Alto-Shaam 30HA STANDARD-MASTER User Manual

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30HA Standard/Master

30HA Standard I/MasterI

IMPORTANT: For your own safety and that of others, please make certain that everyone who uses the 30HA Standard/Master hot water high pressure washer reads and understands these instructions thoroughly prior to operation.

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We’d like to say, “Thank you!” for choosing one of the ALTO 30HA series machines. This operator’s manual is provided with your new high pressure washer to ensure that you obtain the best results, in the safest manner, with your new machine.

IMPORTANT: This machine is a High Pressure Washer, capable of producing as much as 2100 psi. Read this manual completely, before operating the machine. A complete understanding of the material in this manual will help you avoid possible injury or damage to other objects, as well as damage to the machine, itself.

ALTO's environmental policy

Most of the plastic parts of this model are recycleable, and they have been marked with a recycling symbol and the type of mate-

rial, (i.e. PP).

It is also a part of our concern for environmental problems that the pressure washer is maintenance-free,

meaning that the oil in the high pressure pump will not have to be changed regularly. The oil is in a closed system and is only changed when an eventual service event occurs.

For the production of this high pressure washer the latest technique and technology has been applied. During the final test of the product, the test water is recycled.


IMPORTANT: Read this instruction manual before you start up your high pressure washer for the first time.

This machine is a hot water high pressure washer producing a water jet under high pressure and of a high temperature which is why severe injuries and scalding can occur if the safety precautions are not observed. Therefore a complete understanding of the contents of this instruction manual is required in order to prevent injuries to yourself, objects and persons near-by,and the machine itself.


1.0 Technical data

2.0Instructions for use

Safety precautions and warnings




3.0Operating instructions


1.High pressure hose

2.Inlet water connection

3.Power connection


5.Spray handle - accessories

6.Detergents - metering unit

7.Scale prevention - No Scale

3.2Starting procedure


3.4Temperature control

3.5Spray lance, pressure regulation, how to use detergents




3.9Safety devices on the machine

4.0Applications and working methods

4.1Areas of application

4.2Working pressure


4.4Metering detergents

4.5Working methods

5.0 Disposable waste



6.2Descaling the coil

6.3Clearing the high pressure nozzle

7.0Troubleshooting chart


(see drawing on the cover)

1.Connection for high pressure hose

2.Water connection (water inlet screen)

3.Power cord

4.Fuel filler port (fuel filter)

5.Fuel level indicator

6.Hot water high pressure hose

7.Spray handle

8.Safety locking device

9.Spray lance

10.Metering unit for detergents

11.Compartment for detergent container

12.Pickup hose for detergents

13.Filler port for “No Scale”

14.Level indicator for “No Scale”

15.Pressure gauge

16.Operation knob

17.Handle with hose/cable holder

18.Holder for spray lance

19.Caster wheel with brake

20.Main wheel

21.Model tag


It may be necessary to re-adjustthe burner if the machine is to be used at an elevation of more than 3000 ft. This adjustment must be made by anALTO-trainedservice technician.

At ALTO we endeavour to prepare the instruction manuals for our products in the best possible way. But we know that they can always be better, so if you have any comments or proposals for improvement, we should be pleased to hear from you. Please forward your comments to:

ALTO Danmark A/S, “Manuals”, Industrikvarteret, DK-9560Hadsund.


1.0 Technical data







Standard I/MasterI

Standard I/MasterI

Working pressure




Permissible overpressure




Volumetric flow


2.2 / 2.0

2.5 / 2.3

Max. temperature, inlet water




Rated power












Water temperature


176 (Standard)/302 (Master) 176 (Standard)/302 (Master)

Protection class




Type of protection




Water volume of the heater coil




Heating capacity




Fuel tank capacity




Cleaning agent tank capacity




Permissible water inlet pressure




Dimensions L x W x H


34 x 23 x 30

34 x 23 x 30

Mahine weight




Recoil forces




Please observe the technical data on the rating plate!

1)Voltage 115 V 1~, 60 Hz

2)Voltage 220 V 1~, 60 Hz

Sound pressure level LpA measured in accordance with ISO 11202 [DISTANCE 1m] [FULL LOAD]: 82 dB(A).

Data obtained with 54°F inlet water temperature. We reserve the right to make alterations.


2.0 Instructions for use

Safety precautions and warnings

Before starting your high pressure washer for the first time, we advise you to read through the following sections: 2.0 Instructions for use and3.0 Operating instructions and to follow all instructions to ensure the protection of user, surroundings and machine.


