Rack-MountBracket

FIG. 2 MAX-AOM-EXbrackets

The Side Mounting Bracket uses a set of six screws to connect to bracket to the side panel of AOM #1. The bracket features tabs to ensure proper positioning and alignment of the two AOMs, and four screws (two on the front and two on the rear) to secure the AOM #1/side bracket assembly to AOM #2.

The Short Rack-Mounting Bracket uses three screws to attach to the AOM #2 enclosure, and two screws to secure the left side of theMAX-AOM-EXassembly to the equipment rack.

FIG. 3 describes using the MAX-AOM-EXkit:














AOM #1




Remove the Faceplate

























































































Remove and discard the long





















AOM #1

































Position the SIde Mounting Bracket to AOM #1, using the tabs to ensure


proper positioning, Use six of the supplied screws to secure the


Side Mounting Bracket to AOM #1.







Side Mounting Bracket


































AOM #2











AOM #1





























These mounting surfaces (on front and rear of the bracket) secure the AOM #1/bracket assembly to AOM #2

4Use the tabs on the Side Mounting Bracket to position and connect the AOMs

5Secure the AOM #1/side bracket assembly to AOM #2 using the supplied screws. Two screws in the front and two in the back secure the Side Mounting Bracket to the AOM #2 enclosure.

6Use three screws to attach the Short Rack-MountBracket to the front left side of AOM #2, then secure the short bracket/AOM #2 assembly to the equipment rack with two screws (on the front of the bracket).






7 Replace the Faceplate

FIG. 3 Using the optionalMAX-AOM-EXExpansion Kit to mount two AOMs in a single rack space.

Notice: MAX Products are not designed or intended to, and may not be used to, violate anyone’s copyright or other intellectual property rights. Each user of the MAX Products may only use the Products in connection with materials legally owned or licensed by such user and only to the extent such ownership or license rights permit such use.

AMX Corporation reserves the right to alter specifications without notice at any time.



For full warranty information, refer to the AMX Instruction Manual(s) associated with your Product(s).



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