Risk of Injection or Severe Injury - Keep Clear of Nozzle -

Do not Direct Discharge Stream at Persons -

This Product Is To Be Used Only By Trained Operators.

The high water pressure from a high pressure washer may cause personal injury or property damage if the following „IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS“ are not strictly observed.



When using this product, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:

1.Read all of the instructions before using the product.

2.To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when the pressure washer is used near children.

3.Know how to stop the product. Be thoroughly familiar with all the controls.

4.Stay alert - watch what you are doing.

5.Do not operate the product when fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6.Keep the operating area clear of all persons.

7.Do not over-reachor stand on unstable support. Keep good footing and balance at all times.

8.Follow the maintenance instructions specified in the manual.

9.This pressure washer is provided with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) built into the power cord plug. If replacement of the plug or cord is needed, use only identical replacement parts.

10.WARNING! Never direct the water jet towards people, pets, electric wiring, or

the machine itself.

11. WARNING! Never try to clean clothes or footwear on yourself or other persons. 12. Wear eye protection during operation.

13.Never work barefoot or with sandals.

14.WARNING! The operator and anyone in immediate vicinity of the cleaning site should protect himself from being struck by debris dislodged during cleaning operations.

15.The machine should be placed as far away from the cleaning operation as practical.

16.Only trained personnel, familiar with this manual should operate the machine.

17. Don’t start the machine until the high pressure hose has been securely attached.

18. The spray handle and lance are affected by thrust during operation - Always hold the spray lance firmly with both hands.

19.When the machine is not in use, the spray handle trigger should be locked.

20.Activate the trigger only by hand. Never tie or wedge it open in any other way.

21.Avoid damage to the high pressure hose (such as running over it with vehicles, squeezing, pulling, knots/kinks etc.) and keep it away from oil and sharp or hot objects. Failure to protect the hose may cause it to burst.

22.Never detach the high pressure hose when the water temperature is above 120°F (risk of scalding) or while the machine is in operation. Disconnect the power and the inlet water

connection before detaching the high pressure hose.

23.Never tug the power cord to disconnect the plug from receptacle.

24.Always disconnect the plug from receptacle prior to disconnecting any extension cords.

25.Avoid damage to the power cord (such as running it with vehicles, squeezing, pulling, knots etc.) and keep them away from sharp or hot objects.

26.Never use the machine in an environment where there could be a danger of explosion.


Safety precautions and warnings

27.WARNING! The integrity of high pressure hoses, nozzles and connections are important for safety when operating the machine. Only use the high temperature high pressure hoses (with an imprinted max. temperature of150°C), nozzles and connections prescribed by ALTO.

28.For safety reasons only use original KEW Technology accessories and spare parts.

29.In freezing conditions, never start the machine until it, and the hoses and accessories have thawed. Otherwise the machine could be damaged.

30.The machine should not be covered during operation.

31.The combustion gases from the burner are dangerous to humans and animals. Always ensure adequate ventilation during indoor operation.

32.WARNING! Using the wrong fuel can be hazardous!

33.The machine must be turned off when not in use.


2.1 Unpacking

Once the pressure washer has been taken out of the packaging, check that it is complete and without any defects; if in doubt, the pressure washer should not be put into use and you should contact the nearest ALTO service organization.

2.2 Startup

Check the power cord

The insulation of the power cord should be faultless and without any cracks. Please contact a qualified electrician or the nearest ALTO distributor if it is not so.

Check the voltage

Check that the voltage stated on the model tag corresponds to your receptacle.

Power consumption, fuse/breakers

Check the power consumption stated on the model tag and check for correct fuse/breaker.


If these Instructions aren’t followed, it may be dangerous to use your pressure washer.


This product must be grounded. If it should malfunction or break down, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electrical current to reduce the risk of electric shock. This product is equipped with a cord having an equipment-groundingconductor and a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.

DANGER - - Improper connection of theequipment-groundingconductor can result in a risk of electrocution. Check with a qualified electrician or service personnel if you are in doubt as to whether the outlet is properly grounded. Do not modify the plug provided with the product - if it will not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. Do not use any type of adapter with this product.


Safety precautions and warnings


Use only 3-wireextension cords that have3-prong,grounding-typeplugs and3-polecord connectors that accept the plug from the product. Use only extension cords that are intended for outdoor use. These extension cords are identified by a marking "Acceptable for use with outdoor appliances; store indoors while not in use". Use only extension cords having an electrical rating (volts AND amps) not less than the rating of the product. Do not use damaged extension cords. Examine extension cord before using, and replace if damaged. Do not abuse the extension cord and do not yank on any cord to disconnect. Keep cord away from heat and sharp edges. Always disconnect the extension cord from the receptacle before disconnecting the product from the extension cord.


This pressure washer is provided with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) built into the plug of the power supply cord. This device provides additional protection from the risk of electrical shock. Should replacement of the plug or cord become necessary, use only identical replacement parts that include GFCI protection.

WARNING - - To reduce the risk of electrocution, keep all connections dry and off the ground. Do not touch the plug with wet hands.


*Always place the machine at a distance of at least 3 feet from buildings or equipment during operation.

*Never place flammable products (e.g. gasoline, thinner, etc.) or combustible materials (e.g. wood, paper, cloth, etc.) near the machine during operation.

*Never place the machine in the immediate vicinity of heat sources (furnaces, heaters etc.).

2.3 General

1.DO NOT clean asbestos-bearingsurfaces with this machine, unless using special equipment in accordance with appropriate regulations,

2.Never touch plug and receptacle with wet hands.

3.WARNING! This machine has been constructed for use with “normal” detergents. The use of aggressive detergents or chemicals may cause operating and safety problems.

4.When using detergents, the instructions should always be strictly observed.

5.Always unplug the machine before cleaning or maintenance of the machine.

6.Don’t use the machine if the power cord or important parts of the equipment are damaged - i.e. safety devices, high pressure hoses, spray handles, cabinet.

7.If the power cord is damaged, it should be replaced by a ALTO trained service technician or a qualified electrician to avoid a hazardous situation.

8.The owner and operator are obliged to observe any working environment or working safety regulations concerning the operation of this high pressure washer.



3.0Operating instructions


1.High pressure hose

Only use KEW Technology high pressure steam-capablehoses with an imprinted max. temperature of 150°C.

Max. length of extension hose: 33 ft.

The high pressure hose with imprinted max. working pressure and temperature (150°C) should be attached to outlet socket (1) using the quick coupler (6). The total length of the high pressure hose must not exceed 66 ft.

2.Inlet water connection


Min. length/i.d. of hose: 20 ft, ½".


Clean water inlet screen at least monthly

Max. inlet water pressure 150 psi.

Let water run through the inlet hose to flush any impurities, and clean coupling parts before connecting the supply hose. Attach the inlet water hose to the quick coupling part (2) of the water inlet.

The water supply system must supply at least. 200 gal/hr (3.2 gpm).

If there is a risk of sand in the inlet water (i.e. from your own well), a sand filter should be mounted. Please contact your ALTO distributor for further information.

3.Power connection

Only connect to an approved receptacle with grounding conductor.

Uncoil the power cord before running the machine.

Check voltage, fuse, cords and extension cords according to section »2.1. Start-up«.


Operating instructions


Use clean heating oil or diesel fuel

WARNING! Using the wrong fuel can be hazardous!

Capacity of tank: 4 gal.

Filling of fuel for the burner through the filler opening (4). Capacity of tank: 4 gal. Only use clean heating oil, diesel fuel, or kerosene.

The fuel level can be read on the level indicator (5).

If the burner stops unintentionally, check the fuel level in the tank and if necessary, refill (at least 2 gal). To protect the life of the fuel pump, it is important that the machine is not allowed to run without fuel in the tank.

5.Spray handle - accessories



Clean quick-connectnipple each time the spray lance has been detached.

Pull the grey quick coupler release (7) forward.

Insert the nipple of the spray lance (9) in the quick coupling and release #7.

Tug on the spray lance or other accessory to ensure it’s securely mounted, before starting the machhine.

6.Detergents - metering unit

Only use “normal” detergents. Use of aggressive detergents may damage equipment and affect the environment.

Flush with clean water after use.

Detergents can be added under low pressure through thebuilt-inmetering system (10). Tip the cover (11) out until it stops, and place a container in the holder. Drop the suction hose (12) and filter of the metering unit into the container and close the cover/holder. Metering is infinitely variable (range0-5),and the required dilution is achieved by turning the knobcounter-clockwise,until the required step is against the arrow on the control panel. Max. rate is approximately 5% (25:1). Once detergent application is completed for the day, the system should be flushed through with clean water at Step 5, for approximately 1 min. The knob should then be turned clockwise to Step 0.